A drunk / alcoholic 30 somethin yr old man just came upto me whilst i was sitting at the bus stop like “excuse me ive seen u around and i was wondering whats ur name ur very beautiful” i was like great my names ellie and im 16 “do u have facebook add me gaz tompson! i didnt want to come upto u and sound weird i didnt have the guts” i gave him a thumbs up and stared at him til he left lol

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Even though he claims to love him I'm fully expecting Robert to throw Aaron under the bus when the truth of the affair comes out and Chrissies asking questions. He's gonna be all 'he stalked me' 'he's twisted' 'it was just sex' and panic. I'd love for him to just give it the fuck up and say 'you know what? It started as sex yeah, but I fell for him, I'll get my coat'

I can see it go this way b/c the show may want to turn Robert into a full villain or whatever, but honestly that would be so boring! They’ve already had him reject Aaron during a reveal (Katie)! Going in circles is just so useless. Give us some growth!! At this point, Robert is fully aware that he loves Aaron, so I need him to behave differently, full stop. Even if initially he kind of struggles and maybe tries to be with Chrissie, I need him to realize the effort isn’t worth the reward since it’s Aaron he truly loves. 

that feel when you’ve been trying to draw all day without success and as soon as you finally slip into the flow it’s 3am and a headache the size of a bus is coming on

i just want to draw. why this. i’ve made my mistakes

Things Matt Murdock CAN’T Do:

- Read a clock, watch, etc.

- Read signs (street signs, menus, etc.)

- Use a tablet without assistive technology

- Read a blackboard, etc.

- Know what kind of bills he’s handling without some kind of special identifying techniques

- Differentiate between customers and staff when he walks into a store

- Knowing what bus is coming to the bus stop

- Recognize colors, textures, or fine detail

- Recognize objects with ambiguous shapes (such as telling the difference between a cardboard box and a square footstool without having to touch them)

- Tell if a store has moved and/or been replaced with a different one

- Pick out wrapping paper

- Listen to music using earbuds and still be able to walk around unaided

- Immediately tell if someone is naked or if they are just wearing form-fitting clothing

- Wear matching clothing without having to have a labeling system

- Know what his best friend looks like

tl;dr: A lot of things you take for granted


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So Of Mice & Men played at the O2 in Birmingham on 3rd April and me and my boyfriend went to the concert at it was so awesome, I had such a great time. After the show finished, we went round the back and my mum and sister had come to pick us up and they were waiting round the back too. We waited for around 20 minutes and someone came out and he didn’t face us, he walked away from us and round the back of the bus and then got onto the bus. We later found out it was Alan and he had left early because he wasn’t feeling too good and as it was Phil’s birthday, everyone else was having a party and Alan just didn’t feel up to it. So we waited for around an hour and a half and fans were starting to leave and the security guard removed the barriers and said “they’re having a party, they’re really not coming out guys you may as well go home.” So a few more started to leave so we were down to about 20 fans. It got to like half 12 and it was getting really cold so we went and sat in my car and we saw one of the crew members leave the party to have a cigarette so my mum went over to him and asked him what he knew, and he told her that bus call was from 2 to 3, as the bus has been told they had to leave by 3 at the latest. So we went and got some food and came back and this was like 1.15 so we only had to wait a little longer. At this point there were only 10 fans left, including us, so 6 other people, who were all really nice and I kind of wish that I had asked for a phone number or something because they were awesome people. Eventually it got to 2am and Aaron came out and he stopped to speak to us and he was genuinely so nice and he even spoke to my friend on the phone because she loves them a lot and he took pictures and signed stuff and he was so nice. Then we were waiting and just before 3 Austin came out and again, he was so nice and he spoke to my friend on the phone and took pictures and signed my ticket and I’m so glad we didn’t leave because it was so worth the wait, and anyone that waits for a band round the back should definitely wait as long as possible because they are so nice, and they have to come out at some point to go home. So all in all, I’m so glad I met them, they were the nicest people ever. 

