he asks for help all the time

ok so luke would be the type of boyfriend to:

  • give you piggyback rides 24/7
  • send you ugly selfies 
  • sneakily touch your butt
  • teach you how to play guitar
  • ask you for help with writing a new song
  • sing you to sleep every night
  • have passionate sex all the time
  • pout when you don’t kiss him 
  • make you wear his flannels bc you look hot af wearing them
  • have you ride him while wearing his snapback
  • hold your hand at all times
  • take you on cute dates
  • whine when he’s sick & make you take care of him
  • miss you when you’re gone for 10 minutes
  • tell you that he’s so in love with you and he can’t wait until you’re married

(if you want one of these for the other boys pls let me know and i will write it)

24580) I have a perfect life, my parents care a lot, support me, help me and have been with me all the time I’ve been struggling with bulimia… My boyfriend is amazing and he’s always telling me how much he loves me and how beautiful he finds me… And instead of making me feel good all that makes me feel worse because I have everything anyone could ask for and still I am depressed.

“Teach me”

request:  Can YOU do please do One Where y/N IS Virgin AND She asks her boy-friend Michael to teach her how turn guys on?


It was just a normal friday night for you.Now that school was finally over,you had all the weekend free just to spend some time with your best friend,Michael.You were talking about your day while watching some tv show and eating some take-out.

“So,how’s it going with that Brandon guy?” Michael suddently asked and you couldn’t help but blush at the thought of him.

Brandon was a nice guy.He asked you out a few weeks ago and since then you were have been kindof “a thing”.

“Oh,you know,good.” you tried to brush it off but when Michael raised a brow at you it was obvious he wasn’t just going to leave it like that.

“Good?” he chuckled.

You chewed your lip at the thought of Brandon.He was everything you could ever need.He was nice,loving and caring.Maybe not always so fun to be around,but still,he was a good guy.And recently you thought of a way of trying to see if he was really the one for you.Of course,being a virgin kind of excluded any idea of sex,but still,trying other things…you would have like that.

There was only one problem.You had no idea how to turn a guy on.

“Yea,it’s just…nevermind.” you shook your head,taking a bite of your pizza slice.

“Oh,c’mon Y/N,you know you can tell me.” Michael half groaned half laughed.

“Well,it’s just that…” you sighed not knowing how to say it.”There’s like,a lot of sexual tension,you know?A-and I just don’t know what I should do about that.” 

By the time you finished speaking,your cheeks were burning.It wasn’t usual you had this kind of conversation with Michael.When you looked at him he had an amused smile on his face.

“Don’t laugh.” you slapped his shoulder,but he still laughed.

“So what,you guys want to like have sex?” he asked and you felt really uncomfortable.

“Um,no,I haven’t known him in so long.I don’t want to like,lose it to him.” you confesed.”But,I don’t even know what I’m supposed to do.Like,how do I turn a guy on?” you sighed frustrated.

But then an idea popped in your head.You could always ask Michael to teach you.He was your best friend,he would never judge you and it wouldn’t be as awkward as it probably would with Brandon.Maybe he could help you.

“ I got an idea.” you said and faced Michael.”Teach me.”you smiled confidently.

“What?” he asked laughing nervously.

“You heard me.Just,I don’t know,you’re the only person I actually trust with this.And you obviously have more experience that me.Can you like,show me what to do and just,well,teach me,I guess?” you bit your lip in anticipation.

When Michael looked at you like you suddently grew three heads you realised that maybe it wasn’t the best idea.You were best friends after all.Best friends don’t do that kind of stuff together.What if you were going to feel really awkward?

“I-” Michael stuttered,” I mean,yea,I guess I could…teach you some things.” his eyes were looking at you with lust and excitement.

“So…” you whispered.”How do we start?” your bodies were now several inches closer and Michael placed his hand on yours.

“Kiss me.” he whispered and you swallowed,nodding your head.

You slowly leaned in,brushing your lips over Michael’s and he cupped your cheek in his palm,bringing you closer.Your lips molded together perfectly,creating a beautiful dance.Your bottom lip was caught between his lips and he gently sucked on it,emitting a gasp from you.That was the moment his tongue gently collided with yours,guiding you into what you have to do.

His hands slowly start rubbing your back,bringing you closer.You never knew Michael could be so gentle while kissing,but still be so in control while doing it.Suddently,his mouth was away from yours,panting.

“Climb on my lap.” he breathlessly whispered and you did what he told you to,your knees on either side of his thighs.”Alright,you want to turn me on?” he asked biting his lip.

You didn’t knew if you wanted to be the one turning him on or him turning you,because by now you were pretty turned on already.Slowly nodding,he guided your hips so your crotch rested above his.

“Grind.” he whispered in your ear and you did what he told you to,bringing your hips down onto his,a little groan leaving his lips.”G-go a bit faster.” he stuttered and you did as told.

You never would have expected that while trying to turn your best friend on,you would actually fell this way.Your palms were sweaty,hands fisting his hair,while you slowly dry humped together.And when there was a big bulge groing in his jeans you felt like you got a bit carried away.

“I-is that good enough?” you whispered.

“F-fuck,it’s amazing,you’re amazing.” he groaned and you nodded.

“Are you turned on?” you asked.

