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i dont want anyone to forget that im a huge gay charliemac

one of my biggest headbuds started out as vague ponderings over what would happen if charlie and mac raised a kid

anonymous said:

Worst pet peeve

People that try to talk to me when I’m listening to music and if you yank my headbud out I will kill you

Will your love, dedication, and sacrifice always be too much to ask for?
Or am I just driving myself insane when I hear you call my name muffled by the sound of my headbuds….

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Headbud Crew / TTHMAF (official trailer) from headbud on Vimeo.

In 2014, Toni Höllwart and Viktor Moosman cought up with the rest of the Headbud Crew and travelled around central europe to explore the urban environment in the deep valleys of the alps. They for sure found what they have been looking for and proved their creativity and skills on unique, all hand-built features, captured and put together with tons of love. So sit back and enjoy TURBOTUNA, HORSEMAN AND FRIENDS on their mission full of sweat soaking, energy sapping, nerve wrecking, but for sure happiness creating moments.

A film by The Headbud Crew
Directed and produced by Fabi Hyden
Cinematography by Fabi Hyden, Sebastian Höllwart, David Jank, Riders
Edited by Fabi Hyden
Artwork by Sebastian Höllwart
Featuring the skills of Toni Höllwart, Viktor Moosmann, Luggi Brucic, Dennis Ranalter
and Maxi Noppeney