Headstands are great for a lot og things, but when the arch starts working, so Does the neck. Allignement is really important here so soreness or injuries dont occur and the weight of your body should go straight down your spine, into the neck and arms. If you wanna arch, warm up like crazy and transfer alot of the weight to your arms. I usually recomend people not to, but I dont wanna stop you from something you might be great at :)


Pushing up to handstand-to crow-chaturanga-pushing to handstand.
So the two different socks issue is one That my students often ask Me about and though it originally started from lazyness I discovered That some people Can easier distinguish between “green foot” or “blue foot” than “left” or “right” foot. Especially when you are upsidedown or ten years old. It’s just a really nice and easy way to meet you students and Make learning as fun as possible.

Follow @triplevisionintent for more!! Photo by @krisqua. Because all you need is LOVE! A lot of difficulties we may come across in life, tend to spin more out of control when we beat ourselves up over it. I’m sure we can all look back at a time when we were our worst enemy in a situation, and realize the way we felt about ourselves only made it that much worse. I invite you to reflect on such a time, and step out of yourself and look as an observer. Look at yourself and your environment with detachment and see the reality of where you are at. Now I’d encourage you further to see how that time could’ve been different if you applied a little self love. There’s no need to be overly serious in life. It’s the bad that puts the good in perspective. Shift your attitude towards loving yourself exactly the way you are, and you’ll shift the world around you. We are masters of our reality. Radiate your loving self to the world, and love will return in a capacity that can be overwhelming. Blessings and love! #triplevisionintent #yoga #yogaeverydamnday #practiceisperfect #asana #feeltheyogahigh #yogaeverywhere. #allyoucanyoga #headbalance #me


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