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People draw solas with hair as having black hair but if I'm not mistaken aren't his eyebrows blonde? So he would have like dirty blonde dreads (ig as I would imagine it)

Really this is just an excuse for me to post more of his face to my blog.

As if I needed an excuse.

In looking his brows in both natural light and unnatural light (specifically the inventory screen), his brows don’t really look blonde to me. I could maybe see that in the high-contrast lighting, but only where the light is “hot” on his face and therefore washing out the color. 

Most people draw him with dark hair because they are taking inspiration from the concept art that had him with dark hair. I’ve also seen him drawn with coppery/ginger hair because some people thought he had “ginger eyebrows”. I personally see him as having dark brown hair but… *shrugs* to each his own. 

Now please pardon me while I get distracted staring at my screenshots folder.

My fallen angel

we were drunk and high in all kinds of states.
off of so many drugs, I began to release.

He pulled out three dollars, crumpled up in his pocket and he bought me an ash dish of powder.
He looked so sexy when he handed it to me.
I licked the powder off his finger.
He took the same amount as me.
And together we drowned,
In the crystal black vodka , into the sunken mattress, and into each other’s body’s, drowning and drowning.
Our hearts race dangerously, lustfully but deadly .
blood shot eyes, the color of Mary. Stomach churning and muscle spasms. numbness.
My tongue was asleep, besides a tingling sensation of crying for peace.
His mouth on my mouth was alluring. The taste of hot tea.
My fingers were tangled in his dirty blonde hair, holding his head up to mine.

And then we were in each other’s clothes.
tangled into a mess of blankets.
Burning hot skin rubbing on hot skin.
He was everywhere.
Robbing my breath into his, as we suffocate into each other’s necks.
His scratchy, steady voice said things to me, but I was too intoxicated to comprehend. So I just listened to the rasp in his voice. Which kept me quiet.
Maybe I was close to over dose.
Because he was the next drug I was using.
Too much of.
because I couldn’t see, and no longer could I feel.
Shooting straight into my veins like stars.
The addiction started settling into me and within my whole body.
I felt the shortness of breath start to trigger .
The necessity for more!
The longing for that rush of ego death.
Of time death.
Pain death.
Awareness death.

His breath, uneven.
trembling in my arms.
I knew I was his drug too.
His perfect dose of opiate

I wake up hours later, or maybe it’s only been just a few seconds.
I come to the conclusion.
I don’t know him..
and he doesn’t know me.
I don’t know what his childhood was like or how his parents treated him.
I don’t know if he joy within him overflows.
I don’t know if he gets sad, or angry.
Or if he believes in A god or a heaven.
To be honest I’m not quite sure why he’s even here with me tonight..

But let me tell you something.
when you see someone chug alcohol that fast, you know how fucking strong they have to be.
Everyone will clap and take videos.
But I guess they just don’t see what I see.

They think he’s showing off, but little do they know he’s been waiting for that poison all week.

They always pay attention to the pretty girl that likes to have three lines of white all to herself, but what about the boy that’s too sick to have another drink. The one that is considered courageous to drink it anyways.
The boy that gets excited about drugs more then money.
The boy’s whose face lights up every time it’s his turn.

To be making love to someone as broken as me feels …… Sad. The beautiful kind of sad.
He knows what I need and I know what he needs too. He packs the next bowl for me, and I bring him his next set of white pills.
There’s no need for words. There’s no need for small talk or pointless phone calls.
And When I see him in school, no need for anxiety or imagery.
He’ll always be my fallen angel.
All I wish to be is his only drug.

But how selfish would that be, to take him away from what he needs.

Do you have ANY idea how difficult it was to avoid clichés in this?! Pairing: Luke Castellon & Percy Jackson, non-sexual. Words: 1,122.

Luke’s new substitute teacher was hot. He almost didn’t regret sending Mrs. Thorn to the hospital yesterday if it meant a lesson with this stud.

