چشمِ نم، جانِ شوریدہ کافی نہیں
تہمتِ عشق پوشیدہ کافی نہیں

Chashm-e-nam, jaan-e-shoreeda kaafi nahin
Tohmat-e-ishq posheeda kaafi nahin

Your monsoon eyes. Your impatient life is not enough.
The allegation of love suppressed is not enough

—  فیض احمد فیض Faiz Ahmed Faiz

this is going to be long

so I just came home from work to a drunk 30yr old second cousin who keeps wanting to talk to me even tho i never have convos with him. he keeps coming in the house and asking me to come outside an he’s completely wasted and sluring words and repeating sentences

so I somehow got away and walked out the house to Tim Hortons and I kinda don’t wanna go back

so end of story I’m sitting here drinking peach juice trying to calm myself from a shitty day at work and a drunk harassing me

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The worst part about Chad's situation is that HE is painted as the bad guy. Big, bad, angry black man attacks poor, ignorant racist in public. CHAD has to defend himself and HIS actions. HE has to apoligize. HE has to feel guilty about what HE did.

I really wished he didn’t feel the need to apologize. He did nothing wrong. Fuck this new age , actors have to apologize for breathing, bullshit.

Chad Coleman, I support you! We all do ( anyone who follows me better be supporting Chad)

So, I have to do this: Catherine-hate posts have me like: … LOL 
[gif not mine]

Showing Lola’s nude drawings to all people at French Court -> WAS IT CATHERINE’S IDEA? NO! It was Narcisse’s idea actually! Catherine doesn’t know about the bath thing and what L/N had. 

It’s not like Catherine forced him to. He gave him a choice - he could have said NO and admit he has feelings for Lola but… he pefered power and money instead!

Actually… Catherine is being nice this season… she could have asked him to kill her or even worse.. if this was S1 Catherine would have killed them both without even asking and waiting for him to prove his loyality! 

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How do you know if a guy likes you? I think that sometimes I confuse the attention for him having feelings for me.

I feel like when a guy really likes you, you don’t question it. You see that they put in effort to spend as much time with you, they want to know as much as they can about you, and they make you feel incredibly special. When a guy is giving mixed signals, he most likely has mixed feelings. Indecisiveness is a decision in itself. 

Watching KnB 3 Episode 17

Aaahhhh, my babies have grown so much. <3 THEY ADDED REO’S FLIRT WITH HYUUGA I’M DYING

*screams because they added Seirn’s morning before the match*

*smiles like an idiot because Hyuuga can’t say he has the feels for Riko*

*cries because I’m aware of what will happen ‘cause I read the manga*


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Oh, if you don't mind a more longer answer, it will be a pleasure to read your reflexions about it! I need to calm myself. Thank you for being so kind, this blog is gold :)

It’s kind of along the lines of the last ask I answered (not sure if you’re the same Anon or not)

I think their separation needed to happen.

Bruce is struggling to come to terms with himself, even before Wanda forces a Code Green. He would never allow himself to accept feelings for Natasha, he would never allow anything really happen between them because he would always be scared of Hulk. Hence the line “It’s not you I don’t trust.” He needs to leave, to get away from the Avengers and from being a hero. Bruce needs to work on himself and learn to accept Hulk as a part of himself to become the man he thinks he needs to be. He obviously has feelings for Natasha, but he doesn’t trust himself to act on them, so if anything had developed at the end of the movie, it wouldn’t have lasted. 

Not only that, but Natasha went through something similar too. Natasha says her life as an Avengers was a “dream” and that she was nothing more than the assassin that was created in the Red Room. She calls herself a “monster” because that’s what her creators made her to be. To an extent, she can see herself as a hero more than Bruce, but also she’s fighting some strong demons. She wanted to use Bruce as an excuse, to run away from her past and to have the happy ending, but she needs to face it. She’s hidden it away for so long and now that she’s leading the new Avengers and she’s training people, I think she’ll be doing just that. (We may not see it on screen in Civil War, because there will be so much else going on, but I think it’s likely that it’ll at least be implied.)

So, basically, I think these characters are going to come together and form a meaningful relationship, but I think they both need to be ready and see themselves the way the other one does.

And I would rather they be apart now to come back and have something real than have them run away now, realise how they truly feel about themselves, and end it all there and then.

So, I watched Age of Ultron today, and this is the outcome:

  • My love for Clint Barton got about ten times stronger (which I didn’t think possible)
  • I am despite everything still utter Clintasha trash
  • I am still a bit of Captasha trash
  • I am now probably also a bit of Brucetasha trash
  • I hereby start the campaign Protect Tony Stark From Haters 2k15
(i could’ve been a princess, you’d be a king)

Sasuke comes home.

Sakura looks at him - he’s so exhausted as if he’s run as fast as he could. Sasuke can run impossibly fast, Sakura ponders aimlessly. And somehow, he just isn’t fast enough.

She turns on her heel, senses the hesitation in his step before he follows. She hopes it isn’t because he expected a better response. 

Sakura is sure he’s taking in the new surroundings, maybe wondering what happened to the once-upon-a-time that was their old home. 

That once-upon-a-time seems so long ago, Sakura thinks. Then again, she doesn’t really want to think. It hurts to think about all the hope and promise before Sasuke disappeared from her life again. Now he has returned. And somehow, it just isn’t good enough.

They reach the bedroom. Ironically, there is no semblance of comfort. The gaping silence only worsens the distance between them. Sasuke seats himself on the side of the bed and tears off the remains of his shredded clothing.

He’s battered and bruised, beaten black and blue, Sakura notes. And somehow, he just isn’t hurt enough.

She places her hands gently on his skin, the only sound in the room being the slight hum of channelling chakra. It stays like that for quite a while. There isn’t anything much to say. Or maybe there is, and Sakura is too tired to waste energy opening her mouth. 

She’s so tired. 

But for the first time in a long time - far longer than it ever should’ve been - Sasuke is the one who talks. He catches her hand in his, stilling her action and obliging her attention. Something haunting swarms in those dark eyes of his. Sakura concludes it’s almost-regret.

“I’m sorry,” he says.

Sakura almost doesn’t hear it, for her ears are tuned to a sudden shuffle in the room. She gazes over her shoulder and sees Sarada - the most beautiful person in the world to her, falling apart at the seams. 

Her daughter is slanting against the side of the door, as if she would just collapse without it. Kami, she loves Sarada so much, and the look on her daughter’s face unwinds everything holding Sakura together.

Sakura turns her gaze back onto Sasuke. He is struck, akin to a blind man seeing the sun for the first time. Damningly, she remembers that once-upon-a-time again, where her chest would’ve swelled with adoration. Instead, she realises one fact. It’s not somehow, or any derivative of uncertainty and confusion. Sakura knows.

Saying sorry just isn’t enough.