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on cas and dean's first date, cas picks a rose for dean and gets pricked by it (again) and dean just smiles because he did the same thing on his other "date" but dean knew it meant much more this time around but cas is still so nervous and being such an awkward baby on the date that dean just keeps laughing and thats like heaven to cas' ears

Ahhhh, the noise I just made was kind of pathetic because this was adorable omg why would you do this to me???

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hal thats adorable

Do you mean him enjoying the company of children? I suppose it has potential to be cute, but. Jade I have a rather strong aversion to children and there isn’t much that will change that. They get into things, some how are always sticky, and are so small. 


This is Baxter. He is 11 years old, and my family has had him for about 3 years now. He is a purebred dachshund and as you can see he is the cutest little motherfucker (The pictures are blurry bc it’s hard to get a picture of him. He doesn’t like the camera.) He was a chubby dog, his favorite thing in the world was probably dinner time. My mom spoiled him like he was her first child. She would give him table food sometimes, and she usually shared her ice-cream with him whenever she had some. It was adorable. Now before people say, “Thats not good for a dog, dumbass.”, believe me: he was walked plenty in order to burn it off. My mom was the reason we got him. She found him at the shelter when he was 8, and brought him home without really consulting us on it. The rest of us (not including my little sister, who would have been happy with a pet rock) were a little reluctant about him at first because we were hoping for a little bit of a younger dog. We later realized how much of a sweet little dog he is. Looking back on it, we did him a huge favor because who else would have adopted an old dog? Probably nobody, unfortunately. My brother and I have all kinds of weird pet names for him: Lelly, Silly man, Basso. Anyway, he recently-about six months ago to be exact-he has contracted the worst case of diabetes I have ever seen. It made him incontinent and completely blind. Because of this, we have made the decision to put him down on Saturday, April 25th at 11:15 AM; tomorrow as of the time I am writing this. I am not trying to whore notes off of him, I am just trying to show people how amazing he is and hopefully others will find him as adorable as we did. We love you, Baxter. We will miss you, but you bet your ass we won’t forget you. Ever. I can’t even bring myself to directly say goodbye, but this is the best I can do. I love you, Baxter- my Silly man.