"From the age of nine to 11 my world was the Beat, the Specialist, Madness, pork pie hats and black white checks. Bob Marley and the Wailers reminds me being 12 or 13, and that sense of self discovery.

"Our Favorite shop by The Style Counceil came out in 1985 and blew my mind. Listing to it takes me back to that time and makes me feel young. But it’s not just that.
When I listen to Mozart I don’t think “this reminds me of 1803- good is good; its eternal” MF


Son, have you been brushing your teeth like we discussed?  You know how important chompers are to us dinos.  Show off your teeth for the camera friends—daddy and umma are right here watching, so you don’t have to be shy.


Stan Lee : “[…] I want to get another chance to give her another hug and I can only do that if I’m on this show.

Okay, so I bought my mom flowers for Mother’s Day, and it got me thinking about the tradition of giving flowers and how it’s far more common for people to give women flowers than for people to give men flowers.

And since everything is SoMa, I got to thinking about a scenario where Maka gives Soul flowers because, I dunno, it’s his birthday, or he ended up in the hospital (again), or whatever.  And Soul sorta gives her crap about it in that joking “girls aren’t supposed to give guys flowers ya weirdo” kind of way and tugs on her pigtails all teasingly… but then that night he’s just hugging his pillow with this big stupid grin on his face because Maka gave him flowers omg

I can’t even deal with how precious that mental image is and I’m going to put my fist through a wall from the cute. If someone writes this, I will pay them in infinite Monopoly monies.