Well, I noticed something you can notice too if you look at those images: they are titles of “Fairy Tail Zero”, the spinoff by Hiro Mashima that is about Fairy Tail’s birth. The Ø fades as chapters go on.
So, the only three letters that don’t fade are “Zer” and what does that word remember to you? Zeref.

I dunno if this’s something important or if someone else already noticed it but I would just share that thing with you.

levi being bad at apologizing

levi picking a fight with erwin and steaming about it for days afterward

levi refusing to give in because he swears up and down that he didn’t start it

levi missing erwin and starting to crumble

levi cleaning erwin’s shirts with the soap that he buys for himself, the kind that makes the fabric soft instead of scratchy

levi leaving little gifts at erwin’s door like a cat

levi asking hanji to apologize for him but they won’t do it

levi eventually crawling into erwin’s lap and mumbling something that sounds suspiciously like a ‘sorry’ into his tiddy

levi being bad at apologizing

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Steve finally decides to confess his feelings to Bucky and meets up with him. It takes him a few minutes of blushing and fidgeting and stumbling over his words, but eventually he blurts out "I think I'm falling for you". Bucky laughs a little and says "Aw, Stevie, I already fell for you way back in the forties" and only realises how that sounds when Steve's expression becomes one of horror, tears in his eyes, and Bucky starts apologising profusely because oh god that's not what he meant at all


i will answer anything

i want a holiday au

imagine thorin and bard switch houses and bard is living in thorin’s mansion and meets his “annoying” neighbour as thorin warned him but dAMN THIS NEIGHBOUR MAY BE A BIT OF A HANDFUL BUT ITS A HANDFUL OF DELICIOUS SILKY BLONDE HAIR THAT BARD COULD DEFINITELY GET USED TO (they may or may not have sex in thorin’s bed and thranduil may or may not try to convince bard to not wash the sheets)

and then thorin meets bard’s best friend bilbo and they have this adorable little fling that is completely opposite of the fast and fiery affair bard and thranduil are having its all slow and cute and blushy anD I JSUT

Sebaciel headcanon

Ciel feels the safest whenever he hears Sebastian’s heart beat so he likes to sleep with his head on Sebastian’s chest
and Sebastian knows this so he purposely makes his heart beat just so his young master can have a good night sleep

Headcanon:(sort of) I feel like it’ll be a really sweet moment when Asami tells Korra she’s beautiful. I feel personally that her focusing on her training she never really got told that (except her parents) even though she’s an all powerful being with all this strength, she melts when the girl she loves tells her how beautiful she looks all the time.

For a while, the Elric brothers travelled with the Roma they met with Noah in Munich before having to part ways with them on the road to the capital, Berlin. They stayed together in an apartment using money from Hohenheim’s will whilst trying to find leads to the H bomb and its whereabouts, but most the intel Ed gathered was too vague to follow. Later, the brothers travelled to Windsor on a lead Al found, but during their time there, the bomb was used in Japan. Al didn’t talk for days after.

Lok Headcanon

Okay, here goes- 

I think Asami Sato is (possibly) a descendant of June the bounty hunter from ATLA. 

I mean, 

It could just be a coincidence

Since they are both beautiful women, wearing make-up, have well-kept hair, and have a red/black/dark color scheme (also, totally beautiful lips) 

But I’m kinda thinking…

They could be related somehow? The Wiki confirms that both women have Earth Kingdom heritage, and if we look at their characters- Asami and June are fierce as all get-out. 

One of them rides a shirshu, the other can drive practically anything. And both of them know how to use weapons without needing bending. 

Also… Did I mention beautiful? 


So… anyone else agree or disagree? 

TBH I want some History professor to challenge Ichabod’s feelings on the founding fathers and the revolution as a whole. I want someone to point out the TJ and The Boys were racist and that the American Revolution was a white man’s war. And that the nation they were “foraging” was one of inequality and hypocrisy. I want Ichabod to wonder what he could have done to change the course of history if he fought as hard for ALL AMERICANS as he did for America. Ichabod has a wonderful mind and way with words. If he ever gets a job and a life outside of witness-ing (perhaps after the 7 years of tribulation) he could be an amazing human rights lawyer. Hell his wife partner is a cop I’m sure she could help him out. But I am truly tired of his puppy dog eyes when he speaks of the FFs becasue they were not like how SH is portraying them at all.

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Related to the post of the big Reveal and "Fen'harel make big entrance like Flemeth". How do you think the companions will react? (The inquisitor will be somewhat similar of Isi in tranquility?)

In response to this post.

I’ll focus on the initial reaction, within the first moments of the encounter. Depending on who you have in your party at the time:

Cassandra: Shocked and speechless, quickly shifting into defensive suspicion. She would hesitate to trust him, even if he says that he means them no harm. He is clearly a liar and a very powerful one at that. Cassandra would flat-out deny that he is a god and would feel a small amount of comfort when he agrees with her.

Iron Bull: “Well, shit. That is really not what I was expecting.” He’d have a hard time wrapping his head around what exactly Solas is and would be rather floored that he didn’t notice anything especially weird about him when they were working together.

Blackwall: I want to be snarky and say that he’d feel somewhat relieved that he’s now been one-upped in the “lying about who I am” department, but in reality I think his reaction would be to keep his guard up. It doesn’t matter if it’s a friendly face - Solas is clearly something big and powerful and they don’t know what his intentions might be.

Dorian: Shocked and fascinated. It would be something completely unlike anything he’s ever seen before. He knows of shapeshifting magic, but it’s rather rare - and he’s never heard of anyone being able to turn into the form of an animal that is not a direct copy of that beast as it is in nature. The six eyes and huge form is a bit of a giveaway that he’s not mimicking a normal wolf. While noticing that doesn’t necessarily lessen his shock, he is undeniably interested in the more academic implications of understanding precisely what he’s just witnessed. He would think the idea of Solas being a god is utterly ridiculous. The thought would never cross his mind. He would assume that the Dread Wolf is simply a manifestation of a form of magic that he never has never encountered before. 

Sera: Nope. Nooooope. She doesn’t get it, doesn’t want to, doesn’t care. Don’t explain it to her. She wants out. Whatever the hell that was and whatever the hell he is, it’s just elfy mage shit. It doesn’t make him a god.

Vivienne: Flabbergasted. There are very few things that would leave Vivienne speechless. This would be one of them. 

Varric: Strangely, I think Varric would be rather calm about it. Shocked, of course. Confused, certainly. But just add this to a long list of very, very weird shit that has happened in his life. 


The Inquisitor’s reaction is hard to say as a generality - as all OCs are different. For Isii, it would be rather complicated. She would feel like simultaneously bursting into tears and punching him in the face, though knowing how she is after the events of the game, there is a strong likelihood that she would try her best to harden herself and keep her feelings on the issue private - at least until she could speak to him alone. Her feelings about it are made particularly messy because she sees the Dread Wolf in her dreams repeatedly after Solas leaves. The realization that he had been there the whole time, that he had seen the nightmares and the replayed memories and all of those moments where she had thought about him, worried about him, wondered whether or not he was even alive… the fact that he witnessed that and still did not reveal himself to her would leave her rather upset.