If I sell Organic Healthy Tea on tumblr

Do you think you’ll be interested to buy it?

It’s been 2 years I’m selling tea in my place and it works very well :P

I want to sell : 

1- Sun tea (japanese green with 50% more antioxydant + you absorb more the solar energy)
2- Moon tea (chinese white tea dried in the moonlight + good to remove headache + anti-inflammatory)
3- Buddha tea (chinese yellow tea helps concentration + meditation)
4- Red tea (remake liver cells, antioxidant, no cafeine)
5- Chai red tea (helps digestion + remake liver cells, antioxidant, no cafeine)
6- Pu’erh (remove toxins in digestive system)
7- Lavender (helps headache, sleep)
8- Jasmin gree tea (helps to reduce anxiety)
9- Rose buds (helps acne)
10- Chamomille (helps periods + boost the immune system + anti-bacterial + anti-inflammatory)
11- Mint (analgesic + helps digestion + nausea + sleep)
12- Verbena (helps to reduce anxiety, depression and have digestive benefits)



13- The spicy red tea:
Ginger (root chakra)
Calendula (sacral chakra)
Cinnamon (plexus chakra)

14- The flowery green tea:
Rose (heart chakra)
Eucalyptus (throat chakra)
Jasmin (third eye chakra)
Lavender (crown chakra) + (if I can find lotus i’l put it in the mix)


My Brain Has Too Many Tabs Open – Coffee Mug

You know, there are about a bazillion coffee mugs out there. I could easily fill up this entire site with just cool coffee mugs. But, I try not to. I will, however, post the occasional mug if it speaks to me. And, I don’t think there has been one that fits my personal life much more adequately than this one. I have no idea what I’m even writing right now because I’m thinking about… crap, I forgot. My brain browser crashed because I was running too many tabs.