Mornin' ya'll! :) (school!5sos preference)

I’m currently on the way to school and as alwas my thoughts wander their own way AND -

Just think about that giant dork Luke, sitting on the same bus to school with you every morning, sometimes his nose is hiding in a maths book bc he just wants to make sure he learned the right formula for today’s test (which o f course he did bc that guy’s a genius when it comes to numbers) and he’s normally sitting by himself, but one day the bus is so crowded that you can’t NOt take the empty seat across from him and he smiles shyly at you bc ‘wow there’s a really pretty girl sitting across from me what on earth do I do now’ and you smile back, a tad nervous tbh because you have been looking at that blonde guy every now and then, wondering what it would like to know him (only knowing that he’s apparently a genius, especially in maths). And since he’s not having ear buds in today, you gather all your courage together and ask him about that math problem you have been trying to solve for ages now and he’s so surprised he drops his book at first and his cheeks get all red bc ‘well that was embarrassing’ and you giggle, which makes him smile again, so then he clears his throat and manages to explain it to you understandably within 10min and then - taken by a sudden wave of self-esteem - he asks if you need help with anything else and you two agree to meet in the library during lunch break and after that short, but sweet talk nobody really knows what to say anymore so there’s awkward silence until you notice the stickers on his backpack and 'oh hey that’s my favourite band’ and from then on you guys always sit together and talk about everything and nothing really and eventually grow closer and one day in the library he tries to be bold and then his lips are on yours and suddenly you guys are not only studying in the library every lunch break…

But then Ashton would be that kid that could never sit still, sitting behind you in class and god - he annoyed you with his constant wiggling, foot tapping and/or finger drumming but that would only be until your teacher decided to pair you up with him for a project and 'wow, he’s actually a really nice guy and looks kinda hot’ and you try really hard not to develope a crush on him bc your head should concentrate on learning and studying and paying attention in class but then he starts sending you little notes on paper during lessons with witty scetches and questions on them, making you giggle and after an especially stressful night at his house, trying to give the project the final finishing touches so that it’s just perfect you guys end up on his lawn, laying on your backs and staring at the sky and then you feel his hand in yours and then his face is hovering above you and you blush bc he’s mumbling stuff about how 'you shine brighter than any star’ and then you finally get to feel how soft his lips really are and from then on you guys sit next to each other in class and you poke him into the ribs whenever he’s air drumming too hard again (you actually think it’s hella cute) and live to hear his giggle and you guys spend countless nights on his lawn (when you’re not studying in your room).

And omg imagine Michael being the guy no one really knows anything concrete about, they only know he moved to town half a year ago and they see his hair colors changing and him constantly wearing the same old leather jacket and driving into the school parking lot into his beat-up car blasting punk rock so loudly you hear him before you see him. And then there’s you, who he notices first during a school concert where he actually didn’t want to go but had to bc otherwise his music teacher wouldn’t give him that grade he wanted so badly (he missed school a lot and the only subject he was passionate about was music really) and you’re playing a solo piece on the piano and 'holy sh*t you’re pretty’ and he likes how you get lost in the notes when you play, completely forgetting about the outside world and after that concert he tries to chat you up (not really knowing what to say tbh bc that guy’s only hard rock on the outside and an actual kitten irl) but you’re surrounded by ppl who congratulate you and occupy you with conversations so he gets home and decides to show up at every one of your future concerts and learns a lot about classical composers in order to have sth solid to talk about with you and then one day you notice a guy with brightly colored hair at your matinee who comes to you afterwards chatting you up and mixing up Beethoven and Brahms and fumbling with words until there’s awkward silence so you ask him for his name and what he normally does and you allow him to walk you home as he asks and a few weeks later there are two people driving in his car and singing along to whatever CD is playing at the top of their lungs and every body wonders how the he’ll you guys go together but obvsly, it works.

