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Alright. Pulled myself from a drug-induced stupor for a moment and come back to see the whole of Tumblr exploding. I’m going to say this once. It will likely cause some people to leave my page, but I am sick and tired of the drama. I’m sick and tired of this he-said she-said drama bullshit that’s being reblogged and reposted over and over and over again. Anyone who knows me also knows that I keep my nose out of this and let whatever happens happen…. but it’s getting ridiculous now, people.

All the negativity is doing nothing but making the whole of WrA look bad. If someone were to make a judgement on our server based on what is solely said on tumblr, what would they decide? Would they want to come see how the server works, or would they turn away because of the drama that is as thick as molasses? It is NOT constructive to keep the hate machine rolling if you want people to see the server for what it is.

Yes, bad things have happened on BOTH sides of this disagreement. I will not argue that point. But what I WILL argue is that it needs to be drug out into the open for EVERYONE to see. Bad things happen every day, whether to us, or to someone we don’t even know, and it is terrible. Hell, I dare you to turn on the news and see if you can find a HANDFULL of happy stories these days. We. Don’t. Need. That. Here.

I’m not calling anyone out, nor do I ever plan to. I merely want everyone to know that this infighting HAS TO STOP. This is not a good reflection on the server, nor is it a good reflection of the community as a whole. Spread positivity, or let it all die.

I don’t know about anyone else, but I came to WrA to RP and get away from the drama of real life. If it keeps going, I will sure as hell walk away from the server, if not the whole damn game. Tumblr included. I don’t need the stress, and I don’t need the headache.

[Mini Album] HIGH4 - HI HIGH [1st Mini Album] (MP3)

[EP] 하이포 - HIGH4 1st Mini Album - Hi High

Release Date: 2014.08.27
Genre: Pop Dance
Language: Korean
Bit Rate: MP3-320kbps

Rookie group High4 may have debuted for less than half a year but they’ve already made their presence felt on the music charts. They collaborated with IU for then sweet chart-topping debut single “Not Spring, Love or Cherry Blossoms” and then with Lim Kim for the groovy R&B “A Little Close.” Besides those two hit singles, their first mini-album Hi High also features the urban retro funky title song Bang Bang Bang, the hip-hop R&B number Time Out by Jakke Erixson and Oscar Holter, and Say Yes, which is co-composed by members Kim Sung Gu and Baek Myung Han. Members Yim Young Jun and Alex, meanwhile, contributed to the lyrics and rap for the album’s songs.

Track List:
01. Say Yes
02. 뱅뱅뱅 (Headache)
03. True Love
04. Time Out
05. 해요 말고 해
06. 봄 사랑 벚꽃 말고

Download: http://k2nblog.com/high4-hi-high-1st-mini-album/
OL: https://soundcloud.com/k2nblog8/high4-headache

I drank too much wine tonight while I was cooking. Way too much. It didn’t even diminish my back pain. I have a headache now. But dinner was delish - baked pork with apple, stir-fried veges & mashed sweet potato.

My Boy had some mates over for a few bevvies. I sat outside with them for a while. I was on water by that stage. They always make me laugh. They also usually manage to disclose one of his secrets. Mates ay.