I can’t decide if it’s amazing or pathetic that I wake up most mornings and think: “Today, I want to be someone Misha Collins would be proud of.”


Most people probably won’t care, but I wanted to post a few prom pictures!!
The first two I didn’t take, but the last two are selfies haha
I had so much fun last night it was crazy

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Can we talk about Gene and Spina being medical students in that apartment!AU? Can we talk about 36- 42 hour shifts? Can we talk about them coming home exhausted and everyone is really quiet and shushing eachother for like 8hours because they're such mother hens? Did you know some residents at hospitals collapse from sleep deprivation and/or exhaustion? Can we talk about somebody calling the house phone because "It's seems Mr. (Roe or Spina) might need someone to take him home-alltheworriedyellng

PLEASE LETS. everyone taking care of the sleep-deprived, half-coherent med boys, nobody even bats an eye when one of them stumbles into the wrong apartment after a 12 hour night shift and a packed afternoon of classes- the people who actually live there just give up a bed or unfold the sofa bed and make a cup of tea. 

during finals week, they all keep up a rotation schedule to check in on them and make sure they get some sleep in between cramming (and yelling at each other about various conditions and infections and surgical moves) 

also speaking of finals weeks, they quickly find that working as an apartment team is great but working as a floor team is way better- between the three apartments theres usually two or three people who dont have exams on any given day so they pick an apartment and make a huge fuckin dinner and the rest of them trudge in between 2PM and 7PM after exams in various states of emotion depending on the exam.

I want some nice chill feminist friends that I can drive around and take to Applebee’s and thrift stores and libraries and drug stores man like most of the friends I’ve ever had either don’t have any chill or are kinda problematic and think most of the hype over equality is irrational and dumb and by most I mean 2/3

Alas poor Loki. Well, on one hand, I’m not surprised: this Loki not suffering some severe consequence for kid Loki is probably narratively unsatisfying. Rule of three works in here perfectly, both as an in-verse reality and as a narrative technique to birth the ultimately new Loki.

I love the scruffiness of his new design, and the new epithet, though I always thought of storytelling as a facet of his original one. It ties back into magic, and Odin’s reminder of what a lie is: “Telling a lie so utterly, cosmically perfect that for a single, shining moment…the world believes a man can fly.”

But AoA Loki was a lovable character, who really tried his best to fix his mistakes and become something different. To that end, he managed, like kid Loki, to win.

Sayonara, ciao, au revior, AoA trash baby Nerdki. You did pretty all right.

It doesn’t matter who’s next to you. It doesn’t matter if you think people are more beautiful than you, have a nicer body or hair, you’re perfect in my eyes baby girl, and you’ll be perfect in someone’s eyes too, your future husband or wife will love you and always wake up next to you thinking you’re perfect.
So every time you feel like you don’t belong and you feel uncomfortable with the people around you just call me and I’ll be there as fast as I can.
You’re my little princess and I hate seeing you feeling this way around your friends. I hate seeing you feeling sad cause you think you’re not beautiful or good enough.
Baby you’re perfect, you’re beautiful, you’re funny, you have an amazing personality, you have a beautiful voice, don’t let anyone put you down ok?
I love you forever and I’ll always be there for you, even when you feel like I’m not, I am and always will be, princess.
—  my dad


do i want

to dive back in 


 i’m still choking 

from nearly drowning

last time?

do i really miss

the refreshing feeling

of swimming through

“mutual” feelings

that much?

it’s been a little over a month.


The mansion tax; why I think it’s a good thing

I saw something about the mansion tax on Twitter this morning that got my wee mind going. A friend tweeted: “The public’s behavior to some tax policies sums up my hatred for modern day society. Why should people be taxed for having a mansion?” - This man is an accountant so he knows a lot more about taxation and tax policy than I do. I’m not going to go into the depths of the financial aspects of the policy here. I’m not sure if he, or my very good friend who agrees with him, realises that being of this opinion makes them, essentially, right wing. 

The way I understand it is that there are three ways that you would be in the position to be the owner of a home worth over two million pounds. 

1. You have worked incredibly hard all your life, studied hard, got a good job, worked very hard in that job, and earned all your money and your beautiful home. It is very easy to see, from this perspective, that the mansion tax penalises you for tirelessly contributing to the system (with your high rate of income tax on your high salary) that you take little from. (you don’t claim benefits, you likely never have, you may not use NHS services, etc.)

2. You were fortunate enough to be born into a wealthy family. Your predecessors have worked hard during their own life-time to afford you this position of privilege. You likely went to a good school, got a university education, and work in a respected profession. Your wealth and success is a result of a system that is weighted in your favour. You can afford to pay the mansion tax, but don’t see why you should have to support society’s impoverished as a punishment for doing well.

