Joe Manganiello: I then follow it up with Rick Astley

*Cue Matt*


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it’s taken a few weeks, but i think i’ve actually managed to teach my cat to fetch.

princeskull keeps screeching that i broke him, but honestly, i think i fixed him. now all we need is to train dogs to use litterboxes and we’ll all be set.

How do eight musicians play twenty-two instruments in the course of one show—or, possibly, one musical number? And how does one reed player play four or five? For that matter, how do they find room to keep them all at hand, in a small and crowded pit? (By cramming them into every available cranny.) This is a question of careful planning on the part of the orchestrator. […]

These changes of instruments— “go to picc”—are written into the partitur by the orchestrator, for transfer to the individual part books. Different instruments take different amounts of time for the switch; larger instruments—bassoon, baritone sax—take longer to be lifted than the switch from flute to piccolo.(Players of the smaller reeds, in especially busy numbers, sometimes seem to be juggling; a flute player with a clarinet clutched between his knees and a piccolo tucked under his left arm is not an uncommon sight.)
[…] Burns, on one partitur, tells his trombones to switch mutes “from bucket to open FAST! Sorry—you wanted to go on the road and see America!”

And then there’s Kostal’s note to the flutist at the climax of the fugue in West Side Story’s “Cool,” where he provides a mere five beats (at quick-time) to change instruments: “Grab ze piccolo!” Kostal writes.

—  Steven Suskin, The Sound of Broadway Music

My boyfriend is truly one of the most amazing people that I know.
Yesterday, he was my date for my sister’s wedding. However, I was in the wedding party, so I wasn’t able to sit with him through the ceremony or dinner. But one of the things that I love about him is that he fits in with my family perfectly. He sat with my older sister from California and my cousin and his partner who are from Las Vegas, and I didn’t have to worry about him at all. I knew that he would talk and fit in with them. I knew that he would have a good time…and that’s such an amazing feeling. And when I was finished with my bridesmaid duties, he was there for me to talk and dance with. We shared red wine and cake and kisses. But he didn’t just dance with me…he also helped to entertain my niece by dancing with her, and he danced with my sisters and cousins. Overall, I was just struck by the ease with which he fits in. Every time we are together, I’m reminded of all the reasons why I believe that we were made for one another, and last night just provided me with yet another reason.
He is my best friend and the love of my life. I don’t ever want to lose him. But the thing is, I doubt very much that I’ll ever have to lose him. Last night we danced at my sister’s wedding, but someday in the future we’ll be dancing at our own.

okay this guy keeps texting my best friend and calling her baby and she told me she doesn’t like that and she’s told him they’re just friends a lot and he said “entertain me baby” and she freaked out so i told her to just tell him “please don’t call me baby because it makes me uncomfortable and i’m not here for your entertainment” but she’s scared he’ll get mad or something and tell all their friends she’s a bitch and i’m so :/ this is so frustrating why!!!! are boys like this

update: she told him and he said “wow that’s harsh” and started trying to defend himself oh my godddd she just said she doesn’t want you to call her a word why can’t you just respect that and get over yourself

update again: he’s now trying to make her feel bad for what she said holy shit and yet when i told her not to listen because he’s guilting her into feeling bad for “friendzoning” him and then said boys suck to make her feel better she said “not all boys” holy SHIT i love her but sometimes…… what the hell

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2 of your most fave things about harry and ur least fave thing about him (I know tht part's a toughie)

ah fuck. i won’t say his looks because that’s just too easy isn’t it?

1. I love that he is just this huge, genuine, eccentric, happy-go-lucky person. he is an absolute character but it just makes being a fan of him even more fun. he puts himself entirely into everything he does and he keeps me entertained and happy just by being himself because he is 100% unapologetically harry styles 24/7. I love his entire being.

2. i love his voice. speaking or singing it doesn’t even matter, he could read me instructions on how to torture me before killing me and i would be laser-focused on what he has to say, even if it takes him 45 minutes to spit it out. love that voice, it’s a once in a lifetime type voice. I’d bottle it up if I could.

3. I genuinely can’t think of anything I dislike about him. maybe that he’s so elusive but who could blame him? he’s harry fucking styles !

Sheriff Finds Atheists' Threat Against Him for Speaking at a Church 'Humorous and Entertaining'
A Florida sheriff who recently received a complaint from an atheist group for delivering a sermon while in his uniform finds their objections "humorous and entertaining."

Judd told CP that FFRF’s letter is “not an accurate reflection of the sermon that I delivered” and that he found it “just humorous and entertaining to me that they would question me doing my job.”

