So how is it when Kaneki finally get’s his kids? From your HC? After they’re given to him by the surrogate mother,  does he like raise them from the beginning ? I think it would be really cute to see Kaneki raising human babies. I can see him trying juggle diapers, formula milk, and a lot of other baby things that he can’t understand. I an also see Kaneki trying to make that homemade baby food, but nearly barfing because it smells so bad.

But I could also see him dealing with bad self-esteem issues. Because they’re of Hide’s DNA and a woman that Kaneki may not know, I can see him getting really scared, of not thinking they’re really his because they weren’t born from him. Like I can see Kaneki, just with his own insecurity, believing that the kids would be better with an actual mother and Hide because of who he is.

Maybe it would reflect in how he takes care of them. Babies imprint, so I could see him not wanting the kids to be around him, because he’s afraid they’ll imprint on a “monster” like him.

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I just got into the hetalia fandom and discovered this awesome blog ^_^ How would Germany, UK, Switzerland and Romania be like as parents? (Can nation-tans even have children?) Thank you!

(how did you even find me

i must know your story mysterious anon

also yeah that’s a good question i might write a headcanon about that soon–)

Germany/Ludwig Beilschmidt: Ludwig would try to be strict with his children, making sure that they followed the rules he set up for them and didn’t get into unjustified trouble. He would want them to keep active, so he would sign them up for sports that they enjoyed, or playing outside with them at home. He already loves children as it is and would want to have his own, and he wanted to raise them the best he could. 

England/Arthur Kirkland: Here!

Switzerland/Basch Zwingli: Basch would want his children to know about self-defense, mostly with their hands and feet since he felt that they were too young to know how to handle a gun yet. He would prefer homeschooling them so he knew that they were getting sufficient education, and wanted a heavy involvement in their life. Through raising Lili, he had become very protective of anyone he considered his family, and his children were no exception. 

Romania/Vladimir Popescu: Vladimir would want to teach his children some form of magic, so long as it didn’t take much effort and was harmless to the user. He could get worried if he felt they were doing anything dangerous, and wanted to keep them out of harm’s way as much as he could, or at least from any magic dangers. He would want to stay by their side as much as he could, often being the one to comfort them after nightmares or reading stories to them before bed.

tbh 1d failed me so bad

Sorry I’ve been thinking about jins voice all day, and listening to his cover, that I fell asleep because his voice is so soothing and just a pure lullaby, it’s the most amazing thing in the world. Its the greatest gift to any parent, like his parents must be so TT TT ahhhh they have a great son. I just love jin with with a pure heart and it just ahhh man.

Pokemon: Jessie and James theory

So idk if this is the 4 am tumbling sleep deprived me talking but anyways I was thinking about how Jessie and James always messed up while trying to catch Pikachu yet the boss keeps them on the job. He sends them to region after region even after the failed attempts so like what if deep down he’s not that bad of a guy think about it

He took them in and practically raised them. He got employees but they got a home and not only felt wanted they felt needed.

Yes he got upset at them at times but to me it always seemed more of a fatherly anger… The kind meant to give you that little motivational push

In the one episode where team rocket tricks Clemont to help build their traps for pikachu they call the boss to tell them of their progress.. After they inform him they have already caught a couple Pokemon in the new region the boss gets really happy. It seems to me that he’s not happy that they got Pokemon so they get him Pokemon (well maybe a little) but happy that they are finally doing something right. He’s proud of them. To him they’re little kids and he’s tired of seeing them fail so when they finally succeed to a point he makes sure to praise them and boost their self confidences which Jessie James and meowth react adorably to. They get all excited and act all important and you can just tell they’re glowing from finally making the boss (their only true fatherly figures in their lives) proud. That’s all they set out to do and they finally did it.

I can just see the boss smiling at their actions and enthusiasm when no ones looking.

Also in the one episode where drowsy is controlling the Pokemon other members of team rocket come (their rivals) and they fight against them. What if the boss sent them their and told them to let them win in hopes of boosting their self confidence even more and encourage them they aren’t useless and they can choose whatever they think is right or wrong (like when they sided with ash and the gang)

I just can’t help but feel the boss is doing all of this because he cares about them and wants the best for them. He wants to teach them how to survive in the world outside of what they know and how to get up and keep trying even if you fail.

