Avoid Killer Gerbil Headlines Like A Cliche…
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If there is something that pervades the last few millennia more than the plague, it must certainly be sensationalist stories about it. The only difference now is that instead of God smiting the world, it’s gerbils. Plague stories erupt like swollen buboes in the media at least every few months. Mostly it’s stories of recent outbreaks in Madagascar or cases of people becoming infected in not-Madagascar. But occasionally it’s something different, as has been the case in the last few weeks when we’ve learned that there isn’t plague on the New York subway (nor platypus) or that church graffiti……….Read More

Morning News Rundown

Spy Cables: Israeli cable reveals South Africa missile theft cover-up

Labor takes final stand as Wisconsin prepares way for anti-union law

Monitors: ISIL kidnaps 90 Christians in northeast Syria raids

Human trafficking: Mag crew kid at your door could be victim

Yuhui Chen’s 13-year fight to prove poverty is persecution

Greece reform plan offers big compromises

Israeli troops shoot and kill Palestinian youth

Houston rape kit backlog nets DNA matches

Jails switch to for-profit video ‘visits’

NJ judge overturns Christie’s pension cuts

Marijuana becomes legal in Alaska

Prisoners riot at for-profit Texas facility

After delay, Greece to submit list of reforms

Opinion: GOP policies fail people of color

Yemen’s ousted leader in bid to return

Debt strike’ launched against college chain

US court orders PLO to pay Israeli victims

Opinion: ‘Snirt’ marks failure of US ag policy

California reports four more measles cases

Japan crown prince calls for ‘correct’ history

Ferguson lawyer to represent Pasco family

One Direction: Louis Tomlinson, Harry Styles & 5SOS go clubbing in Tokyo! Pictures

The One Direction lads decided to cut loose and let their hair down last night in Tokyo, despite their early morning concert planned for today.
After coming off stage in the city’s huge stadium, for their second show in the venue this week, Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne, Niall Horan and Zayn Malik headed out for a night on the tiles in the well known hotspot that is the V2 club.
The band were joined by many members of their crew and also by the 5 Seconds Of Summer boys, who have been acting as their opening act at the concerts all week.
Fans captured pictures of all the boys entering the club, which you can see below, and also of Niall hanging out with Luke Hemmings and Calum Hood once they got inside.
It sounds like 5SOS guitarist Michael Clifford loved the night and after stumbling back to his hotel in the early hours, he tweeted fans saying: “Tokyo is the best ever”
However there was one problem for the hunk and he added: “I would do anything for there to be a phone charger next to my bed instead of across the room”
Liam Payne was definitely worried about how today’s concert would go and it was clear that the star was feeling a little worse for wear this morning, after his epic partying and dancing. He tweeted:
“Early show after a night out not a good mix 😖 hope it’s good for you Tokyo”
However it seems he somehow managed to pull it off and get through the gig, because after performing for tens of thousands of fans today, he returned to Twitter to admit:
“That went a lot better than I thought it would I couldn’t talk this morning xxx Japanese aircon is real”
It’s nice to see the lads all out together again isn’t it? Leave your comments below…

Interesting headline on this. Written by Lisa Mcgarry. Comments on Liam’s tweets, saying how he seemed worried about the concert, and saying how it was nice to see them all out together. Also interesting that these points are being brought up.

Birdman Backlash

Why It’s Good That Birdman Won

Why It’s Bad That Birdman Won

Why You Should Care that Birdman Won

How Birdman Is Bad For Women 

Birdman? More Like Lameman 

The Oscars: Should We Keep Doing This? 

Rumor: Google Said To Be Prepping iOS Compatibility For Android Wear Smartwatches

Android Wear is going to be coming up on a year old this June, and since the smartwatch platform’s release last summer Google has stated that Android Wear devices would not be compatible with iOS. In the past couple of weeks a video had surfaced showing that one dedicated developer had gotten his iPhone to work with his Moto 360 though, proving that it is indeed possible to make the Android Wear platform and iOS devices talk to each other. That isn’t to say that the process for getting the iPhone to work with an Android Wear device was a walk in the park, on the contrary it likely involved more hacking than any average consumer would be willing to do to get things even remotely functional. This of course was also an unofficial job.

