he cracks me up


1D Editing Challenge → Funniest interview.

The story of Hunter's Twitter...

Lets talk about Hunter’s adorable tweets…

There’s Sweet family ones:

There’s Car ones:

There’s cute Hash tag ones:

There’s i-wish-i-knew-what-that-ment-but-there-still-funny ones:

There’s OMH we are the same person ones:

There’s Instrument ones:

And our most favorite of all!!

These ones:

The he-loves-us ones. :)


“Sometimes, just let her be. Then one day, knock on her door and come outside. Show her some really beautiful scenery. Life’s worth living… don’t take life for granted… make her feel those things. And let her live freely. But once in a while, “I feel your scars. I never ignore that. Since I know you heart, more than anyone, can’t you get a little closer to me?” Give her a signal like that.”

spock and kirk are talking via phone or comm and kirk is being all flirty as they are hanging up and is like “no you hang up first,” and spock is just like “k” and hangs up.