funny moments - Barney Stinson in ” HIMYM

I think things through a lot, so I probably use my head more than my heart. That probably comes through in my acting.  

Neil Patrick Harris ♥

He’s one of my favorite actors ♡♡ !!

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What do you think of Shindong cryng and apologizing to the super junior fans for possible feeling embarrassed because of him. It was on MBC “Star Gazing. I wonder if he felt that way because of his weight or because of the embarrassing/offensive things he said in the past. I'm not that into Super Junior, but when I first started getting to know them he was actually one of my earlier favorites, but then he became unlikable.

He didn’t explain why he thought fans might be embarrassed? If that’s the case, then that’s so vague I’m just going to assume he’s not talking about all the shit he’s done and that he’s speaking about himself (possibly with his weight or something else related to himself) and not his problematic and offensive behavior. He’s just done so much, it’s hard to find a reason to be like ‘oh look he apologized, all is forgiven’ 

-Admin Kim 

Erwin Smith Icons (Shingeki no Kyojin) [30]

30 [100 x 100] Erwin Smith icons for usage! I actually had planned to do a lot more for him since he’s easily one of my favorites, but I couldn’t find enough fan art of him. Anyway, reblog/like if you are using please! All artwork will be sourced at the end of the post.





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Sokka once had a sexist attitude (The Water Tribe were traditional with gender roles because it was “the natural order of things”) but after being humbled by Suki and her fellow Kyoshi Warriors, he began to see women as equals and developed a newfound respect for them. 

A++++ Character Development

sirius black getting locked in azkaban for 12 years for being wrongly accused of killing his best friend, escaping when he found out his godson’s life was in trouble, getting so close to proving his innocent, eating rats so he could protect harry, going back to his childhood home which he hated so he could help with the order and then dying is how i found out about life being so goddamn fucking unfair


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Even though a lot of crazy things are going on around us, I honestly don’t think it’s been that hard to stay down to earth. I look around me and I can see how people could get carried away, because if you lived completely in the fame bubble you could end up thinking you’re the greatest thing ever. I almost feel a bit sorry for people whose lives get completely taken over by it, because I can see how hard it would be to stay grounded.

I think you just need to take a step back from it every now and again, remind yourself of what it is you’re involved in as a whole and get it in perspective. It’s a very cool job, but it doesn’t make me any better than anybody else.

friendly reminder that harry james potter lost his parents at the age of 1 and was abused by his aunt and uncle for 11 years of his life only to be sent into be sent into a life where the greatest dark wizard in the world was trying to kill him and through all this he still came out ok fuck if harry isn’t the most underrated character in the whole series