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I'm not sure if tumblr ate my ask, but do you know anything about how people fill their bonnets with roses? I can't find anything.

You just use roses that have clips, put your bonnet on first, and then clip the rose to the hair in front of the brim.

Sorry the lighting in my room is pretty bad. But you just clip it to your hair, tucking it as close to the brim as you can.
You can also use flower crowns or headbands that have roses on them but I much prefer this method because it gives you a lot more options to move them around and do different combinations with sizes and colors.

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i'm trying to make a coordinate with bodyline's L346 in red, but i'm completely stumped on what to wear on my head. the rest of the coord is rather sweet-classic (white chiffon blouse, white lace tights, red oxfords) and could easily go in a very OTT direction, but i'm in a rut over headwear. any suggestions?

Maybe a beret? It would definitely go with your Classic/Sweet look. I’m picturing a red bonnet lined with pink roses and maybe some pearls. Something like this but in red:

I could also see a similar situation using a red bonnet as opposed to a beret if you want a little more of an OTT feeling, or perhaps a big red bow with a little touch of pink on it like a rose or smaller bow clipped to it.