So I work at a popular convenience store and this guy came in to fix our “frosty” machine. Only to do that, just that. But he spent like 2 and a half hours in my store just being generally in our way and way too talkative (like trying to start up a 20 min conversation in the middle of me trying to ring up customers) anyway, while he was there I had to run to our back room to change a bag-in-the-box. Anyone who works with fountain soda will know what I’m talking about. If you don’t, it’s basically a bag of soda syrup..in a box. Anyway so I’ve worked there for 2.5 years now and I’ve had to change a lot of these suckers. Probably like 10 a day. So I’m lifting this box (which are usually pretty heavy but by now I’m used to it) and this guy who’s supposed to be working on his own crap, walks up, yanks it out of my arms (ow by the way) and goes “i cannot believe they make women lift these things!where am I going with this” so I’m fucking pissed at this point but I’m trying to point him in the right direction and he’s struggling and shit and basically just being in the way and I’m like shit seriously I was doing fine you sexist prick and I could’ve had 3 changed in the time it took you to do one! And THEN he proceeded to ask if I was married to which I said “yes” because where I work, it seems to be a pretty good way out of whatever comes after that question but this guy goes “if I was your husband I would refuse to let you work here! This is ridiculous. This is man’s work”. Oooooh had me fucking fired up.

Imagine Ezio Getting Jealous Over a Kitten

     “You’ve been playing with him for hours.” Ezio whined with his arms crossed.
      She glanced up at him, “So. I bet this the most love he’s ever had.”
      The little orange kitten happily laid in the crook of her arm while she rubbed his belly. He had just warmed up from being stuck out in the freezing cold for who knows how long. She had found him hiding inside a discarded box beside the ally way and convinced Ezio to let her keep him. Now he didn’t want to leave either of their sides.
      He stood over her, watching as she placed the kitten down and began batting around a small yarn ball for a moment before plopping down on the couch with a huff. He purposefully groaned as he leaned his head back and closed his eyes, trying to ignore the slight ringing noise the toy made.
      Suddenly, he felt a paw touch his cheek followed by a long mew. “Ezio, don’t be jealous of him. He’s our little baby now.” She said with a smile as she helped the kitten climb up Ezio’s shirt.
      He made sure to meet her gaze before giving her a pout, “He’s stealing your attention.”
      She rolled her eyes as she laughed, “Stop being such a brat and love him.” She picked up the little fluff-ball and moved his arms to make his paws tap on Ezio’s cheeks. “How can you not?”
      He laughed as he scratched the kitten’s chin, “As long as I get more kisses than he does, he can stay.”
      “Of course.” With a giggle she peppered Ezio’s cheeks with kisses.
      “Uh uh,” he said, tapping his forefinger on his lips. She smiled as she pressed her lips to his before settling herself and the kitten in his lap. He wrapped his arms around them and rested his chin on her head before closing his eyes.
      “Happy?” She asked, leaning her head to look up at him.
      “Very.” He simply replied as he glanced at the kitten, “He’s cute, but not as cute as me.”
      She slapped his arm, “Oh Ezio.”

The Artist as a Young Man

Demitri Diosdado, an eighth grader at Voyager Middle School, in Everett, WA, won a National Silver Medal in the Scholastic Art and Writing competition for Trying to Get Out of Life. Robotics teacher Trevor Lewis writes:

Demitri fully formed his idea of what he wanted in the planning stages. We scanned Demitri multiple times to get the image just right. The process that ended up working was to take a lower resolution complete scan using an X-Box 360 Kinect sensor and Skanect software. Then we scanned in the same pose with a DAVID SLS-2 structure light scanner. The second scan had much more detail but was incomplete. Then we used Autodesk Meshmixer to combine the two scans and prep for 3D printing on our MakerBot Replicator 2. The print was done with MakerBot True White PLA and took about 8 hours with supports generated in Meshmixer.

(Scholastic Art & Writing Awards; Voyager Middle School)

So I just spent the last two hours googling Adam Paulraj. The boy with Bartsocas-Papas syndrome.

His story is just incredible! I suggest people look for him on Google.
He was born and left by his parents at the hospital in India. He was in the hospital in a cardboard box and people just didn’t want anything to do with him. Until his adoptive parents came along. They took him in and gave him so many opportunities. Doctors say children with that syndrome barely make it to 1 year, but look at him now he’s 2 YEARS OLD!! How amazing is that!!! ✨

I’m definitely gonna set up a raising event at my school to donate money for future surgeries.

To those adoptive parents, I just have to say.. You are truly heroes!

Also reblog this! So more people can know about Adam!!!!!!!! and donate.

In 5 years, I haven’t lived anywhere for longer than 9 months. I just moved a month ago, but today found me trudging up 3 flights of stairs with armfuls of boxes again.

Life is weird. Permanency is hard for me. Signing leases, making commitments. For so long, everything I owned fit in 10 boxes and I could pack it in less than 2 hours. Now, it takes time. It takes multiple truckloads.

Tomorrow is John’s birthday. I am constantly in awe of him; floored by his kindness, his understanding, his humor. He is a gentle touch at just the right moment. In his sleep, he reaches for and holds my hand. We are sitting on the couch, surrounded by boxes, drinking cheap moscato and watching a soccer game.

