“It should not be denied that being footloose had always exhilarated us. It is associated with our minds as escape from history and oppression and law, and irksome obligations, with absolute freedom and the road has always led west.” - Wallace Stegner #headWest #footLoose

Taking the scenic route to Mammoth!

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Dawn | Interstate 40 West | Texas

Here are a few stats from yesterday:

Total Travel Time- 18hrs 34min
Driving Time- 17hrs 55min
Time for Gas & Breaks- 39min
Miles Driven- 1216
Avg Speed- 68mph
Avg Fuel Consumption- 25.4mpg
Tanks of Gas Used- 3 ½
Songs Listened To- 279

I should be sipping a Big Gulp in Historic Route 66 in Williams AZ by late afternoon!

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Little Donegal

A couple years back I was helping my pops clear out his late uncle’s house and I found an article on our family. Irish immigrants that moved from west Ireland to the west US to escape poverty. So many of their friends and families came that the area they settled into subsistence farmland around Mount Rainier was called “Little Donegal.” The whole article in the Tribune is about my family but they end it with a quote from my great gran that’s especially dear to me:

Nancy Gallagher, the commissioner’s mother, came to this country at the age of 17. Now, 80, still possessed of a rich, rolling brogue, she is the only living original settler.

“They’ve all gone,” she sighed. “The old folks have died and the young ones have moved on, most of them. Life has changed too- people don’t help one another much anymore.”

“We worked very hard in those days, and got very little for it,” she said. “But we did it together, and that made life pretty good.”