he wants to be with her

the richonne scenes coming up this sunday got me like ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

 A mergana  AU : Going through a divorce.

From this meme

She can’t blame him; it won’t be fair on her part. In fact, Morgana can’t really pin the blame on either of them.

They were young and, at the time, deeply in love. The thought of running away and eloping seemed like a fantastic idea back then. They assumed that upon their return with the joyous news, they would be met with same happiness they had felt on their wedding night. Instead, Uther greeted them with a raging wrath. The rest, with disappointment.    

They tried, god only knows how much they tried to make things work. Their love was worth the sacrifice and they wanted to prove that to the rest of the world.

Unfortunately, they failed simply becausethere was a new problem almost every week. Learning that the man who-she always assumed-had raised her out of necessity was actually her father was bound to leave an impact on her. And if that wasn’t enough, after constant persuasion from his dear wife Morgana, Merlin searched for his own father. The latter died few days after he was found.

Merlin was devastated and Morgana felt guilty.

After two years of marriage, they sat down and talked. They talked about everything, soon they concluded that perhaps, some time a part could do them good.

A week later, they learnt that they were expecting and like they fool they were; Merlin and Morgana believed the pregnancy to be a sign. A sign that their relationship was meant to be.

So they went to each other.

Now, they are back to where that were three years ago. The birth of their son, Mordred, did in fact bring them together but it didn’t wash the problems away. Merlin left the house. Morgana made him do so.

It’s been over a month since he has last seen her and to be frank she misses him and he, her. She wants nothing more than for him to come back, yet, she can’t bring herself to answer his heart-wrenching calls.

For shutting him out, Morgana is entirely to blame


Sofia the First Challenge
1 of 4 Relationships → Amber and Baileywick

Amber: Well, it’s not perfect, but I suppose a party doesn’t have to be perfect to be fun. Right, Baileywick?
Baileywick: Quite right, Princess Amber.

do you ever just cry because emma in 3x20 was like “i have magic, he has one hand” and killian is like super hurt but then brushes it off and later in 4x04 you know that when emma asks him on a date he has that running through his head when he goes to the dark one for his hand back ugh. 

and then “let me guess, with you” emma why u so hurtfulll

I keep seeing posts about how Rumple is handling the whole Belle/Will situation well.

How exactly is he handling this well?!

Do you mean in comparison to the last time where he chopped off Killian’s hand and murdered Milah, because if so, then yeah, he’s worlds better, but on a scale from “Appropriate Ex Behavior” to “Crazy Person” he’s pretty high up there right now what with the body switching and the shoving and the threatening of the new beau and the lying and sneaking about and puppet torturing all to try to get her back …

This is not a normal person’s scale of “handling it well”.

You know what bothers me? When people describe a transgender boy as wanting to be a boy. Or a transgender girl as wanting to be a girl. Or a non-binary person as not wanting to be put in a box. Why are people so fixated on genitalia?

That transgender boy IS a boy

That transgender girl IS a girl

That non-binary person DOESN’T fit in your box

Stop talking about it like it’s a desire. It is a fact, and not one we can change.

i want fukawa to walk away from an explosion in slow motion while carrying togami bridal style

Sid - Matilda AU

Sid’s kid hates hockey.

Okay, that’s not fair. She really hates all sports, so it isn’t that she singled out his livelihood or anything.

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If you get Thalia a Christmas pine tree sweater she won’t get mad, she’ll just get a matching one for her little brother

Edit: Also I forgot, props to frozenico for the Christmas tree idea


Tell you what, I bet you’re going to have a really great year

…and they did.  

Happy 10th Anniversary, Rose Tyler

So my question is this, and I don’t know if this has been discussed already anywhere else because I haven’t looked.  I’m honest when I’m drunk, okay?

My question is: what is Steve Rogers’s body count?

My other question is: what is the proper way to indicate the possessive of a word that already ends in S?  Like, I know both Rogers’ and Rogers’s would be correct, but which one’s more correct?  I don’t care if they’re both right, I need to know which one is the righer right, you dig?

Anyway, how many people has Steve Rogers killed?  That is my question.  We don’t talk about that a lot because he’s an American Hero (TM) and American Heroes don’t ever actually kill people even when they’re, you know, soldiers in the actual fucking Army.  The American Hero has to show mercy and give everybody a second chance and any time the Bad Guy dies, it has to be because he made a mistake that lead to his own death.  The hero can never actually just fucking murder him in our stories because that would be wrong and a true American would never do something like that.

We tell ourselves some lying, fucked up stories, don’t we?  That’s a topic for another post.

So, like, has Steve Rogers ever shot a dude in the face?  Has he ever snapped anybody’s neck?  Has he ever been struggling for his own life and used his shield to take a life?

If you have either canon comics knowledge or just Opinions and Feelings, please feel free to share.  Because, like, dude was a soldier in WWII on the European Front fighting Nazis, kicking open doors with gun literally blazing, so he’s obviously killed people, but we never discuss this.  How does Steve reconcile killing?  Does he feel guilt?  Is he comfortable with his actions?  Has he killed people since he got pulled out of the ice?  How does he feel about taking human lives?  Does he talk to anybody about it?  Does he just internalize it and let it eat him up inside?

Holy shit this helicopter outside does not sound healthy.  Like, I’m used to helicopters flying overhead all the time, but Jesus, this one sounds like it’s on its deathbed.  This is the loudest fucking rattling helicopter I’ve ever heard.  I hope it doesn’t crash land somewhere.  I hope whoever they’re chasing doesn’t try to hide in my yard.

Anyway, I think he tells himself that he’s only done the things that needed to be done and doesn’t acknowledge the guilt he feels and it just gnaws in his gut and because he refuses to face it (and every other difficult and/or problematic emotion) he doesn’t know why he just seems to hurt all the time.

Oh, I just murdered a moth.  I’m sorry, moth.  I know you don’t mean me any harm, but I don’t know what kind of moth you were so I had to kill you, you see?  A moth once ate my most beautifully hand-knit sweater, plus a bunch of scarves and a hat and my favorite wrist warmers and a couple of balls of yarn and it was tragic, okay?  It was tragic for me so I murdered you because I have to protect my yarn.  I’m sorry, but not sorry enough to have not murdered you.

Hey, that’s actually kind of on topic for an aside, isn’t it?  Hey, fictional dudes, Steve Rogers is sorry he had to kill you, but not sorry enough about it to let you live.

[grabs dean winchester’s cheeks] I am so proud of you for making it through another shitty year. you’re doing so good. your mom would be proud of you for fighting for the good in everything. happy birthday, kiddo.