Athos ‘done with your shit’ look


"I just came in to check on you. Pretty scary going through this all by yourself."


yunho-yah your shirt ୧(☉౪☉)୨

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What does that cockles drone thing mean? not a native speaker and the dictionary gave me bunch of weird different words so..

Someone with obviously no ethic and no respect has been using a drone (a kind of flying robot thing) to spy on Misha’s house and invade his privacy. He tweeted a few times about it, playing it cool and joking around but I can’t imagine it’s not been bothering him. (I mean seriously, what the fuck? That’s so gross.) They’ve been filming his house from his yard and stuff.

Finally Misha was able to catch the drone and tweeted this:

And then Jensen, as a joke, tweeted this:

it’s just the usual cockles flirting on twitter, nothing new. Jensen probably just wanted to make Misha smile, as it must be a tense/worrying subject for him (being spied on and invaded in your own home by a machine filming stuff for a total stranger is freaky and disturbing)

(unless this is a very elaborate J2 prank, which I really hope it’s not, cause that would be really mean and over-the-top and disrespectful)


Sort of loosely based on the headcanon that Redleaf’s heritage is Native American. I don’t think I did a very good job of how it would look when tied up and tucked into his leaf hat though, it should probably be braided and tied in a more careful way.

Bonus picture of Hyacinth playing with Redleaf’s hair because… because. Plus I wanted to draw the purple petal dress without the blue tailcoat over it. On second thought, the ruffle of petals around his neck would look better as the collar of the tailcoat than they do the collar of the dress.