So lastly we have Calum who’s the star of the school’s soccer team and who’s always kind of a jerk, yelling after people, shouting through the hallways at his team mates, always walking around in a group (the same people he sits together with at lunch and makes comments about girls with) and partying a lot on the weekends. One day you meet him while you’re waiting in the secretary’s room for the lady to fill out the next form you need to get the money of your scholarship so you can pay the rent for your flat, he’s coming out of the principal’s office, face as white as possible and the principal accompanys him, having a stern look on his face and you’re just about to take your papers and leave when principal Walters spots you and next thing you know you’re studying with Calum whenever he has free time in order to get his grades up again bc otherwise he’d be kicked out of the soccer team and while you two mostly hide in the library he simultaneously is a really nice guy to you and still a jerk when you’re not around and you get really confused bc 'damn he’s really pretty’ and makes you laugh a lot and can be a gentleman if he wants to but is also still an asshole that wants no one to know about the fact that he’s studying with you (so much he forbids you to 'visibly’ pick him up after soccer practice bc that kid wants to keep his image so badly). That doesn’t change until that one evening before the big test that is all or nothing for him. It is raining heavily and you were just trying to cook up some dinner when there’s a loud knock on the door and as you go to check you find a soaked Calum on your porch that is basically at the brink of a panic attack so you take him inside, give him some dry clothes you once stole from your older brother and share your dinner with him and then he lets down all guard and talks with you for hours sitting on the couch until suddenly he gets all nervous again and grabs for your waist and before you can protest you’re sitting on his lap and his hands are all over you and he mumbles against your lips how he 'needs some distraction’ and of course you don’t sleep much that night and the next day he drives to school with you bus isn’t anywhere to be seen until before last period where he runs up to you through a crowded hallway, beaming with happiness and screaming how he 'aced that test’ and when he’s finally standing in front of you he just kisses you and you’re super confused but from then on you’re his girl and everyone who says something bad about you or the two of you finds himself covered in grass stains later and it’s countless nights falling asleep together on the couch in your living room, safe in his arms (also he’s not ashamed anymore when you pick him up after practice and game days include wearing his jersey all day long and maybe some make-out sessions in his car after the play)…

Well that was something.
Sorry that some got longer then the others! I just felt like writing this morning and I hope you guys like it. Feedback would be awesome bc I have so many ideas and drafts but am unsure about my writing skillz

1D Pref; He meets a girl on tour (1) Niall





“Over here!” Liam shouted, grabbing the ball from above you.

“Hey, that’s not fair!” You huffed, “Niall!”

Niall bursted out laughing as he caught the ball from Liam. “Come on babe, reach a little higher!”

The three of you were currently playing monkey in the middle and just your luck, you were the monkey.

Just as you caught the ball in midair, Niall’s phone rang causing him to lose his position.

“HA!” You cheered in excitement, “come on Niall, get in the middle!”

Niall had stepped out to talk on the phone, “Niallllll.” You whined.

After a couple of minutes, Niall still hasn’t come back. “I’ll go check on him.” You said, throwing the ball to Liam.

Just as you walked out of the bus to look for Niall, you heard his laugh coming from the right. Slowly, you walked towards the sound only to stop in your tracks at the following words.

“Your laugh is adorable, you should laugh more often.” He said happily.

Who is he talking to? You were sure it wasn’t a guy because the way he was talking didn’t sound like he was talking to a guy.

“Hey babe, are you here?” You shouted, pretending to look for him.

“I gotta go, I’ll talk to you later.” You heard him reply before hanging up. “I’m right here!”

“What are you doing out here?” You asked, wrapping your arms around him.

“Just had to talk to a friend.” He smiled, “come on, let’s go play some ball.”

You nodded and the both of you walked into the bus together.

But you couldn’t stop thinking about who this friend of Niall’s is.

TID Characters + Cooking
  • Jem:ok we should probably just follow the recipe
  • Tessa:yeah I agree with Jem here
  • Will:TOOOoO lAtE
  • *accidentally starts a fire*
  • _______________________________________________
  • Charlotte:alright, Henry here's a list of ingredients. and no, youre not allowed near the stove.
  • Henry:Lottie! come quick I invented this thing that cooks things twice as fast. here, lets test it.
  • Charlotte:no
  • Henry:bu-
  • Charlotte:no.
  • _______________________________________________
  • Sophie:...and if I remember correctly, Agatha always added some extra salt
  • Gideon:alright, that's not how they do it in Spain but have at it, Sophie.
  • ______________________________________________
  • Gabriel:do I really have to cook this for you?
  • Cecily:yes
  • Cecily:I give your cooking a five
Why I don't like cops

