Two killed in head-on crash on Hwy 50 identified

Two killed in head-on crash on Hwy 50 identified

SACRAMENTO, CA – The two drivers killed in a head-on collision that took place early Monday morning on Highway 50 in Sacramento have been identified.

According to the California Highway Patrol, 61-year-old Marvin Dale Walker and 50-year-old Ba Dai Le were the two drivers killed in this morning’s fatal accident.

The crash happened just after midnight and involved three vehicles, causing all…

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I was in a bicycle accident, but I was going about 25mph with no helmet. Someone cut me off and to avoid a head on collision I banked really hard, my pedal clipped the ground and next thing I can remember was being on my feet barely able to breathe and no one around with both my hands resting on the back side of my head. My eyes were closed and I just kept taking really deep breathes because my whole body was in pain.

What was most noticeable was the pain at the front of my head where I had hit the asphalt. I picked the area and felt blood and as I opened my eyes I noticed there was a bunch of hair there too. I also noticed that I was no longer able to see clearly and I thought I’d be permanently disabled. Since I was alone, I knew I had to make it back to my apartment, I honestly don’t know how I did since I couldn’t even dial a number on my phone. Luckily by this time my vision had slightly recovered and I was able to call my older sister (who went to the same college as me) I asked if she could take me to the hospital and then remember passing out for not sure how long. She woke me up when she got there and when I opened my eyes my vision had completely recovered. I later found out I had fractured my skull, I had a large piece of skin missing near my right elbow (which took months to heal) and a chunk missing near my wrist both of which scared. I also had a cut on my left thigh and another abrasion on my left hip. You can still feel the fracture line on my skull but luckily it didn’t scar.

The worst part though is that everything I had been wearing that day was new and had to be thrown away after because they were so ripped up


Alice had decided she would try another time. She had a feeling Tine wouldn’t even respond to her message. She’d gotten discouraged again… What to do about this? She knew this was going to keep bugging her until she could talk to him…

She too had been looking at the ground, but her head shot up when she heard footsteps, just in time to bump into the male… A bit cliche, but hopefully she’d gotten his attention. Yet, when she actually met his eyes, she almost felt… Scared. But she steeled her nerves,

“… Well. Fancy meeting you here, Sir. I was… Actually looking for you.” She sounded calm, even though inwardly, she was terrified.

“It’s not what you think at all. I need you to hear me out for a bit… Please. ”

Head lifting with the collision the blonde is drawn from his thoughts to offer an apology to whomever he has bumped in to but never leaves his lips as he sees who it is. Why? Why was she here again? He had been certain he scared her off last time and yet she persisted in associating herself with him. Staring down at her the surprise left his eyes to become cold and impassive, stepping around her and ignoring her words completely.

She was a stranger now, he had made that very clear and if she wanted to be heard so badly she would have better luck getting a brick wall to listen than him. Violence was something he wished to avoid. Not only for Mephisto’s interest in the girl but also because she wasn’t anything but a fooled pawn in this game. Her only fault was refusing to let things lie and move on, though he could not deny many would seek a form of closure for what she had gone through. Perhaps this was her method of achieving it. Regardless however he was not going to encourage her to pursue it by acknowledging her. She would give up eventually, sooner than later preferably.

Heading straight for his club he didn’t so much as glance back at her, refusing entirely to give any signs he had even seen her were it not for the initial surprise of walking into her. Once he was inside he could just go to his office and forget she was out here at all.

I had a dream about us driving down an open road.
you were behind the wheel and I was riding shotgun with my feet out the window.
you hit 120 mph, and the world outside started to blur into an indescribable mess of colors.
it was mesmerizing.
and as the wind blew through my hair I relaxed into a state of calm that I had never truly experienced before.
until a truck swerved into the left lane, and hit us head on.

I jolted awake, the time on the clock read 3:32 am. I tried to regain my bearings as I still felt completely enveloped in your warmth, the happiness that you once brought me.

and then I started to think deeper.
the head on collision seemed to be a metaphor for our love. going too fast, glowing too bright, until it crashed and burned.

the next night, I dreamt of us sitting in my bedroom.
you slowly removed my clothes, as your deep blue eyes stared into mine.
your lips touched my face, and I felt a surge of adrenaline rush through my veins. we sat in silence for what seemed like hours, slowly but steadily loving each other.

I woke to the feeling of sweat dripping down my face, and the sheets on my bed laying in a pile on the floor, where I did not remember putting them.

it seems as if you’ve left your ghost here, in my bedroom. some of your energy still lives here. I sense it at strange and completely random times. and even though you’re long gone, I still wish for your return, so maybe our love wouldn’t just have to be a dream.

but if we tried again, I know how it would end.

a wreck, burning to ashes.

—  you visit me every night, do I ever visit you?
Dear California,

If you’re going to make it illegal to drive less than three feet away from bicyclists then for the love of fuck make it illegal for bicyclists to ride on narrow windy roads with nonexistent bike lanes.

