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Please imagine Lusa coming home injured and Esper just quietly comes up to him and helps patch him up

“…You’re late.” Esper mumbles as he hears the front door open. He doesn’t bother turning to look, already knowing exactly who it was. “You’re late.” he repeats, an irate edge to his voice. “You kept me—” He pauses, finally glances over at the other.

“…Sorry.” Lusa manages, one hand clutching his side as he stumbles a few steps forward. Esper says nothing, doesn’t make any move, though his eyes grow noticeably wider as he carefully looks over his alternate, gaze settling on the blood seeping out from between Lusa’s fingers. “I sorta… Took on more’n I could handle…” He takes another step, his movements careful, slow. “I’ll be fine tho—” He doesn’t make it much further, grimacing in pain before collapsing on the spot.

Esper is by his side in an instant, moving so quickly that one might almost call it teleportation. There’s a pained noise of protest as Esper grabs hold of Lusa, dragging the other to the closest chair before setting him down in it. “…Medicine. Stay put.”

“Esper, ya don’t gotta—” He sighs as Esper darts off again, rolling his eyes once the other returns with what looks like a high-end potion. He immediately shakes his head. “Don’t waste yer potions on me; shit’s expensive. I told ya I’ll be—”

Shut up.” Esper warns him, all but forcing the potion on him and making sure he drinks the whole thing. “…It’ll help.” And help it does, as Lusa can already feel himself starting to go numb.

“…Thanks, Esper.” Lusa mumbles.

“Mm.” Esper watches him for a few moments longer, his gaze uncomfortably intense. “…Lusa.” He gestures at the Psyker’s wound. “…Who?”

“…Found a Nasod facil’ty near Altera.” Lusa admits, sighing. “Looked promisin’, figured I could handle m’self.” Esper nods once, his eyes darkening to a dangerous black. “…’Ey, Esper, ya ain’t gonna—”

“…I’ll take care of it.”

“’Ey, wait, don’t—”

“I’ll kill them.” Esper seems to zone out, his eyes taking on a faraway look that Lusa recognises all too well as a sign that he’s long gone. “I’ll take care of it. I’ll take care of it. Don’t worry, I’ll…”

“Esper—!” It’s too late, Esper taking off with nothing but that dangerous, crazed laugh as his parting words. “Well… if it’s him he’ll be a’ight… Right..?”

I want panharmonium to read this because look. “Peaceful dissent”. Caleb and Depa were talking about how Depa let a native on a planet they just freed from seppies speak to her in a brusque manner & Caleb was super indignant and all…

and Depa explained why she didn’t get riled (apart from it being basic Jedi manners, Caleb please lol).

then Depa said she thought the Jedi Council made a “crucial error by taking up military titles” and explained that “It’s not a matter of leadership, but of role and rank.” then Caleb made this face

and then Depa and the clones affectionately made fun of Caleb and his inquisitive nature (”Temple Trouble Maker”) and he got so darlingly serious

and Depa reassured him saying that’s why she chose him in the first place and gave him a holocron to study (as depicted in the first panel). Have I sold this comic properly yet or???

I was commissioned by Big Chief Studios to do some more Doctor Who artwork for official BBC licensing! This is a portrait of the Tenth Doctor called “The Turn of the Universe,” it goes with my Eleventh portrait “The Roar of Our Stars.” (Ninth Doctor is also coming shortly in this series!)

Will be available to buy online as an official print from Big Chief Studios & BBC in the near future!!

i went to a barbecue place downtown for dinner called ‘the pit’ and my waiter was named adam i swear to god i screeched like a pterodactyl in the middle of the restaurant and everyone in the place was staring at us and he just says very quietly 

"damn you supernatural"

David being an adorable asshole David for Children in Need (x)

Captain America Stars Discuss Why The Ladies Should See The Film

Kiss Me (Acoustic)
  • Kiss Me (Acoustic)
  • Ed Sheeran
  • +
the best version of Kiss Me ever recorded I'm actually crying 
so hard tbh.

how about you stop making fun of Clint for being an archer on a team of superheroes, and start praising him for being an ARCHER on a team of SUPERHEROES; among a GOD, a SUPER SOLDIER, a genius who turns into a HULK, the deadliest ASSASSIN in the world, and a billionaire in a HIGHLY ADVANCED SUIT OF ARMOUR

With enough ambition to change the world, I am a giving soul. I am not afraid. Names John Julian Eckert. Nice to meet all of you. #invisiblesource #invisible #followback  ‏@_followback__10 16 Oct 12 #teamfollowback ☑ #siguemeytesigo ☑ #1000aDay ☑ #iFollowAll ☑ #instantFollow ☑ #autofollow ☑ #UniaoDoTwitterSegueEuSigoDeVolta : )



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