okay look im a laidback moderately nice person i aint hating nobody ive never told someone to kill themselves i can accept 98% of people

but one person makes me want to literally commit homicide

Can somebody please explain to me why there’s still a decent amount of people who are saying Toby is an asshole after watching Tuesday’s episode?

Toby has done a lot of frustrating things in 5B, I’m not excusing that. His unnecessary bad temper and overly aggressiveness with Spencer are two of the biggest issues I’ve had with him, but on Tuesday? He was not the bad guy.

I think people need to put themselves in Toby’s position. He’s a cop now. He’s one of the most honorable people on the show (The most honorable person Spencer knows, said by herself) yet she is expecting him to risk his job and do everything she wants just because?? Please explain to me why people think Toby is an asshole for not risking his job for some guy who he barely knows. A guy who has the nerve to roll his eyes and glare at Toby while talking to his own girlfriend. A guy who obviously is trying to look for Spencer’s sympathy while making Toby look like a jerk in the process. 

Please explain to me how Toby is the bad guy for saving Spencer’s ass, when in reality he should’ve arrested her just like he arrested Jonny. Please explain to me how he’s an asshole for keeping her out of jail so that she can get into a good college and doesn’t have committing a crime or anything of the sort on her record. 

Spencer has the nerve to stick up for this guy who she’s known for what, two weeks? Instead of her own boyfriend who took this job to protect her, doesn’t want to lose it and is trying his best to follow procedures while she’s yelling at him and accusing him of just doing it because he’s mad at her when all he’s doing is being a cop?? THEN she has the nerve to cheat on him/let Jonny kiss him/however the hell you want to interpret it, Toby doesn’t deserve whatever it was. She decides to forgive Jonny for tricking her into committing a crime but won’t even acknowledge that Toby just saved her ass from going to jail.

So please. I know Toby isn’t innocent here, I know that. But neither is Spencer. Whether you like Toby or not, whether you ship Spoby or not, you can’t deny that Spencer is a horrible version of herself around Jonny. It’s making her think irrationally, do things that she’d never do and worst of all her connection to Jonny is just making Toby look horrible for no good reason. 


Twitter doodle time!! A whole variety of characters from different things this time. I’ve been hard at work at school and Alice work as of late so I haven’t had a lot of time on my hands heh

click for fullview and to see the jokey captions!

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My secret is that I love my Fwb. I'm not IN lie with him but I do love him. We both agreed from the start not to get attached but I think somewhere in the past couple months we both did anyway. He is such a great friend and person. One of the most genuinely good people pull ever meet. He's sweet and kind but also a total asshole sometimes which he never is on purpose. He's hilarious and we get eachother. But I'm not gonna bother saying anything cause I'm moving in a couple days. He's driving me

i really hope this ends up as a romcom where the guy realized how crazy in love he is with u and tries to stop u or confesses his love to u and moves with u or something but well im just being a hopeless romantic here. cute story tho :) hope it ends well for ya!

so i was running with a group today in da:i and one of the guys i was with was surprised to hear that i was a girl so he started talking with me amidst the fighting 

at the end of the operation he asked for my number and when i said no thanks he got all “nice guy” on me and demanded to know why

so naturally i said “sorry bro, when it comes to guys i’m more of a sera than a cassandra” and he was quiet for like half a minute before he finally said “but sera doesn’t like guys”


that is the point

Sometimes when my internet goes down and we call the people to fix it. We get these asshole dudes. They come in and only talk to my brother because ohh, he’s a guy and therefore totally the only one who understands. And then they try to feed me some bullshit about oh, router restarts will fix it and then I can be like, dude, this is my JOB.

I have already tried all the things you’re trying. It’s something wrong from your end. Fix it.

I love doing that. :D

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You know I have read a lot of interviews with Cameron and in most of them the question "So are you straight, do you have a gf" never comes up. He has said that he is one time and that's it. End of story. I believe him. Noel didn't talk about his wife and getting married as much as D talks about his love life and his sexuality.

Yeah, I noticed that too about Cameron and Noel. I guess they have nothing to hide or simply a better PR team and manager. Unlike D… he never cared about it and then it’s like the only thing? It makes him look like an asshole far too many times tbh.

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Support ask! But I agree, "punch" someone is not an argument. I'd rather kick to not get my hands dirty. Though I don't think it's educational. But some people just don't want to learn. He didn't seem like someone who learns.

Support ask 2! I mean I don’t know the guy but I was once in such “relationship” when someone just couldn’t accept my orientation and continued on trying to “fix” me. Ended up in “almost rape” situation, so nope. No sympathy for such assholes.

