he's like man YOU SHOULD SEE ME EAT

For tamerobot, who asked for Thor and a dagwood sandwich…but it turned more into a supersized hoagie…and then Loki started destroying it. He’s miffed because Thor isn’t sharing, by the way. I imagine that even if they didn’t have Odin’s throne to fight over, they’d eventually get into Ragnarok level feuds over food.

When I was at work tonight this really overweight old man started making small talk with me. I had no idea where the conversation was going. He started talking about not wanting to buy bad food but always doing it anyways. I am not overweight but I do worry about what I eat because I was bigger as a child so I told him I always have a hard time saying no to unhealthy food too (which is true).

His response really caught me off guard.

He said that I should not waste my life on things like eating bad food or worrying about money or stressing about the future and that it was important to stay healthy.

Then he said the strangest thing an old man has ever randomly said to me. He said I needed to stay in shape for “chasing the ladies or men or whatever you are in to”.

I am not a stereotypical gay man like you see in the media so he had no reason to suspect I might be gay. But this random old man felt like it was the right thing to do to not make assumptions about my sexual preference and support it no matter what it was.

It really made my day.

lara60 asked:

What did they do to Tsukiyama? I need to catch up with the anime but I see people freaking out so I'm not sure if I should? (Spoilers don't bother me)

aw man. they destroyed his character development (they’d already kinda chipped it but now it’s just ridiculous) and made him look like all he cared about was eating kaneki like seriously why build up character development just to shatter it all hhhh the anime-only ppl will just see him as a joke now but he’s nOT (well he is but noT LIKE THAT) i’m not gonna watch it any more, idk you could watch it to see what everyone’s talking about but i wouldn’t take it seriously uGH WHYYYYYY //explodes