he was late

Giles/Jack: Casual

He sat in his office, translating a text. It wasn’t any language he’d ever seen before. It had been sent over by Torchwood, because they didn’t have anyone that could translate it, and he was one of the best translator’s of obscure texts in the country. It was late, he’d been working for nearly 3 days straight, sleeping on his office couch, his tweed suit was wrinkled and unwashed. The only reason he was clean was because of the showers in the gym locker room downstairs. So he was surprised when he heard his office door open at two in the morning. He looked up, finding the Torchwood liaison entering his office.

“I’m sorry” he pleas. It’s too late, though. She shakes her head and tears escape her eyes.

“No, I’m sorry” she speaks sadly but with faking confidence, “I’m sorry you’re too late, you could’ve had me. You gave up your opportunity.” The tears are falling harder, now.

“Please” he begs. It’s too late, though. Her tears are rolling uncontrollably down her cheeks. He grabs her hand as she turns away. “I want you. I should’ve never left, I love you. It was always you and I was so dumb, so blind.” he’s crying now. She wants to give into him for the last time but she knows that if she does it won’t be the last time. It will happen again just like it always has. He will come back and she will forgive him and a few months later they will be back in this same spot.

“I’m sorry” She’s says, sorrow filling her eyes. She knows she has to do this, she knows this has to be goodbye. “Goodbye” her voice is small and she reaches her hand out to caress his cheek. “I love you” she whispers, “we just can’t be.” She places a finale kiss to his cheek. It takes everything in her not to take him into her embrace. She turns, she’s running, now. She knows if she had stayed one more second longer she would’ve gave into him. She would’ve told him she loves him and that she doesn’t want to live without him, either.

He was too late and a part of her knows he had always just been really good with words. Something in the air makes her feel indestructible, she survived him. Her heart hurts, but there is something about how her chest doesn’t feel like it’s caving in anymore, and her lungs don’t feel like they’re collapsing, that makes her feel like this means goodbye. This is what it feels like to be free.

—  He will realize he fucked up and he will come back for you. They almost always do. He will beg you to stay, don’t. Remember that you deserve someone who will never leave to begin with.
(A page to a book I’ll probably never write.)
Exo Reaction to Accidentally Hurting Their Girlfriend


Baekhyun was running through the house, rushing because he was late for practice. He didn’t see his girlfriend round the corner and smacked right into her, knocking her the ground. His eyes widened and he immediately stopped what he was doing to help her up. 

“I’m so sorry, are you okay?” 


Chanyeol and his girl were horsing around on the couch, in a full out tickle fight when she got ahold of his sides and showed no mercy. He immediately began to flail and accidentally hit her head with his arm. She stopped and held her temple with an awkward smile on her face and he rushed forwards to hold her in his arms. 


Chen smirked as he stuck his foot out in front of her, expecting her to dodge it like she always did and then give him that look where she scrunched her nose. It was something they always did to each other and he always died laughing if she ended up stumbling. This time she was distracted though and fell right to the floor and he shot up from the couch with wide eyes. 

“Oh my god Jagi, I’m so sorry.” 


Kai was practicing a particularly tricky dance move at home in the area of their home that he and his fiance dedicated to exercise. She approached him with a glass of water, but didn’t noticed he head earphones in. Right when she went to tap his shoulder, he threw his hand out and smacked hers with the cup. She shrieked when the ice cold water dumped onto her chest and then onto his arm. 


Kris was just messing around with her, tickling her and snatching her around the waste when she tried to bolt. However, she managed to slip out of his grip and then bolted after her. As he ran his foot snagged on a run and he tripped, tackling her with him to the ground. 

“Fuck, I’m sorry Baobei.”


Kyungsoo walked into the house, his arms full of grocery bags. He was planning a big dinner for the whole gang on the weekend and bought everything he needed a couple nights ahead of time. His wife went up to him and took some of the bags, but the one with all the cans suddenly broke and they dropped right onto her feet. She cried out and hopped back in surprise. 

“I’m so sorry, Jagi,” he said as he put the groceries on the counter and then rushed up to her. “Are you alright? Do you need ice?” 


