He lands quietly in the kitchen of Crowley’s apartment, the soft fluttering of his wings disrupting the perfect positioning of the various potted plants scattered there, and he raised an eyebrow, shifting them back into place. Wouldn’t want to be responsible for the deaths of any plants now. He sensed Crowley in the other room and rounded the corner, crossing his arms. 


The Phoenix Lord

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Name of your muse: Revalor Sungazer

One picture you like best of your muse’s fc:

Two headcanons you have for your muse that you never told anyone:

  • Losing his wife whom he believed dead along with his daughters only to learn they were alive. He truly wished he had raised them.
  • He feels his dedication towards his people is a wasted cause.

Three things that your muse likes doing in their free time:

  • Spending time with his family and his woman.
  • Training.
  • Reading and writing.

Two things your muse regrets:

  • Not being being able to save his wife.
  • Feels he’s a failure as a father and brother.

Two phobias your muse has:

  • Losing another love one.
  • Yurissa’s cooking.

Tag ten people to do the same thing:

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Lost Soul


Wirt had been awoken by the spiritual scent of a lost soul in his woods. He pulled on his cloak, hat and grabbed the lantern before leaving. Once outside he headed into the woods in search of the lost soul, his lantern leading him towards it. Once he found them he raised the lantern to see better. “Hey there, are you lost?”

Martha was curled in the ground, breathing hard. She thought she had been running, but she no longer remembered what it was that she was running from. Maybe she was dreaming. That would certainly explain the newcomer’s … odd clothing choice. “I don’t know.” Realizing how ridiculous that must sound, she shook her head. “Which I guess means I must be lost, huh? Sorry.” She straightened up, tugging at the sleeves of her sweater.

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How many children would Laxus, Gray, Rogue, Lyon, and Bisca want? :3

LAXUS doesn’t want too many children. He is willing to have a family with his s/o, but having one child would be enough for him

GRAY Would like to have two children. Twins maybe? He really loves the idea of being a dad, and definitiely wants to have children, but how many is more or less still a mystery to him

ROGUE wouldn’t mind. As many as his s/o wants. He often wonders about being a dad, and raising a family, but however many kids he would have is entirely up to his s/o

LYON three children. He would like to raise them, and I see him as being a really good dad! The idea of even being a family with his s/o makes him happier than ever, but he probably wouldn’t be the one to voice it to his s/o

BISCA: I can see that she might want another child. She loves her family very much, and Asuka is the joy of her life. Maybe extending the family, and giving her daughter a sibling isnt that bad of an idea…

list of people my son, orel puppington has...

killed (inadvertently):

-police officer (zombie who he raised ate him)

-unnamed amount of citizens (20-100) (zombie who he raised ate/bit them)

-old woman on life support (pulled the plug)

-man crossing the street (didn’t help him)

-woman crossing the street (didn’t help her)


-a bear (shot)

injured (inadvertently):

-doctor chosenberg (orel’s jesus bobblehead stabs him in the chest)


-two boys kissing in the woods (beat with baseball bats)

-doughy (punched, etc)

-walt (punched, etc)

-other students, cat, old man (punched, etc)

-bloberta (punched, etc)

-clay (punched, etc)

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Does Joseph have any siblings or close family members besides (possibly) his wife?

as far as my headcanons go, joseph is an only child, which is even more apparent from the consequence since he clearly doesn’t like sharing. growing up, it had just been he and his parents, however, he was also extremely close to his grandparents who were neighbours to them and he was practically raised by them. 

both of joseph’s parents worked full time so he often spent a lot of time with his grandparents. his grandfather always told him stories about living in japan and even taught him some of the language at joseph’s young age. unfortunately, his grandfather passed away when joseph was a teenager (i haven’t picked out a specific age yet, but most likely 15-17?) and he was given his grandfather’s glasses frames as a way to remember him. he tries to model himself after his grandfather, who had always been a role model to joseph, but he doesn’t believe he’ll ever achieve that level of excellence, so he’s often hard on himself about it. 

So we got done with all our stuff early at work last night, but management still wanted us to work out full 8 hours, so we ended up doing all of first shifts work for them

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Does Archer still feel kinship towards Khajiit?

//He does, though he doesn’t outwardly show it like he once did. For a while after parting ways with the rest of the caravan, Archer tried to become “less khajiit” by dropping the name they had given him and trying to move/sound more human, but eventually he gave up since his khajiit upbringing was too ingrained in his system. At any rate, he feels more kinship towards the Khajiit than he does towards the Nords

So someone in my family just posted this article to fb about why they will always value their spouse above their children.

Huh. And I didn’t think it was possible to lose every ounce of respect you had for a person in one single moment.

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Thinking about Jongdae and babies gives me the feels.

s a m e. chen would be like. the worst parent of the century. but he would fucking try so hard. which is what hurts the most. like… someone would touch a hair on his kid’s head and he would quite literally murder them in cold blood, but then his kid would be like ‘do you want to bond emotionally’ and chen would buy eighteen self-help books on ‘How to Process Feelings in a Healthy Manner’.