Sooo yeah that’s my 4am Pokemon theory… Feel free to add your thoughts to it

“Ye’re such a fucking idiot…when did ye become so fucking weak?! Cassim would’ve kicked yer ass for being so stupid. That’s not what ye promised— he trusted ye to save this place from breaking appart even more!” And she’s just as weak, pounding on a door that will probably never be open by Alibaba again. “He thought ye could do it…so ye have to! I can’t tell my kid that he has to live in this shithole cause ye were too fucking weak to do what Cassim couldn’t! Ye can’t die on us ye fucking asshole, ye can’t end up like Cassim!”


“Yes, they are. And both of them are doing better with the day. My poor little ones. Luckily my eldest, Willas, is around to help me.” she replied, thinking about her youngest children. It broke her heart when she saw them all hurt in their hospital beds. When she heard they were injured she ran outside of her home without second a guess. “One will do anything for their children. But of course you do not know, you don’t have any children.”

Brynden went a little tense at that, shifting from one foot to the other, large shoulders shrugging a little. No, he didn’t have any children of his own, not technically, but he’d always been there for his brother’s children and after Minisa died he had helped raised them. It was h who they ahd run to when they hurt themsleves, or they made a mistake and were worried they’d be told of, they ran to him with stories of what they’d done in chool. He may not be their Father but he felt like their parent. “My neices and nephew as as good as” He replied, folding his arms. 

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parent au pls do guardiancest its for a good cause


Who cried when they brought their child home for the first time:
D did. 100%. he won’t admit it, Bro will have to fight him before he even acknowledges it lmfao, but when ur ‘surrogate’ (used very loosely, all a!Rose did was sign the twins over to the two of them and was hells of cagey about who the father was exactly, the situation was a bit of a mess in general and D just ran w/ it bc hell he likes kids and so what if he’d biologically be an ‘uncle’ rather than a brother/father, he gets to raise them with a (his) katana wielding psychopath and that’s well and good enough for him) is a smug-ass shit gay-wizard fantasy writing flighty broad who never shuts up about it u’d be surprised at how far a little denial will take someone.

Who would wake up in the middle of the night to check on the kid(s):
Bro works hells of unholy hours into the night with his puppet (porn) industry (seriously who the fuck cleared these two complete and utter disarrays to be responsible for two (2) twin human lives what the fuck–) and clearing deals over the internet and doing all that Adult paperwork that comes with it and what not so hes awake any who and D needs his sleep and all that shit being a Super Busy famous movie director and all that shit, so he gives him a bit of rare metaphorical grace (even if D ends up waking up and staying up with him to take care of Dave an Dirk until they stop crying anyway)

• Who changes the kid(s) diapers:
Hahaha both. they kinda trade off it’s a rly messy job and dirks a fucking spit-fire shit that has a tendency to “make it rain gold” whilst in the middle of diaper changes :V

• Who makes the bottles:
D. hes rly precise and particular about that stuff—he read all of those baby books and help videos and the message board ‘upcoming parent’ forums during A!rose’s pregnancy. all of them. Bro is actually rly impressed (and he finds it kinda endearing okay, sue him) so he just lets it alone

• Who stays up late at night to rock the kid(s) to sleep and sing them lullabys:
Bro. he has a surprisingly quality singing voice and again, he’s up anyway so if daves fussing and in danger of waking up the Other Spit-Fire he may as well rock the crib and hum to the kid while he’s doing paperwork

• Who is guilty of spoiling the kid(s):
holy hell, D most definitely, he’s the one who’s around the least and feels so Bad so he tends to send the most ‘presents’ and provides a hell of an allowance (if you can even call giving two teenagers a fucking black card an ’’’’’’’’allowance’’’’’’’’’) the only issue with this? he’s all kinds of easy to guilt trip—especially when dave or dirk decide to pull the whole: “you’re never around!!” card. bro actually does spoil too, to an extent, but he’s smarter about it and saves the subtle doting for birthdays and Christmas.

• Who would give the kid(s) cookies in the middle of the night:
D’s a bit of a healthnutt but dave has a sweettooth just as bad as bros, so sometimes bro’ll just flash on in there and give the kid a couple oreos

• Who always takes the kid(s) side:
Bro. he’s got a habit of riling up/playfully antagonizing D in general tbh, bc it’s hells of fun to watch him go red—both of them constitute as the ‘easy’ parent in their own ways and god knows it confuses the hell of the twins more times than not

• Who would wake up early to make breakfast for the kid(s) before school:
Bro makes breakfast for everyone in the mornings bacons eggs and all that fun disgustingly domesticated jazz, He is the most perfect stay at home mom-wife it is him (bros words not D’s, d just kind of makes a face at him when he uses tha t word with that smugger that thou smirk of his) and D couldn’t switch out even if he wanted to D can’t cook for shit. Bro constantly reminds him of that one time he literally set a pot of luke-warm water on fire.