You’re hella funny if you think I’ll risk a head on collision at 40mph to give some idiot (read: apparently suicidal) road biker a personal bubble.

New Post has been published on Uncle Sam's Misguided Children

New Post has been published on http://unclesamsmisguidedchildren.com/army-captain-saves-couple-from-fiery-freck-after-head-on-collision-video/

Army Captain saves couple from fiery freck after head-on collision (video)

Chatham County, North Carolina – At around 3 pm on Sunday afternoon, Army Captain Steve Voglezon spotted a massive car wreck while driving to the mall with his girlfriend. His military training kicked in … his actions in the next few seconds saved the lives of 67 year old William Thompson and his 63 year old wife Kathleen.

Captain Voglezon saves Mr. Thompson – screenshot from John Spurrell video

William Thompson and his wife had been driving through Chatham County, North Carolina, when a car driven by Mark Ricketts crossed over into their lane. The car hit them head on, Ricketts’ car flipped over, and the cars burst into flames.

In the video, you can see Captain Voglezon smash out the window of the Thompson’s Acura with a fire extinguisher. He successfully pulls William out of the vehicle, then goes back to get Kathleen from the passenger side.

The man taking the video, John Spurrell, had rescued Ricketts prior to filming Captain Voglezon.

The scene was awash with first responders, both police and firefighters.

“Had I not been a soldier I would not have known what to do…We have a calling to do whatever we we’re called to do… Today I was just at the right place at the right time. People do this every day at the fire department. I wasn’t alone out there, there were at least 10 of us in the community working together.”

Several neighbors rushed to help, bringing fire extinguishers to battle the blazes before the fire department arrived. When it was over, the two vehicles stood in stark testimony to the tragedy that could have been. Three people were treated and released at a local hospital for non-life-threatening injuries. It could have…should have been so much worse.

Ricketts’ car sits upside down and the Thompson’s mangled Acura is behind it. WNCN photo

Voglezon happened to be wearing a “Captain America” t-shirt when the incident occurred. There are at least three people, the Thompsons and Spurrell,  who view him as a hero. Great job, Captain.

US Army Captain Steve Voglezon (Army photo)

John Spurrell’s video of the incident:

anonymous asked:

1 3 6 8 40 56

  • 6: Do you sleep with or without clothes on?

Depends entirely on temperature and who’s in the house. Naked when possible.

  • 8: Girls… (finish the sentence); Boys… (finish the sentence)

Girls strum their guitar, boys shake their snake

  • 40: Do you drive? If so, have you ever crashed?

Yes and yes. Three times, most recent being a head-on collision, writing off the (new) car. I now cycle.

  • 56: In a relationship?

Yup - 7 years. Just got engaged. :)


“You evaded me once, road warrior.”

The snarl behind his mask is almost visible,
his eyes burning with hate as he views the
man who dared to face him in combat. This
is the man who took from him the most
precious of resources, thinned the ranks of
his dogs, and brought destruction and
violence to his band of men. The Humungous
will not stand for his continued existence.

It was a difficult task; crawling out of the
wreckage between the tanker and his own
car in a head-on collision that would have
killed most men. The Lord was most certainly
not an average man, however, and he somehow
managed to survive along with his prized hound,
Wez. Their bodies were broken and burnt, but
they lived. They were found by the other hounds
a day or so after the crash, and by some miracle,
they had been healed. Now, the masked master
of beasts had reached this long-awaited day with
a burning hate in his heart.

“I will not let you do so again.”

I'm so sorry.

Last night we were dispatched for a vehicle accident/vehicle on fire. Upon arrival we found the vehicle was not on fire, but there was a pretty much head on collision. An suv vs tiny four door car. The family in the suv walked away unharmed, the 18 YOF in the car however was not so lucky. She went into cardiac arrest as she was being extricated, Doc called time of death moments after arrival at the hospital. This girl was due to graduate in a week, go off to college, she had a beautiful life, all was taken away in the blink of an eye. I feel so heartbroken for her family and friends. I’m sorry I couldn’t save her.


I can’t tell if I’m moving fast or slow
Because the celestial bodies
And shooting stars
And burning comets
Are too quick
Too fast
Too far
For me to see
And the ones I end up meeting
Spin me out of orbit
Hurtling in the wrong direction

I never wanted to be this way.
Go this way.
Fighting their gravitational pull
It was useless
I had no force to flee
And inertia kept its hold on me.

I can feel your heat on my skin
But the pressure melts into an easy drift
I am moving at a steady pace
But there are still things I miss.

I never meant to go in this direction
With the head-on collision
I am a pinprick of light
In the fabric of the universe
Where it’s black expanse
Full of nothingness
Saw fit
To leave me floating
Without a method
Of finding my place.

Home early for once! Almost got into a head on collision thanks to a distracted business man who simply laughed it off. Other than that today was good.