I was on Crenshaw and slauson waiting for the bus. There were black kids behind me walking to the gas station from Crenshaw high school. When I say kids I mean they looked at least 14 or 15. Then while they are walking minding their own business. Here come this random ass cop on his little scooter. He starts harassing the kids(you obviously can tell that they just came from school) asking them questions and they weren’t answering him because they are minors and they didn’t have a parent present. But any ways it was about 5 kids two girls and three boys. The cop takes one of the boys pats him down and hand cuffs him and pushes him down on the ground. Then he started yelling at the kid. But the lets that kid go and handcuffs another just for the hell of it. While the cop was doing that the boy who was handcuffed at the time sister was standing near and the cop was yelling at her telling her to go away. She said she wasn’t going no where because that was her brother. He eventually uncuffed them and let them go. But the point I’m trying to make is rather than actually doing shit that is meaningful. You want to fucking bother some black kids who just got out of school. So fuck the cops tbh. They are awful. Don’t come at me saying not all cops are bad. Because all I’ll say is idgaf and suck a dick tbqfh.

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SS “we catch the same bus home and i always fall asleep, but you always wake me up at my stop”

The girl who took the same bus as him was asleep again. Sasuke shouldn’t really be amused by this but he was. The bus that he usually took home was never crowded since the route only went through residential areas. So bus rides home were always peaceful and quiet. 

In fact, it was extremely peaceful given how easily the girl had fallen asleep in her seat. It had only been five minutes from when she got on that she had immediately knocked out with her head against the window and a soft snoring coming from her tiny form.

She usually sat in the back near him and tonight, it was just her, him, and two elderly grandmas up in the front with the bus driver. He made his way from the very back of the bus as he walked two steps forward to her seat. Taking the seat beside her, he glanced at his watch to see how much further it was to his stop. The bus ride was an hour long that took them from one end of the city to the other. He had gotten on at the first stop of the route and she had gotten on on the third stop. 

He had seen her so often on the bus that he knew when she got off, considering it was the same exact stop as his. He always wondered if she lived nearby but she had always run off the bus before he could even say a word to her.

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Cheeky Little Thing

“You smirked as you looked up at him, knowing that those late night wanks in the tour bus were nothing compared to your mouth, and he knew it too.”

Harry was finally home. You never thought it was possible to miss someone this much. Ever since you started dating Harry Styles, you realized just how painful it can be to fall asleep on the phone every night, in a cold and empty bed. But none of that mattered today, because you had him all to yourself. He had come home three days ago, opting to spend his first few days home with his mum. You’d seen him for a couple hours at family dinner and at the airport when he arrived back, but this was the first real stretch of time you two had together in months. Walking from the kitchen, balancing a tray of snacks, you saw a cuddly looking Harry stretched across your sofa. It warmed your heart to see him so relaxed and at ease, barefoot in sleep shorts and his favorite Packers jumper. His green eyes followed you as you walked, lighting up when you entered the room. Pink lips curling up at the corners, revealing two perfect dimples. His hair was tousled effortlessly and you couldn’t wait to run your fingers through it. There was something so addicting about Harry’s demeanor that made you want to be in constant physical contact. Sometimes the need to be near him made you question your own sanity. 

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i can’t believe this fcuking man

no wonder he never mentioned their parents more than several times. it was never about that. it was never about revenge

i t was about sibling rivalry

an d arago thought it was enough reason to throw ihs life away

a fucking plus plus arago hunt

a fucking ++

What A Start

It had just rained. There was still a cool dampness in the air, the kind that might’ve given her a chill had she not been walking. But she was walking, and she had been for quite a while. A mixture of annoyance and anxiety formed in the pit of her stomach and she gripped her cases in agitation. How could she have taken the wrong bus? And after insisting she could come home on her own. How silly and ridiculous. She knew the reason behind her mistake. If she were being honest, her wandering mind was to blame; he had consumed her thoughts. The skin on her face flushed at the realization. 

 With no earthly idea where she was headed, she kept walking. The road was narrow and dampened by the misty air. The cracks that zigged and zagged through the rough pavement were still filled with rainwater, and as she walked, she was careful to weave around the murky puddles in her path. Searching her surroundings for anything familiar, she gazed up at the trees on either side of the road and, in spite of her growing frustration, she couldn’t help but admire the red and golden leaves that floated delicately around her. She adored autumn. It’s beauty always put her in a crippling state of awe. Though she was surely in a predicament, there was a peace that she felt growing within her. “How wonderful is His creation?” she thought. And, if only for a small moment, her agitated mind eased, she breathed in, and thanked God she was alive. 

