sterek groundhog day au with Stiles stuck in a time loop but the twist is Stiles always ends up together with Derek

2 followers away from my next thousand and I wanna cry and melt into a puddle of feels on the floor but instead I’m gonna fix myself a glass of scotch and gif Killian Jones’ stupid ugly face.

1st date accomplishments:

  • i ate dinner with all of his brothers, one of my best friends, and their mom and her fiance.
  • his mom gave me homemade cookies and a hug!
  • i explained genderfluidity to his entire family
  •  we made math and science puns and obscure book and movie references
  • um disney movie and froyo, what else do you need?
  • i met his grandma and we discussed the current state of greece
  • he and i talked about how great fall out boy is !!
  • I was so funny man i was on a roll today
  • everything was great i am so happy :)