Lay turned around, remembering he forgot something in his room but then smacked right into his girlfriend. She yelped as she spilled hot coffee on herself and he gasped as he quickly ran to the kitchen and got her a towel. He bit his lip, feeling so guilty when he saw how red her skin was. However, he felt a little better when she assured him that she was alright and kissed his cheek. 


Luhan was backing away from Xiumin, laughing about how he had tripped in his living room. Xiumin glared at him and then told him to just get him something to drink, so Luhan turned around while still laughing and elbowed his girlfriend who had come to investigate right in her chest. She gasped and held her boobs, cringing a little as she looked at him with a pout. 

“That hurt,” she said in an accusatory way. He made a face at her, telling her exactly how seriously he took her whining. 

“I’m sorry, do you want me to kiss it better?” 


Sehun rubbed the sleep from his eyes as he walked from his bedroom towards the bathroom. He ended up smacking right into his girlfriend who also had not been paying attention and knocked her right off her feet. She looked up at him with a pout as she rubbed her bottom side. 


Suho felt terrible the moment that he turned around with the hot pan and burned her arm. He hadn’t even realised she was home, forget standing behind him in the kitchen. He dropped it in the sink and then looked at her with big worried eyes. 

“Do you need the hospital? Is it third degree? Are you okay? I’m so sorry. Please don’t be mad at me. I didn’t mean to.” 


Tao was teaching his girl wushu when he accidentally smacked her in the ribs. She backed up and made a sound like she was in pain and he instantly felt guilty. He took his hands in hers and then kissed her cheek. 

“Baobei, are you alright?”


Xiumin gasped when he threw his hand to the side and accidentally smacked her in the face. He looked at her in shock and then covered his mouth. She shook her head and then looked at him as a small laugh left her lips. 

“I’m okay.”

23. Excuses.

Mark: “I forgot.” You glared at him. Out of all days, out of all the days you’ve planned with him, how could he forget such a special one? “I’m sorry,” he apologized. “I won’t–” Do it again, you thought. You’ve heard that one too many times. You were done. You stormed out as he gazed at you with his heart shattered.

JB: “We hit traffic.” You sighed. You were mad that he was late, but it’s not like he could control traffic. You waved it off as you patted the seat next to you. He smiled, joining you on the couch after kissing your forehead. “Don’t worry. Next time, I’ll see if I can take the train to come here as soon as possible!”

Jackson: “I got lost.” He had those puppy eyes, letting you know je was actually telling the truth. You felt bad, knowing he doesn’t like to admit these sort of things, so you went up to him and hugged him, telling him it was okay. “Let’s just go to my place next time,” he suggested as you nodded.

Jr: “I was helping someone.” Of course he was, you sighed. You weren’t even surprised that was his reasoning because he’s known to help people along the way to his destination. He sat down adjacent to you on the table. “Tourists this time,” he said. “They needed a photo.” You laughed along with him as you began your date.

Youngjae: “I overslept.” You felt yourself about to blow up, but you tried to control yourself. He does this every single time. “I did take your suggestion into investing into an alarm clock. But I couldn’t wake up to it either,” he admitted. “I’ll buy three more!” he joked. You sighed. You couldn’t get mad at him. Grabbing his hand, you rushed inside the building.

Bam Bam: “It started raining.” Looking up from your phone, you gasped as he was soaking wet. “Sorry for making your floor wet,” he apologized as you ran to the closet to get towels for him. You came back and said he didn’t need to apologize as you began drying his hair. He laughed, lifting the towel up to see your face. “Thank you,” he smiled.

Yoogyeom: “They just let me out.” You were shocked. Usually, his dance instructors let him out thirty minutes earlier than this time. “Yeah, they wanted to talk to me,” he said. You looked at him, he had a worried face on. “Oh, they just said that I’m having a special solo performance,” he calmly said before he looked at you with a huge grin. You cheered for him, giving him a huge hug.

Original vampire love- Rebekah & Stephan

Stephan was in the Salvatore boarding house, but he said to Damon he would hunt someone, he didn’t wanted blood bag and he wants blood from the vein and even kill someone.

Now he was walking on the street and laid down on the ground. He is with melancholic mood.

He is still not used with this new vampire life, now he away from his mama Marie Laveau, also his dad Dandy he did to use complusion to do he forget about him and thinks he’s dead and now move on. Dandy saw him without humanity and Stephan almost kill him, but Damon did he trigger his humanity.

