bruce plays an april fools joke on tony by installing the executive suite program into his suit

while tony is off saving the world, something pops up in the right hand corner of his heads up display 

“what the fu-”

“hi! i’m coppy! how can i help you today?” 

Iniesta whistled? Inappropriate and shameless. Fans who whistle a world class player like Iniesta should feel ashamed. I had to ask why they whistled, I didn’t understand it. He scored in World Cup final, but that’s sports. He deserves respect.He is not only an amazing player, but also a great  person. Those who booed him should feel bad.
—  Guus Hiddink (coach NED)

My brother just barged into my room to tell me some rather important news. This happened in the span of about one minute.

bro: HEY LOOK AT MY HAIR WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS FAIRYTALE THING I GOT GOING ON?! *points to how swirly his hair is*
me: Oh, your hair’s doing that thing Mark’s does all the time! *brings up photo of Mark to prove point*
bro: ….Nah his is doing some Vegeta shit. Like he’s about to fight Frieza but he’s not quite at his power level yet and also he’s not blonde.
me: I…
bro: K GOODNIGHT *walks out of room and slams door*

Okay, some comments about tonight’s episode:

1: The gate to heaven being behind door number 42? Nice. This is an obvious reference to The Answer of Life, the Universe, and Everything (as it was written by Douglas Adams, author of Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy aka the source of my username aka my fucking favorite book series of all time)

2a: I feel kind of bad for Rowena, but to be honest, I feel worse for Crowley. She was manipulating him for her own gain, and while she was 100% correct about him going soft, she had no right using her maternity to exploit him. I’m glad he’s finally seen that, but I hope he also takes it to heart and rules Hell the proper way instead of the pansy-ass shit he’s been doing all season. 

2b: Dean and Crowley’s heart-to-heart surprised me. Crowley hasn’t seen Dean since Dean gave the First Blade to Cas instead of him - that was low (albeit the right choice, obvs). It was genuine and touching, what Dean said to him about family. I think Dean’s finally gotten over his shit and is finally accepting Crowley as one of the good guys, despite the fact that he’s the king of Hell. And Crowley needs that. The only person he’s been close to lately is his mother, and he was blinded by their blood relation to see how she was manipulating him. Dean opened his eyes to that, and that’s wonderful. But we have definitely not seen the last of Rowena…

3: Dean’s bar brawl was super important. It was 3 on 1, and he kicked their asses like a pro. But! He didn’t kill them. He could have - soo easily - but he remembered all the horrible things he’s done since getting the Mark. The images of the people he’s killed in cold blood flashed before his eyes, with the Mark burning on his arm, pushing him to do it again, yet he refrained. The Mark is getting worse, yes, but he’s adapting; he’s learning to control the rage it creates in him. You know why? Because he’s learning to love himself and he has started to accept that maybe his life is fucking worth something. Remember his confession? No, not the “obviously-in-love-with-Castiel” part, the part before that. He asked how to deal with impending death, because maybe, perhaps, he doesn’t want to die. He’s never thought he was worth a shit, but now he’s starting to. He feels like he deserves life, and he’s starting to think maybe it’s not time to throw in the towel; maybe there’s some fight left in him. And his strength will only continue to grow. Fuck yes, Dean!

4a: BOBBYBOBBYBOBBYBOBBYBOBBY! When I found out Bobby was gonna be in another episode, I kind of groaned. I thought it was gonna be a cheap cameo brought on by fans missing him. But it was so much better! He contributed so greatly to the success of Cas and Sam’s mission, and he fucking conquered. He was still the same old, ass-kicking, wise-cracking, balls-exclaiming hunter/father/genius he’s always been, and it was so nice to see him again. And that letter to Sam? BIG FAT CROCODILE TEARS *points at face* It’s about damn time somebody told the boys to stop hiding important shit from each other - they’ve been doing that since like season 2 and it’s fucking annoying. They need to man up, work together, and stow their shit because things are going to get real pretty soon.

4b: That last shot of Bobby as Sam read the letter. Angels walked in and looked at him in a way that said, “Okay Bobby, time’s up. Let’s go.” And he just kept smiling at the picture of him with his boys, and that was it. Obviously they were — fuck, I’m getting choked up just typing it — they were about to… y’know, afterlife-kill him. I don’t know what that entails, exactly; he’ll probably just cease to exist as a soul… and it breaks my fucking heart I can’t do this fuck you SPN writers you can’t just bring Bobby back and then kill him although fucking BRAVO YOU ENDED HIS STORYLINE IN THE BEST POSSIBLE WAY I MEAN YOU LET HIM HAVE ONE LAST MISSION TO HELP THE BOYS AND YOU LET HIM GET A LETTER TO SAM AND YOU GAVE HIM THAT LAST MOMENT TO ADMIRE THE FAMILY PHOTO AND JUST FUCK GODDAMNIT THIS IS OKAY YET NOT OKAY I CAN’T

5: MOTHER. FUCKING. CASTIEL. Cas’ role in this episode was… just. Jesus. Wow. Awesome. Fuck yes. I am so happy he collaborated with Sam on this. He used his angel knowledge to break Metatron out, and he and Sam executed the plan perfectly. That shot with him jumping through heaven’s gate? KICKASS. And all that bamf stuff he said to Metatron? GENIUS. “You’re going to be my punching bag.” “You’re going to help us, or Sam will - what’s the expression? - blow your freaking brains out.” GODDAMN CAS YOU GO GLEN COCO. I really liked how when Sam drove up to Cas near the beginning of the episode, the first thing he does is look to the car, confused, and say, “Where’s Dean?” I thought that was so cute uwu

6: Castiel’s grace! He’s gonna get it back! AND IT’S GOING TO HELP DEAN I’M SURE OF IT OMG NEW THEORY: CASTIEL’S GRACE IS GOING TO BE AN INGREDIENT IN THE SPELL TO GET RID OF THE MARK OF CAIN FOREVER BUT IT’LL GET ALL USED UP AND HE’LL BE A HUMAN FOREVER oh my god that theory just came outta nowhere on me but I really think that’s going to happen guys the grace of the angel in love with the infected human it’s like the rarest ingredient a spell could possibly call for and Metatron himself said that curing the Mark is old magic - God-level magic - and right after he says that he mentions Cas’ grace I mean coincidence I think not especially ‘cause Metatron said there’s only a little bit left like why would he say that unless there was only enough left of it for this spell that apparently does exist according to both Metatron AND ROWENA WHO IS A WITCH AND KNOWS A THING OR TWO ABOUT MAGIC holy shit this is big

I have a new favorite episode of the season it’s fucking this one. Wow. Blown away. 1895479842504 stars out of 10, all the thumbs up, standing ovation. BRAVO

Not yours. All I’m getting from you is… colours.
—  Pryce, “the Atheist”, going on about why he doesn’t do the psychic stuff no more. Because he hears everybody’s thoughts (including the one’s from “the Hippie”) - which Cas can relate to, you know, with picking up on a longing and people’s prayers. But isn’t it interesting that they decided he cannot read Cas’ thoughts. To me this is very very suggestive, just saying… And what kinds of colours are you getting, Pryce? Rose coloured pastels or more the deep and saturated full tones? Or maybe a lot of greens? ;)