DIY Easy Elvish Crown Tutorial from 102 Wicked Things to Do. One elvish crown is made out of floral wire (which you can get at the Dollar Store or craft store). Also, check the scrapbooking section for embellishments - the top photo’s central flower is a scrapbooking find. 

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So, this tutorial actually took me so long to make, but here it is! This time we’re making a headpiece with two lovely ram/goat (idk man, whatever you prefer) horns!

What you need is:

  • A random headband (a thicker one is recommended)
  •  Wire (I used copper wire)
  • Sticky tape (thin)
  • Paste glue
  • Newspapers/any other paper you like
  • leather (any kind you like)
  • Brush
  • Ribbon
  • Hot glue gun

To start, cut two even pieces of wire. The longer the pieces - the bigger the horns, but don’t forget to add several extra inches for attaching them to the headband. After attaching the pieces, bend them into the shape you want your horns to be.

Next step - take some newspaper and crumple the paper around the wire. Make the horns as thick as you want  by adding more pieces of paper. After you’re done and the shape looks fine for you, slightly wrap the horns with thin sticky tape where needed, so that the paper holds together.(P.S. don’t etirely cover your horns in the tape, that would make it harder to glue the leather on it.)

After the shape is ready, mix some paste glue with several drops of water. Then take a brush and cover your horns with the watery glue, all over. Leave it for the night to dry. This will harden the top layer of the paper.

And now the fun part that took me some decent time. I had my leather in pieces of different shapes and sizes. If you have like one biiig strip of leather, I’d recommend cutting it into different pieces for it will be easier to glue and shape it. Use paste glue, cower the entire back of the piece!

First off, I glued a piece under each of the horns, wrapping the leather around the headband, (as you see in the picture no.5) so that the horns stay in the place. Then start glueing the leather on the horns, piece by piece. You decide on the texture - whether you want them wrinkly (like I did), smooth or layered. It all depends on the way you put the leather on. Leather is pretty easy to shape when applied with paste glue, so yeah, get creative!

Leave the horns for the night, so that the glue dries out. The glue should make the leather hard so your horns should be firm. 

Take any kind of ribbon to match your horns, wrap and glue it around the headband using hot glue. This is done to hide the randomness of the headband and unnecessary pieces of paper/leather hanging out of the bases of horns.

And we’re done :)

Model/happy customer: Gabija

Picture taken by me

Edit: Monika