10 things my grandfather taught me
  • 1:Headaches are temporary.
  • 2:Heartbreak is temporary.
  • 3:I am precious, not pathetic.
  • 4:Loneliness is just a feeling.
  • 5:Being who you truly are is important.
  • 6:Fight for what you believe in.
  • 7:Do what you feel is right.
  • 8:It's okay to have fun.
  • 9:We all get a little depressed sometimes.
  • 10:It gets better.

My teacher asked us individually today to confess our biggest fear in front of the class.

And so it began: Darkness, Spiders, closed areas,Death, Death, Death, Death…

But then my turn came around as I felt everyone glare curiously in my direction.

What was the new girl afraid of? That was the question.

It scared me, the idea of revealing my biggest fear to 34 strangers. Therefore I didn’t say anything, I didn’t say anything at all.

Because you see, I never considered myself to be afraid of death except for the lack of life within myself while I am indeed still breathing. That’s what i’m afraid of: to be alive yet never truly feel it.

—  Ten words story: I refuse to share my weakness with anybody.

anonymous said:

my boyfriend just brok up with me after 2 years idk i cant imagine my life without him i dont feel like going on without him

atm id kill for your life oh fuck im so pathetic im sorry i cant think of anything to say to you idk i just want one pain free day im so fucking sorry love :(

We just started talking again
and there’s butterflies
and doubt.
It’s all so confusing.
I have a headache
and I’ll settle for a drink.
But what I really want are your lips against my ear,
whispering you love me.
—  we’re just strangers now