 She reached the edge of the forest and into a field. A thick fog lay across the expanse of land, and her heart sank. There was no way of knowing whether she was headed in the right direction, or even on the right road. How could she know that this quiet, secluded path would eventually mark a great turning point in her life? One that she would go back to, and smile, and hold in her heart for the rest of her days. 

 The mist was thick, and she squinted her eyes trying to see the road in front of her, the crease between her eyebrows marking her concentration. The heels of her old leather shoes clicked against the battered pavement and seemed to echo in the stillness of the fog around her. At first she didn’t noticed a sound other that that click, click, clicking. Her mind was focused on the path ahead. Trying to reassure herself, she reasoned that she would find her way back home, and hopefully, find him waiting there too. But, there was a sound. The noise had disrupted her thoughts, but what was it? A quiet rumbling noise that grew louder by the second. A car. 

 She turned to look, but continued to walk. The car slowly became clearer and clearer, and then, gloriously familiar. Her shoes were silenced as she stopped and turned. “Oh my Lord,” she prayed. It was him. Not only him, but his son as well. That sweet, sweet boy that she loved so much, was sticking his head out the window. She dropped her suitcases and everything stood still; the world had stopped spinning, the car had stopped running, and everything was completely silent except for the thunderous sound of her heart beating in her chest. At least, so it seemed. 

 She saw him stir. He opened the car door and stood, never averting his gaze. As he came closer, she felt a tremendous ache in the tips of each finger, almost as if her hands were begging her to reach out and touch him. When he was as close as they had ever been, he brought his hand to her forehead. She was sure he had noticed the soft sigh she released as he touched her, and the fact that her eyes had fallen shut. When he let go, their eyes met again. 

 “What if it had started raining? What if you’d got lost?” 

 She loved his voice, the care in his tone; she loved him.  

I was lost. I got the wrong bus.” Eventually, she thought, he would get the full story. 

 "I was on the right road.“ 


 They paused, taking their fill of each other’s presence. He shrugged off his jacket and wrapped it around her, pulling her close to him. The garment was filled with the warmth of his body and he held each lapel under her chin. 

 ”I know you so little, but I couldn’t be more certain.“ 

 Her heart was beating faster than ever. He, also, had affirmed his own complete certainty and, for the first time, they revealed their given names. She felt his hand slide from its grip on the coat to caress her neck. His thumb brushed the length of her jaw as his eyes searched her face. She watched as they stopped at her lips, then return to her eyes. He hesitated for a moment, desperate to continue, but scared to move too quickly. She relaxed into his touch and allowed him to guide her head to his lips, and then place the tenderest of kisses on her forehead. He did not pull away, but continued to softly kiss her cheek and each corner of her mouth. Her arms emerged from the coat and slipped inside of his jacket, wrapping them around his torso. He kissed her then, without hesitation or reserve, and she let him. 

 She couldn’t help but think, Oh, what a start we have made.

Oh my God

Okay, so the strangest thing happened today. Every day, at 4 PM, I take a jog along my college’s jogging trail, which encircles the college’s soccer/football field.

So I go to the trail, and I noticed the field is tidier and nicer-looking than usual. There’s banners and water coolers out and everything. I didn’t think much of it, though. But as I was finishing my jog, suddenly a crowd comes out of nowhere, along with photographers, campus and city police, and this ritzy charter bus. And then, tHE USMNT JUST WALKS OUT ON THE FIELD AND STARTS PRACTICING.

So, long story short, I ended up joining the crowd watching the U.S. national soccer/football team practicing for their U.S./Mexico friendly coming out soon, and meeting Jurgen Klinsmann. He’s a nice guy, kinda quiet. The staff didn’t allow us to take photographs, unfortunately.

Too bad I never finished my jog, though. Oh well.

