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Your eyes fluttered open before slamming them shut again, as the light streaming in from the window practically blinded you. Eyes squeezed tight, you tried to piece together where you were, because it definitely wasn’t your bed, and there was definitely an arm slung around your waist.

Holding your breath, you opened your eyes again and found yourself looking up into an angelic face, full lips parted slightly as he breathed softly, sound asleep. You took in the lines of his face and the slope of his nose, the feel of one of his arms around your waist and the other under your head, as you tried to recall exactly how you ended up in bed with Calum Hood.

And then the events of the night hit you like a truck.

You remembered your friend inviting you to come along to a house party with his pop punk band, remembered being astonished when you realized the house was the 5sos house. You remembered playing doubles beer pong with your friend against Calum and Michael, and later that night clutching a drink in your hand and leaning against the wall, trying not to fall over, watching Calum’s lips as he told you about his plans for the next album. Remembered him leaning over and kissing you mid-sentence. And then your friend had left, and Calum had offered you his room to stay in. You blushed, remembering the way he’d demolished your lips with his, the way his fingernails had left scratches down your bare back, how his fingers had pressed into your hips so hard if you shifted the right way now, they still hurt.

Did that really happen? Blushing, you moved a half centimeter down and realized you were both still naked. Yup, that definitely happened.

Moving ever so slowly, you climbed out of his bed, trying not to disturb him and moved to pick up all your clothes off the ground. You were almost fully dressed when you heard an amused voice behind you. “You know, most girls try to get a selfie or something before they leave.”

You turned to face him, and chewed the inside of your cheek as you thought of a response. “Most celebrities don’t wake up before I’m out the door.”

He looked taken aback for a minute, but then busted out laughing. He rubbed his eyes with the palms of his hands. “Well, I am hungover as shit.” He pulled his hands away from his face, and gave you a small smile. “Do you at least have a minute for me to brew a pot of coffee?”

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Do you think Haise/Kaneki can still become Centipede again? Since I heard Arima took his kakuja and made it as one of his quinques...

I think he can still become a kakuja tbh, but I can’t confirm this. I have a feeling that even if Haise wants to use his kakuja form, its form might have changed…

It’s also not confirmed that Arima had ever used Kaneki’s kagune to make a quinque.