The guy had walked into the class after the bell, and when he did the chatter stopped nearly right away as everyone turned and looked. He was tall, at least six feet, with dark black hair that was spiked in the front. He wore dark navy slacks and a light blue button-down that was tucked into the pants, and shiny black leather shoes adorned his feet. His eyes – his eyes – were so blue behind the black frames of his glasses that it was like they shone. Luke was hooked on him before he even put his bag down and turned to the class. When he did, his eyes lit up even more with a smile.

“Hello, class,” he said, stepping in front of the teacher’s desk. “You can call me Mr. Jackson, I’ll be filling in for your teacher this morning.”

Luke caught a few girls in the class exchange surprised looks. Their high-school never got hot substitute teachers! Mr. Jackson was young, nicely dressed, he spoke confidently, and had an inviting aura to him. Luke’s leg bounced up and down, agitated; he couldn’t be more than a few years older than them – would he even notice them in any way other than sweaty teenagers? And could he be into guys?

Luke had always had a thing for older men. Not thirties-forties men, but later twenties. He liked the level of maturity they could offer, which high-school boys could not. He stared at Mr. Jackson, hoping to make eye contact with him.

The teacher looked down at the attendance list and started calling out names. “Abigail?”

“Here!” An annoying girl in the front said. Mr. Jackson looked at her and smiled generously.

“Hello, Abigail.” He looked back down at the sheet. “Brendon?”

Brendon grunted from the back.


Luke swallowed, sitting up in his chair. “I’m here.”

Mr. Jackson looked around, trying to find his voice. Luke hesitantly put his hand up, and Mr. Jackson’s eyes landed on him in what felt like a supernova of blue light. He grinned. “Hey.”

Luke’s stomach clenched and his heart skipped a beat as he melted into the guy’s gaze. He was so good-looking, it was nearly heart-stopping. Then Mr. Jackson let his eyes fall back to the sheet, and the moment was over. Luke sat back as he called out the next name, frustrated that he’d let himself feel something so stupid.

He would never go for Luke.

Mr. Jackson gave the front row of the class a handout to work on during the remaining half hour of the period. The worksheet was easy, and Luke tried to focus on it instead of on Mr. Jackson. Still, whenever he walked down the aisle to help someone out Luke hoped they would have another connection.

As the bell rang everyone jumped from their seats, grabbing their worksheets and walking to the front to drop them off and head out the door. Luke took his time in gathering his pens and slinging his bag across his body. He walked forward at the end of the line, until he was face to face with Mr. Jackson.

Up close he didn’t seem so tall, or at least not much taller than Luke. He had rolled up the sleeves of his shirt to reveal dark black hairs and strong hands. Luke held out his sheet at the base, hoping he would grab the top and he could leave. The sooner he put the embarrassing hope he’d had at the beginning of class behind him, the better.

“Did you finish?” Mr. Jackson asked, looking at the outstretched sheet.

Luke nodded, not trusting his mouth to speak.

“Good, good.” Mr. Jackson reached for the sheet, and turned it around to read it over. He took out a pencil from the cup on the desk, presumably to start grading. “Luke, right?”

Luke’s throat felt tight, and his lips were dry. “Yeah.”

Mr. Jackson looked at him and smiled as he had before, but it was even more powerful close up. Like a strong wave in the ocean threatening to knock him over. He put his hands in his pockets. “Cya.”

He turned and began to walk briskly towards the door, anxious to leave the empty room. “Hold up,” Mr. Jackson called behind him.


Luke tried to casually turn around. “Hmm?”

Mr. Jackson was concentrating on the worksheet Luke had given him, scribbling something. “I think you might want to take another look at this.”

Luke walked back hesitantly. “Why?”

“Take this home, hand it in tomorrow. You got a few things wrong.”

Luke was confused. The work had felt so easy – how had he gotten things wrong? And how had Mr. Jackson marked it so quickly? “Fine.”

Mr. Jackson held the sheet close to him, so Luke had to walk all the way back to the desk to get it. He grabbed it and risked a glance at the guy. He had golden tanned skin and white teeth, and he smiled widely at him. “Have a great day, I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Mrs. Thorn won’t be back?”

