Photoshoot for this years catalogue for Epic Armoury, me being the stylist.
Close up of the headress, made especialy for the shoot, it is not a part of the Epic Armoury line.

Model: Sissel Cordes as an elf priestess
Fotografer: Bent Holm
Stylist: Karolina Zarzycka
MUA: Karolina Zarzycka
Assistant: Iben Lund Rasmussen

It was hell making those horns, since the damn resin would not dry! And later on would not let the acrylic paint to dry..I tried lacquer, paintbrushing, spraypainting, all to no avail.
Until I let them dry on the heater for a whole week. Almost nine months later and they are still a little bit sticky..:P

DIY Gold Leaf Headband Tutorial from Witchery. This is so easy to make - what I call a “stick and glue” DIY. You could make a headband out of any charms that can overlap. For more beyond easy “stick and glue” DIYs go here: truebluemeandyou.tumblr.com/tagged/stick-and-glue And for more hair jewelry DIYs go to these links: bobby-pinshair-pinsheadbandheadpiece and body-armor.