[14/09/21 TAO’S MEIPAI] 5月开始到现在 ,如果没有EXO的粉丝和一直在背后一直辛苦为我们付出的工作人员的话,演唱会可能不会那么完美的进行, 最后EXO的10位成员真的很谢谢你们很爱你们。要开心幸福,完成自己想要完成的事情~这是我最希望的。EXO-L짱! 你们最棒.TAO.

Starting from May up to now, if there’s EXO fans and staff who helped a lot backstage, the concerts won’t be going perfectly. Lastly, to all 10 members of EXO, i’m really thankful to all of you, i love all of you. Be happy and do whatever you want to do~ it’s my only hope. EXO-L jjang! You are the best! TAO

  • Bang Yongguk
  • BAP Attack Episode 4

We BAP have come to this high place and drawn a little bigger dream. We are waiting for the day we change the world with our music, and the day our music is introduced to the whole world. And we are running towards that day. Before we debuted, many people have said that those words, a rookie’s ambitious spirit, are just idealized. Too many people thought that way. However, we are making them come true one by one.

At this high place, you can’t see the stars, right? But the stars right now are very beautiful.Uh? Ha~ Awesome. I have found one. That star you see there, until we become one like that, I want to make good music, become a good person, to become a musician who would inspire others to embrace their own dreams.

Thank you.

-Bang Yongguk, BAP Attack Episode 4

We have seen the petition for it. I like Antichrist, I like it lyrically. But, I mean, it so doesn’t sound like us, though. Our manager, it’s, like, his favorite song ever. He always wants us to play it. We might play it. Might.
—  Matty on playing Antichrist live [x] (via typical-healy

See, if I’m the kind of man that would gun down his own best friend, what’d you think I do to some guy I don’t even like when he starts throwing accusations my way? What’d you think?

(for eva)

And suddenly, a wild (tweet from) Richard appears!

i feel like the gravity falls fandom is sort of a spiritual successor to the danny phantom fandom in that it gleefully takes the weird/dark/creepy/disturbing material in an otherwise lighthearted show and EXTRAPOLATES THE EVERLOVING SHIT OUT OF IT for copious angst