Jackson shook his head. “They say she will be out for a while. She somehow slipped in the hall yesterday.”

Luke almost grinned, remembering how he poured the water in front of the class door. It wasn’t meant specifically for her, but if the shoe fits… “Okay,” he said, and walked away again, knowing he had to hurry up to make it to class. Once in the hall, he began walking towards the Spanish room. He looked down at the worksheet as he walked, looking for where he’d gone wrong. There were checkmarks on all of the questions, and…

Luke stopped. At the bottom of the sheet, underneath the last answer, Mr. Jackson had scribbled something. ‘Tutoring help,’ he’d written in pencil, and there was a cell phone number underneath with a smiley face. Luke looked back at the open door to English, but Mr. Jackson was still inside. Was this really some tutor’s number, or could he have given Luke his digits? After all, the worksheet was clearly fine…

He shook his head, remembering the warm feeling Mr. Jackson gave him just by looking at him, and shoved the paper into his bag as the bell rang. Whatever it was, he could wait to call the number later. Right now he had a Spanish class to get to, and a lot of tension to release.

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i'm so mad at myself, I've crush on this guy that goes with me to school. i really like him but i don't want to, idk why. the only two people i've told to think i shouldn't cause he looks like a bad person and blah blah. he's hot as hell, you've no idea, he kinda looks like serj tankian with the beard and everything, he's always in his world doesn't care bout nothing black hair and eyes , perfection, he detracts me everysingle morning. he's 18i'm 17 last year of high school !!!!!HELP!

How would you like for me to help? If he’s a bad person/ bad influence I would suggest to not initiate anything with him, but if you truly like him, go for it! But don’t just like him for his looks love. 

Jin Hair Color

Okay, let’s see. What hair colors did Jin have…? Off the top of my head I can just remember brown, black, and red. Is that it? Just those…like Yoongi…?

For Jin, I think that brown hair looks the best on him. Black would be a close second. If it wasn’t for my image of Jin, black would be my favorite. Black hair, on him, he just looks so… hot? …Very dude-ish/man-ish? I don’t know how to explain it. My image of Jin is the “boy next door”, cute, boyish guy and the black hair is killing that image! He still looks amazing though. 

So back to the brown hair:

As for which shade…

The deep chocolate brown… or the light brown…

Light Brown. But seriously? Is this really all of the colors that he had?

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Avatar the last airbender

(I’ll probably confuse Avatar with Legends of Korra bc i don’t watch any of the two)
Push off a cliff: umm idk
Frick frack: that Zuko guy bc everyone seems to think he’s hot
Marry: the sexy chick with the long black hair
Set on fire: one of the guys who control fire (but just bc they will probably not burn)
Wrap a blanket around: the blind girl omg she looks so nice and i’ve seen this gifset where people were assholes and said shitty stuff about her
Be roommates with: the girl with short brown hair and blue clothes (i think she’s korra or smth)

send me a fandom

tbh i’ve never thought seungri will look good in other hair color besides black and brown bUT DAMN I WAS WRONG, SO WRONG, BECAUSE HE LOOKS SO CUTE AND HOT AND GOOD LOOKING AND CHARMING WITH WHITE HAIR LIKE ARE YOU AN ICE PRINCE?????? ARE YOU A SIXTEEN YEAR OLD QT???????

“hOOOoooOo shit, so you’re the best friend my sibling always talks about hahah wow THEY NEVER BOTHERED TELLING ME YOU WERE THIS HOT” au

“Hey Opal we’re back,” Knight called as he opened the front door.

“Kitchen!” Opal called out only half paying attention.

“Sis?” Knight said stepping into the kitchen followed by another boy.

Opal looked up from the pasta she was cooking. There was Knight, and there was some fallen angel of a man. Opal looked him up and down, strong looking, not quick as tall as Knight but still easily over 6 feet, deep tan, thick black hair and eyes that looked like they’d been poured straight from some tropical ocean.

