I love how Seto’s face gets more and more determined in each frame, until the final one where he announces, “Or rather, I’ll make him.”  It’s almost like you’re watching him become Seto Kaiba.

And Mokuba is too adorable for words, especially in the middle frame where his mouth and eyes are all forming almost perfect circles.


BIGBANG walking through


“You have the power to pull him out.”
“If your connection with your friend is strong enough, I could use it.”
“It’s strong. Use it.”

-1.06, The Sin Eater


Sneak Peek | 2.15 | Tom Neville Insurance Agency Commercial | (x) - (x)

“For all your insurance needs call Tom Neville Insurance, 612-353-8113!

That’s, 612-353-8113!

Call now!

Se habla español.”