everyone has like cool non-human OCs and then i have the possessed marshmallow

Science Has Officially Gone Too Far

The Saga of Beneduck continues, with the latest installment, introducing Beneduck’s partner, BumbleBea!


I take no blame for this. This was all awkward-manatea’s idea. I am so sorry, Harriettstella. This is the most horrifying thing I’ve ever created.

Good luck pitching the spin-off AU to TheCandleWasters, Jake.

A Few Things To Note About This Image:

1. She’s facing to the side because the bee was facing to the side and it looked weird when I tried it with an image of Beatrice facing the camera.

2. And, yes, that bee is actually the Queen of her colony. (I had to sift through a lot of really disturbing image of bees to find this. Never Google Image Search “Queen Bumble Bee”. I am scarred for life.)

anonymous said:

what if at night, mako goes to korras statue and leans against it, just so he can feel her close to him and just smiles like an idiot (i'm thinking of the scene in hercules where meg sings shes not in love with him, but smiles and stands next to his statue) :3

If you’re trying to make me cry in the middle of class then you are doing a very good job my friend omg my heartttttttt. 

Lemme just say this before I go to bed.

Man, I’ll admit I’m no goody-two-shoes.

I’ve said and done problematic shit before. I’ve slipped up, dude. I’ve cultivated jokes that— in hindsight— are not the best and I see the error in that now. 

But, dude, I’m trying to improve. So far, I think I’m doing okay. But I’ll keep slipping up. I’ll keep backsliding and crawling back up that hill. That’s human growth and that’s development as a person. There are hills and dales in that journey. You take them as they come.

And to those who put up with me and are patient with me through the backsliding and the mistakes…to the ones who are helping me along this journey in fixing myself— thanks, man. It means a lot.

Sometimes I get sad that Light died, not necessarily because I think he should have one, but just because to some extent I feel like death just wasn’t good enough.


star wars militant extremist organization au //
OR:  how, after years of suffering, brutality and still no end of the Clone Wars in sight, the Jedi had enough of being the Senate’s puppets.

Out of the virtuous Jedi Order the most powerful and feared crime syndicat in the galaxy was born, sworn to bring justice to the republic, no matter what means necesarry

They still held on to their believes of of  justice, freedom and equality, their dreams just twisted. Bitterness made them sharp, and tempered their spirits of burning iron into cold violent steel.

This guy at work who starts the late shift gave me these chocolates as a thank you for being so kind to him yesterday. Apparently he was having a bad day and I made him feel better for being nice ;~;