• Who gets the kid(s) ready for school in the morning:
Bro again. daves a bit of an obedient child?? to a certain extent. about as obedient as a six year old can be okay,,, , but as said before dirks a lil’ spit fire and squirms a ton. he’s hells of difficult and bro and d physically cringe to even think of his teenage years

Who takes the kid(s) to school: 
D. whenever he’s home and not on an overnight binge at the studio and whatnot :V he’ll drop them off on his way to work; if he’s not around bro does it instead  

• Who goes to parent teacher conferences: 
lmfao both of them and it’s always ‘dirk dirk dirk this dirk that dirk did this today, dirk isn’t making very many friends, why do your children where shades, that is not proper dress code’ blah blah blah blah blah and that would be all well and good if Bro didn’t get all defensive (about his ‘babies’ in a!rose’s words holy shit–) he’s the type that gets into shouting matches with a five-foot nothing sixty-some year old first grade teacher for trying to remove (a very albino and light sensitive) dave’s shades during class okay he is not very well liked.

• Who will be the first to suggest to have ‘the talk’ with the kid(s):
Bro. when he walks in on the twins in a bit of a compromising position in their teens and goes like ‘wow did I fuck up these kids fuckfuckfuck I fucked up these kids shit dammitfuck’ haha and d has kittens over it :V but they do end up having one hell of a talk to a pair of, already thoroughly informed, and mortified seventeen year-olds.

• Who would choose their child(s) prom outfit: 
D helps the kids pick out suits and iTS SO GREAT he gets them personally tailored and lets them pick their own patterns and custom ties and you’d better believe the two of them are the spiffiest dressed at senior prom okay 

• Who would cry when the kid(s) go off to college:
Bro, surprisingly. he wraps his arms around the both of them and Doesn’t Let Go and it’s a terrible, uncomfortable experience for everyone involved and they don’t talk about it. d filmed the whole thing however and keeps the dvd in the family records next to ‘dirk’s first sentence’ (yes, because dirk was the type of brilliant kid to wait until he could say the full “bro can you pick me up” just to bask in self-pride when d drops a wine glass and lets it shatter on the floor.)



I’m on Tinder, right? And this guy messages me saying “You’re pretty, but you’re an atheist, and I think that would make trouble down the road if we were to get into a relationship.” (Or something along those lines because he was very bad with grammar and fully spelling out words)

THEN we have an entire conversation about how his religion and my lack of one would clash when it came to children (which I never plan on having but didn’t mention) because he would want to raise them in a Christian home.

I explained to this annoying 27-year-old man that, like with any fucking relationship, two people in a relationship would need to communicate their feelings about how they would like their children to be raised. Plenty of families have spouses of different religions who have this very issue. I explained that every individual has the right to information from both sides so that they may choose for themselves.


Then this man tells me “I’d like to show you the beauty of how He changed my life.”

Was I not clear when I said I was an atheist? Do you not know what atheism is? I can’t even force an inkling of interest on the subject of religion. I don’t believe in it. I don’t care to hear how your god changed your life. I’m happy that you have something to believe in to keep you grounded and happy. As humans, we generally find comfort in believing that we are a point of something bigger than ourselves. It makes us feel special.

But sir…

I just don’t give a fuck.