I think chen would be horrified if his kid turned out to be a gryff or a puff, so he’d raise them as slyth as possible. totally lowkey make his child Super Competitive and teach them how to be An Awful Person but. like. for good reasons. to win the game of life and all. GOD. he’d just… suck… as a parent… but he would love his kid so much that he’d make up for it in ridiculous ways.

agentjjkelly asked:

"Oh my god. Are you okay?" (only if you want to)

Steve’s breath began to return to normal before looking up at the agent. Reaching over he picked up the familiar shield and slipped it on. He moved up onto his feet and adjusted his mask before responding.

“I’m had better days, Miss, but there’s still a lot more to go. We better get out of here before it gets worse. You take the left and I’ll go up the middle. “ 

He raised the shield blocking them from the blaster that went off in front of them. Racing up the middle, the soldier pushed back against the Hydra agents as they took their turn trying to stop him. When he reached the building, Steve turned back to JJ and smiled. “I think it might just be time to get out of dodge, whatta you think?”

It makes me really sad that John Winchester lead his boys into the life they are in. Sam and Dean had every ability to go places in life. But he raised them in a lifestyle that would lead them to nothing but heartbreak, sadness, and premature death.

I’m more sad about Dean, though. I feel like Dean felt he never had a choice to do anything but hunt. I don’t feel as sorry for Sam, because he had his chance– he got away. He made the choice to leave his home with Jess. Yes, she died. It was terrible, but Sam didn’t HAVE to follow down John’s path of revenge. He could have have said no. But Dean on the other hand… John made him feel like he wasn’t able to do anything but be a grunt. Dean Winchester is so smart and he’s kind. if he hadn’t been raised the way they were I believe he may of actually been able to tell someone he loves them.

I suspect that many Americans would be quite skeptical of the idea that elected officials, presidents included, try to keep the promises they made on the campaign trail. The presumption is that politicians are liars who say what voters want to hear to get elected and then behave very differently once in office. The press is especially prone to discount the more extreme positions candidates take in primaries on the expectation that they will “move to the center” in the general election. Certainly everyone can recall specific examples of broken promises, from Barack Obama not closing Gitmo to George W. Bush and “nation building” to, well, you may remember this from the Republican National Convention in 1988:

   And I’m the one who will not raise taxes. My opponent, my opponent now says, my opponent now says, he’ll raise them as a last resort, or a third resort. But when a politician talks like that, you know that’s one resort he’ll be checking into. My opponent won’t rule out raising taxes. But I will. And the Congress will push me to raise taxes, and I’ll say no, and they’ll push, and I’ll say no, and they’ll push again, and I’ll say, to them, “Read my lips: no new taxes.”

Political scientists, however, have been studying this question for some time, and what they’ve found is that out-and-out high-profile broken pledges like George H. W. Bush’s are the exception, not the rule. That’s what two book-length studies from the 1980s found. Michael Krukones in Promises and Performance: Presidential Campaigns as Policy Predictors (1984) established that about 75 percent of the promises made by presidents from Woodrow Wilson through Jimmy Carter were kept. In Presidents and Promises: From Campaign Pledge to Presidential Performance (1985), Jeff Fishel looked at campaigns from John F. Kennedy through Ronald Reagan. What he found was that presidents invariably attempt to carry out their promises; the main reason some pledges are not redeemed is congressional opposition, not presidential flip-flopping. Similarly, Gerald Pomper studied party platforms, and discovered that the promises parties made were consistent with their postelection agendas. More recent and smaller-scale papers have confirmed the main point: presidents’ agendas are clearly telegraphed in their campaigns.

—  Jonathan Bernstein, “Campaign Promises: What They Say is How They’ll Govern,” Washington Monthly, 2012.

This has been going viral in political circles online. It looks like presidents actually try and fulfill their promises, contrary to popular belief. It also looks like it is important what candidates say on the trail.


“Miss Vegas… We’ve had this conversation before. No visitors are allowed to enter training. Specially not in week days.” his serious tone got slightly softer as she glanced at the girl besides him, “Not even for me.”, his lips quirked lightly, before looking back at where his men were fulfilling the training routine he had put together for them. He raised his voice, ordering his Second Liutenant to take over, and then nodded for her. “You may talk while I walk you out. Did something happen, Avy?”

This Arryk guy...

So as I follow a great many RP blogs and all that, perhaps I should explain just who my main character is-the one that would be responding to prompts about your muse (if I got any, haha.) So here he be:

Arryk Stormbane (In game: Árryk-WrA.)

Blood elf death knight, Scourgelord of the Ebon Blade. Currently leading a motley army of sorts out of his garrison on Draenor. In terms of the sort of RP he’d be available for-Arryk’s pretty much out of anything romantic or erotic, his dance card being filled by a poly relationship with a whole lot of toons played by sanguisette. (For the record, he’s bisexual and poly, so OOC or AUish prompts would take that into account.)

Arryk’s defining characteristics are a keen military mind, exceptional skill as a swordsman, and a habit of adopting small carnivores and raising them. He did this previously with a lashtail raptor named Vexy, and has done it again with a frostwolf pup named Gyre. If you want someone damned good with a sword to come to your aid, Arryk’s the guy.