he thinks his golden skin is beautiful

at the beach

Killing me softly

// My writing partner and I just killing our feels with sad headcanons on the death of Mina..


An elder Mina lays in his arms,
“Vlad…Do you think…we will find each other…again?” Mina’s voice is very soft and low, her heart beating slower with every beat. His words bring her comfort as she closes her eyes and smiles,
“I’ll find you….again…” Her small withered hand grew limp in his grasp, as a gentle breath passed from her parted lips.

Her once golden hair was white as snow now, and yet to him she was still beautiful, but so very fragile. He held her hand, the skin thin, blue veined and delicate, and listened to the slowing rhythm of her heart.
“ No matter how long or how far, I believe that we will find one another my love, for this is not the end.”
His voice faltered, and not for the first time, he considered whether it would be better to leave this world with her, rather than wait centuries for her to come again..perhaps their souls could remain entwined without the burden of bodies, or would he be forced to return anyway?
“ Don’t be afraid beloved, Wherever you are, my love will hold you. Time is nothing to those who love.”

Mina smiled softly, “I lov…” But her voice faltered and her body grew limp. Her soul left her body and was once more departed from her love.

But love would last forever, and it would be not be long before they would meet again, life after life…

Vlad tried to hold every last moment of her in his heart. Memories to last him.. he knew not how long.
When she finally passed beyond the veil of life, he let out a small cry, like some wounded thing, and gathered her frail body to him. He wept then, and after a while he carried her out into the garden, laying her among the roses that she loved.
He buried her there, and even after many years, came still to sit among the blossoms when he missed her most.

Or.. He waited there, for the sun to rise, and unflinching let it do it’s work, until nothing was left but white ash, floating gently down over her body, like a veil.

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"Of course," he murmured, darting his tongue against the pale skin of Loki's neck. "Oh, my love, I have brought so many beautiful things for us to play with; I believe you will be very interested in these." On cue, he reached into his robe and pulled out a long rope of small, golden chain, the links clinking against themselves quietly as they moved. "Tell me," he breathed, his voice barely audible, "How long do you think you could last with these around your wrists and my lips around your cock?"

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Groaning, the trickster‘s skin was beginning to turn red with a flush. “You… you really meant it. To have my wrists chained… oh gods…”

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Unrequited Love
Crisp air icing her rosy skin.
Street lights flicker on as the sky dims.
Her spirits unsteady at an all time high.
Swaying through the night like an empty lullaby.

“Reliance is the rival”, thinking to herself.
Affiliated with her demons, she formed beauty in someone else.
He twisted her words, wrenched them into her nerves.
He lacked the devotion she thought she deserved.

A twinge of anguish writhes under her skin.
Recalling golden hours with a bittersweet grin.
Taken aback by the affection still announced with a flutter.
Lipstick on his collar, a ghost of another.

Speak of the monster and he appears in her wake.
Creeping up behind her, she grovels forgiving his mistake.
He speaks her name and an electric current strikes her as if she’s the ocean.
The pain is her pleasure, logistics no longer a notion.

Hold your ground, don’t let him see you tremble.
But, when he touches her check she starts to reassemble,
A forgotten toy, finally retrieved,
A broken object placed back on her knees.