“I’ve spoken at Christian events and Jewish events,” added Judd. “It’s not like I went to an event, took the podium over and said ‘lock the back door and everybody’s got to listen to me.’”

“They called in and specifically asked me to come there and I showed up in my work uniform and spoke. And I plan to continue to do that.”

This is why I love Sheriffs. They aren’t appointed or hired by any government authority. They are elected by the voters. As a result, the only people they are accountable to is the voters. This allows them to make any political or religious statement they like, in any venue of their choice. 

The vast majority of sheriffs are republicans and conservatives. Even the relatively few sheriffs who are democrats still hold very traditional and conservative positions on law enforcement matters. As a result, they often enjoy making bold statements like this. Liberals, atheists and other leftists can only make empty threats in response.

Other government employees can be easily silenced if their superiors don’t agree with their views, sadly.


Very disheartening and disappointing that we live in a society that values the exterior appearance of someone over the heart of the person.

I’ve just been reminded that love is cruel and why for so long I made myself numb to emotion and cut it out of my life. I was fine for 3 years doing me, having a steady rotation of guys to entertain me. Then he came in and just shit all over everything and now I’m left feeling more hollow and empty than before.

He's just not that into you?

So I took all of the things I’ve learned through you lovely ladies and started messaging some guys. And I got a bite! But for all of my beautiful writing, I got this short ass reply and after a few replies I just stopped messaging him. He seemed totally uninterested and entertaining me just because. And then the next day he sent me a message wishing me a good morning.

Sir. 😒😒😒

maybe i came out scarred and hurt and traumatized but it’s so goddamn fun to see he hasn’t been able to find a toy just as entertaining as me.
And he won’t cause i was shaped by predators just like him and his claws and fangs were made to rip through flesh just like mine.
I hope he starves.


He shows me his affection
Only through obsession
It’s how we build connection
Even when I give rejection
He likes when I say “no”
Or when I yell at him to go
He thinks “you suck” means I’ll blow
A toy I can pick up and throw
He uses me for his strangeness
To me he’s just entertainment
Quite a complex arrangement
But it works as he maintains it
My sanity must be appealing
Suppose he gets a crazy feeling
Reasons never were revealing
I only guess while he’s concealing
Interaction such a snooze
It hardly keeps my mind amused
I’ve more interest in headline news
But I can’t put out the fuse
I’ve put every plan to action
All it does is fuel his passion
He seems to like when I turn batshit
So I can’t ever bury the hatchet
He thinks I’m just a mess
Aspires to be my GPS
Will hold all my locations best
To navigate me through life’s stress
And if ever I should sleep
Too little or too deep
He will measure all my vitals
Even track my menstrual cycles
While I blog about our time
I know his water’s becoming wine
And as I put it into rhyme
It helps him wash it down so fine
As long as I fill his need
There will be more to come indeed
I always give new data to read
And every time it’s well received

One time in an RP when I said I was gonna play her as a secondary villain, the person playing the main villain was like “oh i could see my villain totally being friends with her and treating her like his little sister!” and I was just like

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Louis' tweet to niall still is ODD nouis is the weirdest like "young niall" ew... Let niall live do u see how much you party!

i dont think it was anything that odd rip lmao i call my friend young adele sometimes i think its just that thing when youre giving ~advice hahah but it was v ironic that louis tweeted it of all people

FYE GRAPHIC MEME – favorite males: tsukami sin (3/5)

“All I wanted to do was fly, Vinny.”

This young man just told me he could entertain me more than tumblr can😂😂😂😂, really? Can you really hun?
I have always wanted to be that girl. The girl that’s kinda perfect but she’s actually not. She’s just perfect for him. But maybe it is not about me being “that” girl but about me finding “that” guy. The guy that’s so in love that could see and describe any of my flaws as perfect. The guy that wouldn’t get bored of just looking at me because he’s just so in love that even looking me seems entertaining. The guy that could tell and/or describe all those little things I do and he likes about me, the guy that would actually notice them. But until then, until I find him, I’ll just keep wanting to be “that” girl.
—  Thoughts. GM.
Hot and Cold

You ever feel like someone might like you, like more than a friend, but they probably don’t? Yea, that feeling sucks doesn’t it. One night he’s like “date me” then another day he’s like “nah”. What do you want from me haha. Sometimes I get the feeling that he’s just using me for his entertainment or that he does enough so I stay someone loyal he can fall back on me if his advances on other people fail and that honestly feels like shit lol. You have to stop playing with my emotions like that because I’m not about the one-sided life. It’s only real if it’s returned. Best of luck to me in finding the right one for me, but I haven’t given up hope yet. Here’s to love.