Stan taking the “death” of Wax Stan way too seriously is one of my favorite jokes in the show. In all likelihood, it is just a joke about how egotistical Stanford Pines is.

But, if you want to hate yourself, here’s another way to look at this. Stan has someone (well, something) that looks exactly like him. He watches tv with Wax Stan. He cracks jokes at Wax Stan. He’s got pictures of himself with Wax Stan. Until Wax Stan is murdered, that is. What does Stan do? He buys a coffin. He hosts a memorial service. Perhaps, because this time around, Stan has a body to bury.

Goofy, egotistical old man? Yeah, probably. It’s a silly show after all.

Grieving twin staring into the face of the man who was taken from him thirty years ago? Well, why not?

You know, the confirmation of Stanley’s existence makes the episode Headhunters kind of… harsh?

I mean, in the episode, we see Stanford getting overly attached with a wax sculpture of himself, that looks just like him.

His first reaction upon seeing it is more shocked than what would be normal

And then he just sort of hangs out with it and treats it like a friend or such.

It’s played for laughs, but when you know he has a missing twin brother he has been trying to bring back for a long time, it makes you wonder…


These are Naga head trophies. The Naga are term referring to a conglomeration of ethnicities and tribes indigenous to north-eastern India and north-western Burma. In older times, before the intrusion of more modern values and ideas, they practiced headhunting and saw the skulls of enemies as trophies, carrying significance and status. They embellished the skulls into intricate pieces of art, as seen in these photographies.