“Please put me down, it’s just a sprained ankle.”
Frank was struggling to get free of Gerard’s hold on him. He’d been thrashing about on stage again and landed funny on his foot after jumping off the amps. Honestly this was fucking embarrassing and it didn’t help that he was so damn small.

“For fucks sake Gee I’m fine this is ridiculous” but he wouldn’t put him down until they were back on the tour bus where he laid him down softly on a couch. Frank moved to get up as soon as Gerard let go of him but Gerard’s hand came back to press on his chest and push him back down.
“Stay put. I’ll be back in a second.”

Frank pouted, he knew he was being petulant but he didn’t care. He did as he was told though, laying back on the pillows with a sigh. He gets why Gerard is worried, he really does. They still have three more shows to play and he’d hate to let anyone down but it was such a minor injury surely it didn’t warrant this level of concern.

When Gerard returned he was carrying a small bottle. He sat down on the edge of the couch and rolled up the end of his jeans on his right leg until it came up to the middle of his calf. He removed Frank’s shoes and socks and opened the tiny bottle, pouring some onto his hand. It had a strong smell, like herbs but also medicinal. It wasn’t unpleasant. Gerard started massaging it into his ankle without a word and Frank started to relax into it.

Gerard worked in silence for about fifteen minutes and he must have noticed the smile on Frank’s face because he asked ‘feeling better then?’ and Frank replied with a lazy ‘mhmm’ but his hands didn’t stop working. Frank startled, he eyes flying open when he felt Gerard’s hand move slowly up his leg, no longer massaging, his fingertips tickling his skin while his other hand came to grip his left thigh.

(part two)

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model gerard sending frank nudes while hes away on a trip and frank being like "your lighting sucks" and gerard gets rly huffy so when he gets home frank finds him in his bedroom jacking off and gerards like "take my nudes since the lighting was so bad in mine" and makes frank just watch and take photos while he gets himself off

frank pretends he doesnt react to gerards hastily taken nudes and he throws out that sarcastic lighting comment but he totally jack off to them bu t jesus fUCKIGN christ and gerard wont let frank get off until he finishes and even then he drags it on for forever

the pictures come out slightly blurry and out of focus but its all soft colors and pinks and reds and gerards pretty mouth fallen open as he gets off


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Modern AU Nori and Dwalin are returning home on the same night bus after different parties and Nori falls asleep and ends up on top of Dwalin, and Dwalin misses his stop and several more after it bc he feels sorry about waking up the cute person on his shoulder, and whoa, their hair is super nice, just one more stop maybe I'll wake them after that one, maybe (and he sits there all flustered and awkward trying to come up with witty/flirty one-liners to tell them when they wake up. And failing)

oh my god! that’s actually really sweet because Dwalin’s maybe not (as) drunk and Nori is more tired than drunk as well. He just stares at Nori dozing and contemplates giving him his jacket and all, and when Nori does get off Dwalin thinks that he can just take a train or something, and realizes that the area isn’t the nicest (because Nori’s headed to his shitty “yo I’ll move out … soon” apartment). So Nori is all sleepy and keeps blinking slowly and Dwalin drapes his jacket around his shoulder (”oh no so tiny!!”) and offers to walk with him. Nori’s sleepy enough to agree and by the time they get there and Dwalin is sure he’ll be ok, Nori’s alert enough from the night air to realize that Dwalin’s probably way too far from home and offers him to sleep on his couch/floor. It’s a tiny flat, maybe just a one room/kitchencorner/bathroom type. So Nori puts blankets on the couch or floor and a sleeping bag and it’s right next to the bed so they make tea and fall asleep chatting quietly…


“life is crazy. One day you’re right here in Beach City delivering mail, and then the next thing you know you’re on bus to Kansas following your dreams of becoming an actor.” “Follow your dreams they said. But no one said anything about all the rejection and sadness there was to be found. so many auditions day after day.. so many rejections day after day.. That’s why I came back. One more rejection would’ve destroyed my fragile heart.” -Jamie

Is it just me or does this scene really remind me of Greg? I mean think about it, he comes to beach city, falls in love with a gem, and tries to win their heart. The only thing is it didn’t work out quite the same for poor old Jamie.

Anyway that was kinda a long post but I just wanted to mention this thought I had about the episode, Thanks for reading! :D