okay look

i’m all for artistic freedom and all that shit but

have you listened to bill cipher’s voice?

he sounds like an older version of mandark from dexter’s lab

there is no way he would be black i’m sorry lmao

20 questions - neopets pt.1
  • why the FFQ such a stingy ass ho
  • fuck is wrong with the pet pet lab kookith, why he always hissing and shit
  • why lennys always look like they fucking smart
  • fuck is the point of jelly world, like why yall try to act like it dont exist 
  • http://www.neopets.com/jelly/greenjelly.phtml what the fuck is this
  • why poogle racing not considered a negative neo-societal norm
  • why my neopets aint dead when i aint feed them since 2009
  • where my jelly blob of doom movie at (i remember dat shit)
  • where adam go
  • why yall even add lutari island when it aint shit
  • what under dr sloths jacket
  • why jhudora and illusen got beef, wher da video of dat shit at
  • why the kings of meridell and brightvale gotta be heavy
  • why the fruit machine aint never do shit
  • what the fuck kind of neopet is the snowager
  • what the fuck is this for http://www.neopets.com/prehistoric/thebeast.phtml 
  • where dat rich slorg get all his np from, he been hooking it up since 2002
  • why the money tree gotta face?, why he gotta mouth? i aint never herd him talk before
  • what the tombola man look like without dat mask
  • toss back keyquest (not a question but fuck it)

Spent a lot of time with a different tutor in the math lab today, and she was great and super helpful and understanding.

She said “you’ll get an A. You look ready for your quiz.” I explained to her that I can’t test for shit and that I routinely screw up even the simplest problems because I can’t focus.

And she said “get a doctor to write a note saying you have test anxiety. If you present that to your teacher he will have no choice but to give you more time to take your tests.”


oh my god okay so there’s this kid in my chemistry class who sits behind me and looks at my laptop over my shoulder and shit he’s super nosy and gross

but the other day I was working on a lab and I had come to class late (I d o a lot because of my medical situation) and this kid has the nerve to walk up and ask “why do you always come in so late???”

and like I was planning on cussing him out which would have been pretty fun

but instead I put this heartbroken look on my face and went “I- I have medical issues”

he looked mortified and shut up pretty damn fast it was great

basically we did a lab last week and it involved holding a 2L full bottle with one hand and i could hold it for 1minute and 19 seconds and he was looking at the results and he was like “oh shit are you superwoman” and smiled at me which made me panIC OMG

also he literally kept looking at me today and i was just like?? i kept looking at the wall today and i could literally feel his eyes on me i disnt know what to do

anyways so later my friend(that sits in te front) told me that hE HAD A BONER IN CLASS???????

and like he literally WAS looking at me more than usual so like??
what the heck???

the bio department at my school is in this early 20th century building that looks like its interior decorators were just Edwardian scientists so it’s full of skulls and taxidermy and weird scientific illustrations and shit

today my professor took us out into the hallway and showed us a secret compartment built into the wall where the lab key is hidden so we can work after hours.  he cautioned us to be careful because we can’t let facilities management know where it is or they’ll lock us out 

The most awkward shit in my life

Kindergarden: I really like this boy named James and I wanted to marry that boy so I forced my way on to his sleeping cot and spooned him.

5th grade: A boy was wanking and I asked what he was doing and he told me to look. I did. I will never unsee that.

5th grade: A guy that I liked (he was super cute) sat next to me in the computer lab. We were talking and he made me laugh. I farted. Then he asked, “What was that?” I smiled awkwardly and replied, “I have no idea.” 

6th grade: I needed to pee and there were too many girls in the girls bathroom. So I went to the boys bathroom. There were boys in there. 

7th grade: I really liked one of my best friends (he’s still my best friend and we’re both Junoirs now) and he dated one of our mutal friends and I cried in front of him and she told him to give me a kiss. So he did. On my cheek. How cute. 

8th grade: I liked this one fucking douche bag (he’s really awful) and becuase I liked him so much I did everything he asked of me. Need a piece of paper? Sure here. Want me to refill your water bottle? No problem. One day I gave him a pencil he needed but he wouldn’t give it back. I persisted asking him for it and then he broke it in half. I cried. 

9th grade: I was just awkward and nerdy and unliked.

10th grade: Same but now I had a boyfriend (cobalt-blue-hue)

11th grade: NOW I hang out with a bunch of nerdy guys and “popular” guys and they are all attractive (including my boyfriend) and I’m the most clumsiest piece of shit and its so embarrassing. 

Guys: story. Okay so. During dinner, one way or another my dog escaped. I spent like 2 hours standing in my friend’s car with half my body chilling out the sunroof looking for her. Lo and behold, while an innocent young man was delivering pizzas, he left his car door open and one fat old chocolate lab snuck her way in and waited patiently for a car ride fuck this dog I had a heart attack over this shit.