I am so sorry to hear about that! And yeah, this is why we both reacted so strongly, because that is unfortunately not the only time we’ve heard such stories, and we want all our aro and ace friends to be safe.

And from a different anon:

really hope the anon comes back to tell his story….i mean he genuinely sounded like he wanted help but idk. youre nice kiowa, but sometimes you can get hella scary O.O …wouldnt want to get on your bad side. You were invalidating his feelings, but he might have deserved it..

I hope they come back as well, so that if they were looking for further advice, we can help them… and if not, so that they can hopefully realize the problematic parts of what they said and reconsider.

Alright folks, Kiowa has stepped out from the ask box, at least for a while, so I’m answering and posting this one on her behalf to say thank you to everyone who has responded with either support or with their own contributions regarding the message. That being said, after fielding so many replies, I think at this point we’ve pretty much covered all the bases without hearing back from the original anon. So while we do always love hearing from you guys, and I know Kiowa appreciates all the support, I think we can probably let this one rest.

You all are lovely, and thanks for keeping us honest, and having our backs.

- Di

Thoughts as i watch this nights looking

1. Wheres Richie?
2. Patvin is annoying the shit out of me…they’re relationship is developing waayyyy too quick
3.I’m gonna be pissed of if patvin is a thing in the end of season 2 and there is no announcement of season 3 but mainly because richie deserves better
4. and by that I mean his own story line with his own love interests…let neurotic Patrick stay with the Brit
5.I’m still pissed about the fact that Patrick tried to bring the past up and how Richie told him he wasn’t ready…like newsflash asshole, you slept with your boss that night!!!
6. I LOVED how Patrick had to swallow his judgment he was TOTALLY feeling towards his mom’s situation at the risk of being branded a hypocrite. Helloooo look at the mirror hunty!

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so I like this guy and he was my best friend so people assumed we were dating so we dont talk anymore but a girl started "liking" him and now the are dating but she is just dating him because he likes the way he treats her and now he started to get jealous cause im hanging out of w/ other boys but I still like him and I dont know what he feels because we dont talk anymore

Straight up just ask him what’s going on and why he’s acting strange, there’s no use in tiptoeing around it because you’ll never move forward that way and it could end really positively for you! If he says he doesn’t have feelings for you but he’s getting jealous then he’s just being an asshole tbh :( But please be wary of the girl that’s seeing him, I wouldn’t want anything to end up hurting her xoxoxoxox 

honesty hour - send me questions/ask for advice/send me funny stories

Kind of a headcanon here.

So in Reaver’s diary he mentions the screams of the people he sacrificed. He also mentions that there’s one person’s screams that haunt him the most. When you go through the snowglobe all the way to the end, you see three shadow cultists with a woman named Alice.

I like to pretend that Alice was the woman Reaver is the most haunted of losing. The shadow cultists being the shadow court.

"But Alice was fat. Reaver would never go for a fat woman."

According to the short story which is apparently canon, Reaver has a thing for big women. Plus when you look at her she’s not too bad.

So the best asshole thing to do is stuff him in that snowglobe so he could stare at all the tormented and trapped souls he killed in his greed. He’d act like he didn’t care, but I’m pretty sure that’s not 100% true.

superman’s new asshole design just looks like connor from some horrible alternate timeline where the apocalypse happened or something and at the end of the story he has to sacrifice himself to save the universe, except that already happened with a young connor and that design actually looked like something and had artists who practiced for more than a day

When your mom is the one telling you to “just give him a chance” and “he’s such a nice guy” that’s when you know something’s wrong with the society we live in.

There’s no rule written that I’m supposed to give a guy a chance just cuz he’s nice. It’s not happening, end of story, stop asking about it and speculating. I don’t like him like that and I will not give him a chance just because he’s a nice guy. Being a nice guy should be the norm, not an incentive to date someone.

