maki doesn’t know how to feel about the new addition to the family

when sierra and i talked about domestic toumaki it was decided that toudou originally had a lovebird that had a striking resemblance to its owner (look and personality wise) and maki comes home one day to see this suspiciously colored addition sitting there 

May I introduce you to my new little one: Sherlock 💗 he is so cuddly and loves stretching out in your arms. he was abandoned in an apartment after his owners moved 😞 but I am so lucky he is now in my life! On the day I adopted him I told joe that I always wanted a black cat with white paws but he had to be the right personality and vibe and after I saw him at PetSmart’s adoption weekend I instantly fell in love with his calm yet cuddly demeanor and his adorable half black half white lip. Klea’s a bit scared, but I know that with plenty reassurance she will warm up to him. Welcome to the family Sherlock!

What Happens When I’m bored without Wifi and talking to the MMEPAC gals. 

Just a silly little thing inspired by the wonder ladies

Patrick placed his hands on his wife’s shoulders and squeezed gently. Sighing she leant back against him.
'Its silly. Carole was here less than a day but I'm going to miss her so much.' She whispered, her voice catching 
'Soon we'll have our own baby and you'll never have to let him or her go. You're going to be such a terrific mother. You already are to Timothy but our baby is going to be so lucky.' He grinned dropping kisses onto the crown of her head and down her neck. She spun around and wrapped her arms around his waist.
'I can't wait Patrick. There's nothing I want more than to have your child. I dreamt for so many months  in the Sanatorium of being your wife and mother to your children. And I've managed to be blessed with being your wife and a stepmother to Timothy. I love Timothy as my own, you know that, but I want a child that is ours. I don’t want to have to feel like an amendment to Timothy’s parents. That’s not reproach at all. I am so grateful to Marie for all she did for you two.’ Shelagh admitted into his 
'Shelagh why didn't you tell me you felt like that? You are absolutely Timothy's parent. You're no amendment. He adores you. So do I.'
'I know. And I love you both so much.' She leant up on her tip toes to kiss him sweetly.
'Tim's at school, I have the day off work. We could always make a start on that baby right now Mrs Turner.' He grinned sliding his hands down her waist.
'Its 10am!'
'I don't understand your point.' He gently squeezed her bottom as he nibbled gently on that one spot on her neck she couldn't resist. Pulling back she looked in straight in the eye, her own now darkened to their privately familiar shade.
'Don't have one. Let's make a baby doctor Turner.'

It is very sad, Anne. (x)


Harry visiting Campbell and her family x/x

BERNARDSVILLE, NJ - Campbell (Cam) Hoyt got her wish. This afternoon Harry Styles visited Cam at home. In this case a picture says 1000 words.

Cam has been battling Ependymoma, brain and spine cancer, since August, 20, 2009. She was just 3 years old when she was diagnosed. Cam has now been placed on hospice care and had one simple wish. To meet One Direction.

Team Campbell worked tirelessly getting the attention of Harry Styles. Styles tweeted Cam but, Team Campbell was still hoping for a video or meeting the band.

Styles came through for Cam in a big way today and visited her at home.

Cam’s mom Robin said, “He was emphatic that he did not do this for publicity. He truly just wanted to meet Cam. I would not want anyone to get the wrong idea.”

There is no known cure for multiple recurrent anaplastic ependymoma. +




“I remember looking at Pete and Patrick and telling Pete, “You’re the luckiest guy in the world because you found this guy.” Patrick laughed. Then I turned to Patrick and said the same thing to him. They fit together so perfectly…They’re just really lucky they found each other.” - Bob McLynn


It had to be done.