3. You won the lottery. You’re one of the luckiest people in Britain.

The reality is that because of the national debt and because of the deficit, the money HAS to come from somewhere. So should we “punish” the rich, who have worked hard and paid a hefty share into the system already? Or should we “punish” society’s poorest people, those in minimum wage jobs or on benefits, living in council houses with a bedroom deemed to be “spare”?

My friend said that we should not punish the rich, why should hard working people pay for “scroungers”, “junkies” and “tramps” who get “free money” from a system they haven’t paid into? To be honest, it’s easy to agree with her. It is frustrating, as a tax payer and as someone who works hard herself and comes from a hard working family, to see and hear about people who have never worked. People who don’t work, don’t contribute to the system that they are claiming from, people who abuse alcohol and illegal drugs. Paid for with tax-payers money. Of course that’s frustrating, it’s infuriating. I don’t blame my friends for having these opinions, I just don’t agree with them.

The problem of these “scroungers” is MASSIVELY exaggerated by our media which, over the last five years, has been saturated with “poverty porn” documentaries. Benefit claimants, drug addicts, social housing tenants, the underclass, they have been framed incredibly negatively. They make an excellent scapegoat for Britain’s financial crisis because they are easy to blame. Being bombarded with these types of images and the negative rhetoric that comes along with them is a great way to convince the Great British public that the impoverished are the ones to blame for the state of the economy, not the politicians. Not the men in charge who are letting their rich peers get richer, whilst simultaneously forcing thousands of society’s poorest families to reach out to resources like food banks. 

The underclass is a creation of our own society, by systematic policy change that has consistently widened Britain’s equality gap. Millions of people are being born into a poverty trap and the social ladder is increasingly difficult to climb. The low minimum wage and high cost of living is leaving millions of people socially and economically excluded and it is them that are currently being penalised by taxation policies like the infamous bedroom tax and higher education (in England) being accessible only to those who can afford to fork out thousands of pounds a year in tuition fees. 

It’s a wider understanding of this institutionalised privilege, social class structures, how the poverty cycle works and media manipulation that has lead me to realise that it is NOT the fault of “junkies and tramps” - society’s impoverished lower class - that there is a need for a penalising policy like the mansion tax. We are not going to close the deficit or the equality gap by introducing further austerity measures. We are not going to solve any problems by further attacking the poorest among us. 

The logical thing to do is to take the resources we need from the people that have the resources to provide. People who can afford to own and run homes that are worth more than TWO MILLION POUNDS can afford to pay extra taxation on those homes. It’s not their fault that we’re in the position to need it, and it is very easy to view this as punishment on hard-working people, but that’s not what it is. It’s simply the logical solution for a problem that we are all suffering the results of.

If I was, or ever am, fortunate enough to own a home worth more than two million pounds, I would like to think that I’d be socially concious enough to understand that paying a higher rate of income tax and a tax on my mansion is fair because I can afford it. I can afford to pay that extra tax, I can afford more of my hard-earned money to go into funding public services like Britain’s beloved NHS. It is not a “punishment”, it is because these people are privileged that they are able to pay it.

And that’s why I think the mansion tax is a good thing. This is one of the many reasons I will be voting for the SNP on May 7th, with the hope of seeing the Conservatives and their damaging policies out of Westminster. It’s also the reason I voted Yes in September. I want to live in a fairer society, not a society that has one side of the population living in two million pound plus homes while the other side makes a weekly trip to a food bank because their £6.50 an hour retail job doesn’t afford them enough to eat for a month and keep a roof over their heads. We created this. We can fix it.

The awkward moment when a friend at work gives you his number, but you were 99.99% sure that he’s gay. PLEASE tell me I’ve completely misunderstood the reasons why he gave me his number.

Plus what with two other colleagues flirting with me all day, I’m just about exhausted.
I enjoy working with mostly guys, but I don’t like being flirted with at all.

I typically try not to like start crushing on someone because I know the way I am when I really like someone cos like those feelings last for a long time and I’m always too shy to confess to them so like I usually just like to have like I guess mini crushes where it’s like “oh they’re cute” and then I daydream about it for like a week then it stops but like now I can already tell that I’m starting to crush on this guy and I don’t know how to feel about it cos like I don’t want to like him since I know I’ll never tell him like I’ll probably end up barely talking to him or like not talking to him at all cos I’ll be too nervous and scared so like what’s the point but I can’t help it cos he’s so cute and his voice is adorable and I just want to squeeze him!!! And he was in a play thing at our school yesterday and they were doing a dance number and he was a backup dancer and he had his hair slicked to the side and he was wearing a suit and tie and I just wanted to fucking hug him he looked so cute and he’s just so adorable whenever I see him I just want to cuddle him like a teddy bear ahh I don’t know what to do anymore


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Thomas fucking Elliot you are really lucky that you’re cute.

only reason u don’t get a fancy ass condo like becky is because becky told him that was weird and becky likes tommy far more than harvey atm sO……….