“Hi?” Knight’s friend waved awkwardly.

“I told you Sirus was coming over to study right sis?” Knight said looking between his frozen sister and blushing best friend. What is going… Oh.

“Oh yeah, uh, sorry I forgot. Um. Just give me a minute and I’ll clean this place up,” Opal said trying to clear away the clutter of dishes that came from her and Knight both being busy with study and not caring much about chores.

“No your fine, it fine,” Sirus blustered talking a half step forwards.

“I’m just going to change. I’ll be back in a sec,” Knight said and bailed into his room before Sirus or Opal could respond.

“Um uh hi, I’m Opal,” Opal said silently cursing Knight for ditching her with his ridiculously hot friend.

“Yeah Knight told me,” Sirus said his voice hesitant a shy smile gracing his lips.

Oh hot damn is he cute! “Oh of course,” shit, “do you want a drink? We have tea, or coffee, or I think we might have some cordial somewhere.” Opal asked he brain trying to find something she could do before she embarrassed herself.

“I’d love a tea, but uh I think your pots boiling over,” Sirus the God of Hotness said pointing to something behind her.

SHIT! She spun and found the saucepan with the pasta bubbling over, the water droplets hissing and spitting angrily as they rolled over the sides. “Oh fuck not again!” Opal shouted, grabbing the pot off the stove and rushing it to the sink, pouring the steaming mess into a colander to strain.

Sirus laughed, an easy laugh, “Sorry I guess we distracted you. Is it going to be okay?”

She looked up at him surprised. Fuck that smile makes him even cuter. He was looking into her eyes not, white teeth flashing. “I’m sure it’ll be fine,” she tried a smile of her own and was greeted with an ever brighter smile as his eyes crinkled happily.

Knight chose this moment to come back in, he was smiling at the two of the, the big doof. “Hey so we’d better get some study done, but I’ll bring him back out for tea,” Knight said looking at Opal knowingly meaning, I’ll bring him back so you two can flirt.

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Dude believe me, I wanna get it on with that alex kid. He's so hot. He's a high school alex gaskarth. But I was thinking maybe my black, ripped skinny jeans (I'm like 5'7 but I've got long legs and they look v nice), my cropped top and my vans. Maybe do my hair nice but stay natural with my makeup? And also how the hell do I stay calm during a horror film?? They terrify me but I said yeah because he loves them. I don't want to end up crying and him thinking wtf. This is so stressful :(

that sounds good but dude if you get scared just get all close and cuddly with him

This is a true story it happened on friday

So I was walking with my close friend to my other friends house and while we approach her house my close friend stops. I asked why was she stopping and then she looks at me and point to an old white man with long grey hair, and says “He doesn’t like black people”. So I look at her and say with disgust “ what do you mean he doesn’t like black people” and while we continue walking she tells me that his son said he was in the KKK so I back up hot and mad. Then I yell at the top of my lung IM BLACK AND IM PROUD, AND IF ANYONE HAS A PROBLEM WITH IT OH WELL BECAUSE YOUR TOO IGNORANT FOR ME TO WASTE MY BREATH ON. Then My friend and I raise or fist and stare at him dead in the eye, and while my friend was still staring I rolled my eyes and continues to my destination. ✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾

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My crush is so cute I swear, he has black hair and his body is perfect; like he has these hip bones that look hot af and a this cute freckle on his inner-thigh yet clear skin everywhere else. We chill at each other's houses and just make out and so on, but he's also my best friend so I can talk to him about shit or whatever. He always tells me I make him happy, and he makes me happy too

aww thats so sweet!! i’m so happy for you guys and i’m happy you’ve found someone so special to you!! :))))))

talk to me about your crushes

#mcm I’m becoming obsessed with this guy right here, #garydourdan. I mean he’s so damn hot/sexy/fine, all of the above. And watching #beingmaryjane, lord help me, this man. God he’s the perfect man when it comes to looks for me. Light skinned black guy, beautiful eyes, good hair & an amazing smile. He’s my perfect man when it comes to looks, @gabunion….