Im sick bear with me but I want to tell a story

Ok so this old af king has to father these two violent twins one’s a girl who somehow absorbed the idea that “if it doesn’t work the way you want it to, swing a fist and it’ll be fine” the other’s a scrawny boy who tries to tell her that hitting is wrong but ends up getting hit, eventually he loses his cool. The queen really didn’t want to raise them and firmly believes in gender roles and yells at them like hell.
The king comes to the conclusion that he can’t raise them and the queen is being too hard on them, so he locks both twins away in two towers guarded by monsters of all kinds until they can control themselves. They have little to no contact with the outside world, they’re allowed to send messages via bird in emergencies only.
The girl is convinced it’s her fault and forces herself to be more “ladylike”, while the boy is determined to be angry at his father at first, but eventually cools off and learns to live on his own.
Knights from far and wide are imvited to rescue the prince and princess as soon as they come of age, but once it becomes an absolute massacre and people realise what guards those towers, rescuers become few and far between. The princess hates it, they’re all holding their weapons wrong, they need sturdier sheilds, they can barely move for all that clunky armour, and they look ridiculous! She could do a far better job herself, and debates escaping several times, but since no knight ever got close to her, she wouldn’t have any weapons, and running in a dress wasn’t ideal.
The prince sees it as a competition. No-one comes to him anywhere near as much for the same reasons as his sister, he’s just a bag of gold on legs to them, and so most of them decide that he’s not worth it, and turn back if they’re still alive. He becomes convinced that most of them are shallow and small-minded, even the ones that go after his sister purely because she is a princess, therefore a future mother and queen to make them royal in return.
But he’s darker than that, he plays the distress card many times, just to see how many genuinely want to get him out of that godforsaken tower.
None, of course.
But one night, a knock on his window proves him wrong. Naturally, the knight was a little surprised to find a prince in the tower instead of the princess he had anticipated, the king must have given him wrong directions. The prince quickly realises this, sighs, and offers to point him in the right direction, feeling a pang of jealously since not only had this knight made it up the tower, but in the words of Bruno Mars, he was too hot. (Hot damn) but unfortunately probably straight.
But the knight shakes his head, begins his speech with a few word changes and sweeps the prince of his feet, and finishes with “plus im not actually that picky when it comes to gender and you seem really nice” (swoon swoon, so smooth.) But the prince stops him, and ~politely~ requests to be put down, since it’s the dead of night, he’s in his pjs, and they both seem to be exhausted. He offers, no, orders the knight to take a break and stay the night until they’ve both rested and the Prince is ready to go.
The knight, despite being brought up in a barn, knows his manners and refuses to sleep in the Prince’s bed and tries to take the couch instead, but the prince wins by making a compelling point that if he were truly serious about rescuing him, they’d be sharing a bed an awful lot in future

Part 2 coming when the fuck ever

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If he wouldn't let them act in motherly roles, say if any of the other male characters fathered children, would Carver let them play a role in their children's lives or try to keep them away from their kids? What about mothers, would he let them raise their own kids? (I mean, for characters besides Rebecca and Alvin because we all know how that turned out.) Is there a specific child-raising process he has planned out for future generations? Would there ever be a 'school' and how would it be run?

Yeah, he’d let parents raise their own children. It’s easiest, for one. Breaking up families would cause way too much tension and disloyalty among the flock, for another.

Carver only barges into the parent/child relationship when he feels there’s a need, like what happened with Carlos and Sarah. He felt Carlos was sheltering her too much and doing her harm, so he intervened.

(I imagine what we saw in EP3 was plan A: realign Carlos’s parenting style to match Carver’s. Plan B would probably be to separate them, and put Sarah in the care of a guardian who could raise her “right.”)

I don’t think he’s planned out super far in advance when it comes to future generations, though. So there’s no “master plan” for child rearing. Right now the only school to speak of is Tisha, with other people chipping in depending on their skillsets. (For example, I’ve just started in on a scene where it’s mentioned that Carver is teaching Maddie’s younger brothers how to shoot properly.) I’m not sure how he plans to expand beyond that.

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I'll never forgive Cameron for what he did to the uni fees!! Making it harder and harder for working class people to go and educate themselves that's why we needed a labour government

Especially after he said he wouldn’t raise them. £9,000 a year is ridiculous. 

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How would Hidan parent his child?

I feel like Hidan would be a wary parent. Not in terms of worrying about his kid getting hurt, he would teach them to be stronger than that and ways to overcome obstacles as best as he could, they’d likely be shinobi. But he would be reluctant to ever show his child/ren his angry side. He knows he has the exact same temper as his father did, and knows how easily it can get out of control. 

Of course he would be loving, thinking it a blessing for a monster like him to ever have a family, and would cherish and protect them at all costs. He would secretly wish, however, that none of his recessive genes would show up, including his mental instabilities, so that they could have a better life than he experienced. (He has a harsh view on himself.) He would most likely raise them as Jashinists, for his faith is still strong, and would make damn sure no one would hurt his child.