Now there are rumors beginning to emerge that Google may in fact be getting ready to launch support of the Android Wear platform for iOS devices sometime in the future. For now this is strictly a rumor, but consider this one thing. The Apple Watch is due to be launching this April, and as of now the only major smartwatch that is compatible with iOS devices is the Pebble. That will leave the Apple Watch to snag up plenty of consumers who might be wanting more out of the their first smartwatch experience. So, if Google were going to be setting up iOS compatibility for Android Wear, sometime between now and the official Apple Watch launch date would be a good time to make this sort of thing happen, while there was still a chance to interest some iOS users before they purchase what Apple has to offer them.

The source of this rumor comes from a French online news outlet, and although there is currently no evidence to support this claim, Google isn’t stating that iOS support isn’t on the books, and it would be a good move as it may potentially capture even more of the smartwatch market share. More details may come up as the Apple Watch release gets closer, and if Google never actually opens up the Android Wear platform to iOS users, at least there’s hope through unofficial means.

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OnePlus Reported To Be Releasing A ‘New Product’ Next Month

OnePlus are not without their share of headlines. The Chinese startup who brought their flagship killer device, the OnePlus One to the market last year, are constantly making the news for various reasons. More recently, the news has been speculating on what is to come from the company in 2015. It is somewhat understood that they are indeed working on a sequel to their OnePlus One, which goes by the tag ‘OnePlus 2′. However, details about the device are limited at best. In fact, it was only this morning, the latest OnePlus 2 rumblings were heard with suggestions that the device might be coming with a metal frame of some sort. It was not clear as to what the frame would be or whether this would be more of a metal casing, but either way that was the latest news.

That said, over the past couple of months there has also been wide speculation that OnePlus might be working on a smartwatch. In fact, speculation has generally been rife in the respect of what OnePlus would venture into next. Well, in spite of OnePlus not making an ‘official’ appearance at this year’s MWC event in Barcelona, it does seem some of the team were there checking out what is on offer. In particular, Global Director of OnePlus, Carl Pei was in Barcelona for the event and in a brief exchange with GSM Arena (source link below) revealed an interesting (albeit teasing) snippet of information.

It seems OnePlus are launching a new product line next month. Now, no details at all were provided to suggest what the product might be. That said, Pei did let it be known that it will not be a OnePlus smartwatch and it will not be a OnePlus tablet. The lack of details is unfortunate as this will surely fuel more speculation of what is to come. Many companies recently have been announcing fitness trackers and as such, this would be the logical assumption of what OnePlus might be announcing next. Although, it also could be nothing to do with wearables at all. Either way, the news seems to be that OnePlus will be releasing ‘something’ next month. What do you think they will launch? Let us know your best guess?

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The #JournoList

March 1, 2015

Activists in Chicago gathered Saturday for a protest and march against alleged “black sites” in the city where police supposedly hold suspects and witnesses for long periods without public records and access to lawyers.

A medical examiner’s report ruled the death of a 17-year-old girl as a homicide one month after Denver police shot her to death. 

What led Joseph Aldridge to gun down seven people in a southern Missouri hamlet remains uncertain, though authorities speculated that the death of the gunman’s mother from cancer could have triggered the rampage.

The U.S. House of Representatives gave final approval to a one-week stopgap spending bill for the domestic security agency, averting a partial shutdown with just hours to spare before a midnight deadline.

Immigration officials are moving to deport at least 150 Bosnians living in the United States who they believe took part in war crimes and “ethnic cleansing” during the bitter conflict that raged in the former Yugoslavia in the 1990s.

Police in Brazil have arrested an American man suspected of sexually assaulting young women while running a religious group in Minnesota.

Despite the danger posed by Islamic State and other extremist groups, the nation’s top intelligence official warned that sophisticated cyberattacks like the recent hack of Sony Pictures posed a greater threat to the United States.

The NSA’s bulk collection of the telephone records of United States citizens has been approved again by a federal court

A security breach at Uber, a ride-hailing service, may have disclosed the names and driver’s license numbers of about 50,000 drivers across multiple states.

Sen. Rand Paul took the top spot for the third year in a row at Saturday’s Conservative Political Action Conference straw poll, edging out Gov. Scott Walker as the favorite in the last CPAC presidential preference contest before primary voting begins.

A storm bringing a mixture of snow, ice and rain from the Plains to the Northeast will be followed by a new system expected to cause similar conditions.

Photo: Reporters in the Texas Tribune newsroom