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  • always wins when they play Trivia Crack: Jonas, definitely. Quinn gets too excited and chooses the wrong answer or just generally has no clue. Some how “History” is her best category when she barely knows the order of the major wars.
  • laughs when their partner trips on something: Both of them. And then they immediately hold out their hand and ruffle the other person’s hair while casually checking for injuries. Quinn also has the innate ability of having snapchat open when Jonas is at his clumsiness so at any given moment her Story is probably him falling.
  • would drop ice down the back of the other’s shirt as a joke: Jonas. And then Quinn squeals and retaliates but dumping a pitcher of something over his head.
  • spoils the ending of books/movies: Jonas. And in that asshole casual way, too. Like, I can’t believe he killed Ygritte. THANKS JONAS. I LITERALLY JUST STARTED SEASON 2. ASSHOLE.
  • always posts a picture of the other as their MCM or WCW: Quinn does it literally every week for Jonas. Jonas does it less often and is too shy to write a sweet caption like Quinn but the little [blushy smile emoji] that he puts makes Quinn melt anyway.
  • eats the last piece of cake in the fridge before the other can have it: Quinn. Hands down. But Jonas always drinks the last beer, so they’re even.
  • obnoxiously celebrates Monday Punday every week: QUINN. ALL DAY LONG. via text, facebook chat, post-it note left on Jonas’s forehead during his nap. And they’re not even a little bit clever.
  • makes loving hack posts on the other’s Facebook/Instagram/ Twitter etc: Quinn does and it’s always that really obnoxious “QUINN BURDETT IS THE BEST! :)))))))))” Jonas does it once every few months and it’s always way clever and sneaky like “I’m so hungry but so lazy. You guys should order pizzas for me :3″ And then Quinn has nine pizzas at her house and she’s LACTOSE-INTOLERANT JONAS YOU ASSHOLE.
  • has to beat their partner in every game: Neither of them. Both are stupid laid-back and no one ever wants to play with them because they’re too casual and end up tickling each other and then flopping on each other and then just having little side-conversations and missing 17 turns.
  • keeps their partner up half the night talking about random stuff: Random stuff is Quinn. Babbling about the pH scale, why pigeons are shiny, how they used to engrave coins. Serious/interesting stuff is Jonas. Unless he’s nervous about something. Then he starts about 50 different sentences, none of them getting anywhere until Quinn finally just loses it and is like “OH MY GOD. SPIT IT THE FUCK OUT.
  • eats too much garlic and tries to kiss their partner anyway: I want to say Quinn, but only once she’s sure that Jonas is comfortable with that kind of contact and that he understands she’s just joking around.

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☒ - A fact about the mun

I have this weird fixation towards color palettes and it usually becomes a basis for my otps.

❣ - An unpopular opinion I have

I have always thought of Siralos as an asshole before and yes the story book confirmed it. Siralos is an ass and always an ass!!

{but yes he has damn sexy eyes u///u }

☄ - My opinion of you

I wanna drown you in smooches and hugs~! 

I think you are the sweetest and an awesome person~!plus you stuck by me during my anxiety period QwQ that meant so much to me you have no idea. plus I love you lots~! 

{I don’t wanna say more because i might end up tearing up.}

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I went to start BM because of all the rave reviews. Ended up rereading a few stories, 1 being YDKWYDK and I cry every time I read it. If you ever consider a 5 yrs later, he's changed they run into each other for a HEA bit, I could die happy.

Is a “they run into each other one year later and he’s sort of changed” sequel okay with you, anon?  Because I have one of those already written right here.  

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Once upon time; on the Internet there was a guy, a very deeply flawed man and they called him Eric Bauman. He was a total asshole and nobody knows why!

“But what we do know, is that ‘Eric’ is a human, and nobody cares. He was so ugly, that everyone died. The end.”


“That humans are rude, and most of them deserved to die in the same way. Good night, Koishi.”

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Aw Autumn you're so sweet XD somehow I always go for the asshole type of guy HAHAHA XD Like Mitsuru from the First Love voltage inc game cx When the first chapter ends in a cliff hanger I just die ;-; which one was your favorite story/game?

Then you’ll LOVE Eisuke from KBTBB or Leon from Star Crossed Myth. Mitsuru is actually pretty decent. My favorite is Kazuki from Finally in love again. HE’S AMAZING. I love Soryu Oh from Kissed By the Baddest Bidder, Joshua Leiben from Be My Princess, Sota Yamamoto from First Love Diaries,Kakeru from 10 days with my devil, Issei Sezaki from Kiss of Revenge, and Kaoru Kirishima from Our Two bedroom story!

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(2) you would think that with this new era she would stop this bs but hey I guess the industry never stops. Oh and also they really picked a great choice I mean his sexist "groupie" image will really be good for her. And tbh at then end when they break up he'll be the asshole and she'll be the one who got hurt and that's how the story goes. It's Matty all over again yet matty had the decency to stop and call it out for being fake. Calvin how ever doesn't mind the press.

Yeah…It almost seems like its all about getting Calvin noticed even more here in the US. Its just an overall stupid move for Taylor.