I cried in the bath tonight. For so many years, I gave my life away to religion and to helping people. I believed that my life would be good because god would bless me with it. If I gave him all of my time and energy, if I made myself so small that I even lost my own name, everything would fall into place. But this is a life I have because I have worked so hard to build it. I have someone who loves me in a way nobody has ever loved me. I have a fridge full of food, a place of my own filled with beautiful things. I have a clean conscience. I have no secrets.

A clean, well-lighted space. A birthday banner. A life to be proud of.

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Birthday: feb 12th
Star sign: aquarius
Gender: male
Height: do not need to stand on a box
Sexual Orientation: ????ace probably
Romantic orientation: ????????
Favourite colour: blue
Time and date at the current moment: april 23 3:25pm
Average hours of sleep?: ?????????????
Lucky number: 27
The last thing I googled: “unique monsters xenoblade”
First word that comes to mind:  xenoblade
One place that makes me happy: not here
How many blankets do I sleep under: 1 or 2
Favourite fictional character currently: everyone in cucumber quest and steven universe
Favourite famous person: me
Celebrity crush/es: do gigi and zack count
Favourite books: ummm percy jackson maybe
Favourite animals: cats
Favourite shows: steven universe
Favorite musician/band: ?????
Favorite games: uh
Last movie I’ve seen in the cinema: home it was really cute
Dream job: flying around the universe w friends
Wearing right now: zeld shirt space hoodie and jeans
Last book I read: blood of olympus


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Hey, did you hear Kovu Lyons just moved in? He totally looks like Luke Hemmings or Kovu from The Lion King 2. Word has it they are seventeen years old. They kinda seem a little hardened and deceptive– but I’m sure they’re actually caring and brave.

WELCOME TO WALT HILLS KOVU LYONS! We’re so happy to have you! Please send in your account within 12 hours. Remember to have your ask box and your submit box open! Luke Hemmings and Kovu are now taken!

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When you get this ask, list 5 things that make you happy then pass it on to the last 10 people who reblogged from you!

Considering my mood and everything that has been falling on my head the past few days, this will be tough but I’ll give it a go.

1. The charity book sale at the local Presbyterian church.  I spent two hours there this afternoon and walked off with a box of books for $10.  My best find?  “The Tao of Long Life: The Chinese Art of Chang Ming.” I’m going to be driving everyone crazy looking at the size of their pupils and the shape of their nostrils and trying to discern the state of their physical health. It’s my thing.

2.  My husband. After 26 years together he just gets me and it’s the most comforting thing in the world when I’m not up to making an effort or explaining my moods.  He knows.  He still loves me.

3.  Homeschooling. I know a lot of people turn their noses up at it, especially when they find out I live in the Bible Belt, but hey. We’re secular homeschoolers, I teach evolution and my 12-year-old just read Macbeth and wrote an absolutely brilliant thematic analysis. It’s tough some days, math will always be a tearful thing, but overall it’s working for us.

4.  My FrogWatch duties.  I’ve submitted three official observations now and each time I get a little better at identifying calls and I finally recognized the difference between a gray tree frog and a chorus frog, oh my god. I’ve always been a science nerd and frog observation is perfect for me because you do it at night, when it’s cool and dark and quiet. The director of the program at the St. Louis Zoo is a super chill dude and it’s fun to talk frogs with him. 

5. Good friends who don’t mind angry/emotional texts very late at night when I’m struggling, like I am right now. Gee, that wasn’t very happy. 

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1, 2, 44, 90-99

Ok here goes,
1.I am bi-romantic, I love both guys and girls but I dont think that I would ever want to be in a sexual relationship with a girl but I would definitely make out and like cuddle with a girl and go on dates :)
2. If I could meet anyone in the world (and im going a little out of the box here) it would be my older brother, he actually died when he was like 5 hours old because of something that I think is called trisomy or something like that and I wish I could have met him cause I just feel like he would have been the coolest brother ever
44. The last movie I saw was Easy A, unless your talking last movie I saw in a theater and that was Insurgent
90. If I woke up surrounded by mummies even if they werent doing anything I would do one of two completely different things, I would either grab one of the knives hidden around my room and go bat shit crazy, or I would literally just start crying/screaming
91. If vegetables could give me a super power I would want that super power to be flight because even though its really cliche I think it would be really cool, although having actual wings would be better :)
92. If I could relive a past half hour of my life, it would be any half hour I spent with my sister amanda so I could tell her I love her again and give her another hug and probably go fishing with her again
93. If I could erase something horrible from my past it would be my sister amanda commiting suicide
94. I would sleep with, gosh this is something I havent actually thought about, it would probably be a country singer, like the lead singer of rascall flatts or something
95. If I got a free plane ticket to anywhere in the world I would go to the isle of skye and see the fairy pools and just get some really cool pictures and also revel in the fact that id be somewhere beautiful with the same name as me :)
96. As far as I know I am not related to anyone in jail
97. Yes, I have most definitely thrown up in a car, multiple times, unless im driving I am really prone to carsickness
98. No I have never been on a plane although I did go on a helicopter ride on a date once
99. If the whole world was listening to me I would probably tell them to leave each other the fuck alone. Everyone needs to stop telling other people what to do and everyone needs to stop being dicks to each other its ridiculous. Ive seen people criticize people for living life the way they want and then turn around and get pissed at someone else for judging their life and it literally makes me so confused, why cant people just stop judging and learn that its not up to us how other people choose to live their lives, ITS THEIR FUCKING CHOICE! Thats all :)