he's right though

With Jankovic’s punishing schedule and Weatherly’s long hours on the NCIS set, as well as his burgeoning production company, their marriage can sometimes seem like a long distance relationship. So the couple have implemented a regular date night.

"We go once a month and have a little night out by ourselves and stay somewhere great,” Weatherly says. “She had our two children during residency and for anyone’s who watched Grey’s Anatomy, residency is a very challenging time for the burgeoning doctor. You’re doing 30 hour shifts, being on your feet the whole time, being exposed to extreme drama — real drama, not, ‘Is Ziva going to come back?’ sort of drama.

—  Michael Weatherly talking about him and Bojana
( another interview from the press junket back in November )

the real question is after monty returns from Bone Marrow Extraction Hell does he ignore his own bed and climb straight into miller’s bunk to let nathan curl around him for a few hours? does he let himself fall asleep or is he tight-lipped and jumpy, clutching at nathan’s hands until it’s time for their next meeting with jasper??

i need answers.

Instead of making faces or something along that line Tom started to laugh, much to Sybil’s surprise.

"Do you enjoy dropping bombs like that one in the middle of conversations?"

"Am I amusing you, Mr. Branson?"


"Are you making fun of me?"

"Absolutely not, though I’m quite sure that you were making fun of me. Must I remind you that I have two sisters, if your attempt was to shock me, I’m sorry to tell you that you failed. I didn’t grow up in a glass bubble and my sisters have always been very open about certain matters"

                                      - A Promise to Keep (by crystabelshalott)

i was in my room and someone knocked on the door so i screamed “WHAT” very viciously because i was watching spn and this very handsome guy walks in with a vacuum and hes like “im ur cleaning lady im here to clean OOH IS THAT SUPERNATURAL” and he just drops the vacuum and sits on my bed and now we’re watching spn together what do i do

honestly my heart goes out to mike brown’s parents because they have been way more polite about this entire ordeal than anyone in their situation should have to be



Dancing Queen by ABBA came out in August, 1976, which was just in time for Sirius’ seventeenth birthday, and if you don’t think Remus got the other Marauders to play it every possible chance to try and annoy Sirius, you’re wrong. If you don’t believe that Sirius loved every second of it, but pretended not to in public (because he’s punk, damn it), then, frankly, I have no idea what you’re even doing with your life.


Men who adhere a sense of justice, the children who’ve had their loved ones taken away from them, and those who fought to protect someone. Why should they have to lay down their lives? I’ll change it, I’m going to change this wrong world of ours!

why ever did fujimaki scrap akashi and kuroko being brothers.


imagine the comebacks

"yeah well mr absolute wet his bed until he was nine"