Ugh. I just keep thinking about what a Bethyl relationship would be like. 

-Daryl being obsessive about training her because he knows that it’s not just important to protect her when he’s around but allowing herself to protect her when he’s not. 

- Beth fixing him bag lunches and setting out clothes and stuff like the cute little wife she would be when he goes out for a day of hunting.

- Beth mending and fixing his things without being asked and when Daryl finding it, chokes up a bit because no one has ever done that for him

- Daryl throwing her over his shoulder at the end of the day on their way to their room or tent

- Daryl and Beth being a crazy amazing fighting team because they understand each other so much and their fighting being almost like a ballroom dance its so synced.

- Beth not letting Daryl push her away because she knows how he can be and being really patient with him.

- Beth kissing the scars on his back in this amazingly sweet intimate moment. 

AAAGH! Deaded.