What hurts the most is now being so far, before they were so close. Now he can take a few tears now and then and just let them out…Every once in a while even though going on with you gone still upsets him.
Currently the Memorial messed with his feelings, Stephan was the spoiled child of the supreme family.

What hurts the most, was being so close and having so much to say and watching he walk away. Stephan did to do this and never knowing, what could have been and not seeing that loving him is what he was trying to do but this love is destroying him, he can’t see Dandy anymore.

Damon is helping him throught about this, but he is doing yet the transition of emotions, what is being so hard to deal with it.Damon is his everything he can’t live without. 

Stephan sigh and looked at the black sky, he would attack the firt human he see, he is so much hungry, at the same time upset, he need to do something to cheer up.



Dori and Chuck have been getting a little cozy lately. He was a great friend to her at work and even after hours when she was having issues with Don. They’ve been spending a lot of time together…

He’s even come over a few times to help out with the baby and the boys.

Don finally got some time off from work to stop by and visit the kids. With his new job at the hospital, he’s been working some really late hours. “I’m so happy to see you dad”, Beau said as he wrapped his arms around his daddy’s neck. “…and I’m so happy to see you boys too!” he replied as he reached down to hug his other son Daniel.

Daniel decided to tell his dad about moms new boyfriend. Don seemed rather shocked hearing the news.

Finally getting a chance to meet Calista, he reached down and picked her up. She instantly started crying. He couldn’t help but to feel a little upset. Deep down he knew he brought this upon himself but he didn’t think Dori would move on so fast. The thought of another man raising his kids hurt him. He looked down at Calista and stuck her bottle in her mouth. “It’s okay, daddy’s here now”, he said as he cradled her closer in her arms and swayed side to side as he fed her.

As he placed his sleeping princess back into her bassinet, Chuck walked in. “What’s up man, I’m Chuck.” he said as he sat back on the couch. “I’m the kids father, Don.” There was a moment of awkward silence. “Uh…” Don paused for a second and continued. “I wanna say, um thanks for being here for the kids.” Don said, trying hard to seem unfazed by his ex-fiance moving on. “Oh nah man, no need to thank me, I’ll do anything for Dori!” Chuck smiled confidently. 

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Yixing is just hot AF and there is nothing we can do. I've been suffering from all kinds of feels since I first saw him T_T he's like my ideal type and it doesn't help

he is really hot lately. I mean he is hot before but he is hotter now it makes people die. I am quoting one fansite description “Between healer and killer” Yeah that is him.



Not really paying attention, Jared walked down the hall, his headphones in his ears. The day was going by slow and he just wanted to go home. Looking down at his phone, he bumped into one of the vending machines in the hall, the object falling forward. “Shit–shit.” He hissed, trying to reach back to catch it, sadly too late, he watched it fall to the ground.


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I hope to god the drama ends at this point. I'm surprised it started at all, or maybe I'm not fully aware of how Tumblr works. On a more positive note, I hope you are having a good day.

I despise the drama going on. People keep nagging Mark even though he clearly apologized, saying how he’s too late or whatever. Please feel free to shove 29 bees up your nose and move on. I have had the displeasure of watching this community evolve from a loving place where everyone was welcomes to this, where people find something new to accuse Mark of every week (there are still good people out there, you know who you are you’re rad). This week Markiplier is… a racist neonazi! smh. I wish this all could end.

Driving the Bae: Ai Yo Style (PMMM Shipping Challenge: Day 2)

Kyousuke made the grave mistake of asking Sayaka to drive him to a concert he was running late for.

Kyousuke: S-Sayaka, really, it’s okay if I’m a little late actually!
Sayaka: Absolutely not! I won’t let you down, Kyousuke!
Kyousuke: [unintelligible screaming] [wake me up inside] 

(fashionably late here but y’know, this took a bit aha ;; ) (click to resize larger because this is yet another horizontal piece whoops ^^; )

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how good is Kaneki's cooking?

Hide: “ Kaneki has always been able to cook really well. His aunt wasn’t the best parental figure, and rarely cooked him any meals, so he decided to teach himself. Plus, I’m sure his job required him to have some cooking skills!

Sometimes when I get home late he cooks for me. Isn’t he great? Haha

(/// >__< \\)