Things I want to see in Cap3
  • Sam Wilson flying
  • Sam Wilson fighting
  • Sam Wilson picking up the Shield
  • Sam Wilson frisbee-ing the Shield
  • Sam Wilson talking about birds
  • Sam Wilson talking to birds
  • Sam Wilson flirting with Natasha
  • Sam Wilson flirting with Steve
  • Sam Wilson punching Tony
  • Sam Wilson listening to music
  • Sam Wilson dancing to music
  • Sam Wilson bringing cookies baked by his mom to New Avengers Camp
  • Sam Wilson

I think you can really tell which drivers are on social media and which aren’t. Even if it’s not something you deal with directly, you’re at least peripherally aware of changing trends in political correctness. 

And Seb is very disconnected from all that stuff. It’s very different to only get people’s discontent filtered through your PR reps rather than hear it directly. If every time he said something just this side of inappropriate to a female journalist or painted his helmet with a naked pin-up girl or said stuff about grid girls he’d get his head bitten off on twitter, he would see those things in a different light. 

I assure you that Merhi is never going to use the n-word again, on twitter or in real life. Even if he did it before and never gave it much thought because it either didn’t bother the people around him or they just didn’t say. 

Jenson today is miles from the Jenson who said women can’t be racing drivers because their boobs/periods. He really got hammered for that one and over time he’s become a fully fledged socially aware man instead of a frat boy. Part of that is personal growth but a big part of that is that the language you use changes your perceptions, even if it feels forced or artificial to you at first. 

So the twitter thing serves as more than just a way for drivers to talk to fans, it lets them learn what sort of audience they’re engaging with and learn from that audience. 

I know Seb’s not going to get an account but maybe a little media training refresher is in order, reflecting what the fans are talking about and how they’re talking about it. 

joshdunisanalien asked:


Hmm.  That’s a really good question.

I mean, I might really have to think about it for a minute.

I like a lot of bands, and a lot of band members, obviously…

There’s a lot of awesome people in awesome bands…

But my all time favorite?

I don’t know…

Let me think…


I think I’m going to have to go with…

Pete “literal sweet and sour puppy too precious for this life” Wentz.

some guy who was like 6′7 just came to my door and introduced himself as a candidate for the MP in my town and halfway through his whole “vote for me” speech i told him i wasn’t old enough to vote he was like “okay!!!” and then started petting my cat xena who was just rolling around on the front porch for like 5 minutes and then left 

sometimes I remind myself about how Sasuke summons the hawk and his clan has connections with ninja cats and how can you not just love him all the more because cats and birds are amazing and he´s amazing and placing so much amazing together in one character is too much and even if you don´t like cats or birds Sasuke is still too amazing goodbye 

anonymous asked:

do you think Rin finds Nitori sexually attractive at all??

Personally, I think it’s maybe too soon for Rin to find him "sexually attractive”. It’s just my opinion, but based on the two seasons, Nitori still  seems to be like “the cutie kouhai” to Rin (or even to Sousuke).

I mean when you look at each gazes Rin was giving to Nitori, it was especially tenderness you could read.

Maybe Rinrin is the type to be turned-on with a cutie pie like Nitori tho… 

But who knows, now Nitori is captain and has new responsibilities, I’m sure he will get more mature and maybe more seductive too in his personality ;) and his body still can develop too ehehe he is still young after all. 

So at this moment, he could totally have this “sexual attraction” as weapon <3