I also worry about whether I’ve spent too much money on something or not give enough to my family or whether I should or shouldn’t buy a house. These are all very big decisions that sometimes feel like they’re coming at me too fast, too young. Early on I used to look forward to having a big house, but I wanted to do Uni/student stage of having a flat first. So I did that and got a lovely flat in London. Now I’m looking forward to picking a house that I might spend a lot of years in - but I’m only 21, so it’s kinda weird to be making these decisions. I worry about making mistakes with things like this. It’s nerve-wracking and a bit of a minefield sometimes. I always over-think absolutely every single detail. When I was at school I’d hear it at parents evenings; ‘He over-thinks’, rather than just keeping it simple. I’m still learning a lot about life and what I want from it. With all this worry I can be my own worst enemy
—  Liam, Who we are Autobiography (x)