“So…so turned on,Y/N.” his forehead was leaning onto yours,gasps being exchanged between you.

“Then I guess you teached me enough.” you whispered biting your lip.

Michael looked at you in pure shock as you rolled off of him.His cheeks crept a sligh pink color as he looked at the mess in his pants.

“I’ll just…be right back.” he called and got up,getting out of the room.

“Where are you going?” you said after him.

“Bathroom.” he yelled back and then the door of the bathroom was shut.

It was your first time turning a guy on but maybe,it was so much more than that.

A/N: i feel like this was so bad,omfg

if you have any other blurb ideas or requests let me know. xx

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Request from mymisstina: Can I request a scenario where you and your friend Jin go camping but one tent has a problem so you have to sleep together?Something fluffy and more than friends?Thank you

“I can’t believe you talked me into doing this,” you mumbled as you began to help Jin unload the car from camping gear.

“Oh come on. We’ll have fun!” he said excitedly, passing you blankets.

“And why couldn’t you go with the other boys?” You ask as you set down the blankets.

“Because they’re probably really tired and we haven’t hung out in such a long time. Don’t you think it’ll be nice to catch up under the stars?”

You roll your eyes as he chuckled. You both finished up setting out all the materials and you eye the tents.

“Do you plan on setting that up or…”

“Yes, I’ll do it. How about we go for a little hike first?”

“We just finished taking everything out though. Is it okay for us to leave it out like this?”

He shrugged, “Yeah why not? We’ll just be walking around this area.”

You set down the food and fixed your shirt. “Okay.”

You began walking the trail, admiring the beautiful, tall trees surrounding you.

“So how is everything? I don’t think we really had a real conversation since—”

“October,” you mumbled, annoyed.

“Okay, listen. I know I just disappeared but I still checked up on you!”

“Oh you call one text a day - which you don’t even reply to by the way - checking up on me?”

He shuffled his feet and kicked a stick. “Sorry, but I’m here now right? So how is everything?”

“It’s alright I guess. I broke up with him,” you replied confidently as he shot you a smile.

“Took my advice huh?”  

“Yeah, he was a jerk.” He really was. He wasn’t worth any of your time.Plus, you had someone else on your mind.

“So do you have anyone else you’re interested in?” Jin asked, listening intently to the answer to this one. You could feel your face heat up. Should you just tell him? You’re alone anyways.

“Yes,” you almost whisper.

His head shot up and stopped walking. “Who?”

You continued to walk and shook your head, all your confidence suddenly disappearing. “Nobody. I don’t know anymore. I doubt he even feels the same way so I don’t want to say.” He caught up to you and nudged you.

“Well, he’s stupid if he isn’t. Seriously.”

You smile slightly and your stomach grumbles. With a chuckle, Jin turns around. “Let’s head back. We should eat then head to bed. It’s getting dark anyways.” You both turn around and Jin holds your wrist, helping you keep your balance as you walk down the slippery hill.

As you reached the campsite, his grip loosened but he didn’t let go. It was distracting you.

“Helloooo?” He sang, letting go and waving his hands in front you.

“Oh sorry what?” You mumble, shaking the thought out your head.

“I said you go eat and I’ll set the tents up. I’m not really that hungry yet.”

You nodded and pulled out some snacks, sitting on the ground and watched him set one up easily.

“Impressive. Who knew you had any talent other than admiring yourself in a mirror,” you joked and he stared you down.

“I really hope your tent doesn’t set up so you could sleep out here,” he replied jokingly, starting to set yours up.

20 minutes passed and he was still struggling.

“See!” You whined, stomping your feet cutely. “You jinxed it!”

He scratched the side of his head, confused. “This is brand new. I don’t know why it won’t set up.”

“Well, yeah, I have an answer.”

He looked at you, waiting.

You. Jinxed. It.

He laughed nervously and shook his head. “I guess you can take my tent. I have a sleeping bag so I can sleep out here.”

He walked away to grab the sleeping bag but you stopped him.

“No it’s okay, you can sleep next to me,” you said, surprised that that sentence even made it out your mouth in one piece.

“Really?” He replied, excitement sneaking into his voice

“Yeah sure, why not? We’ve known each other for years anyways.”

He smiled and thanked you, setting up the inside of the one tent you two had left.

“Okay go get comfortable,” he said, stepping out. “I’ll be there in a second, I’m gonna eat.”

“Do you want me to stay out here with—”

“No it’s okay,” he replied quickly, blushing. “I just need a moment to think.”

“Okay,” you mumble, heading to the tent. You lay down, heart beating fast. Should you just sneak out and sleep out in the sleeping bag? You don’t think you’d get any sleep with him laying down so closely next to you.You laid down on your back, smiling as the situation set into your head.

He finished eating and stepped into the tent slowly, nervously. Without saying a word, he laid down and you felt your face heat up.

“What?” He asking laughing, staring at you. “Why are you blushing?”

“Nothing,” you replied instantly, turning on your side, facing away from him.

“Whatttt,” he whined, putting his hand on your shoulder, trying to turn you back around. “Do I have anything on my face? Is it my hair?”

“Oh my God, you would first ask about your looks wouldn’t you,” you replied, resisting his hand.

He chuckled and crawled over, hovering his face in front of yours. “Well? What is it then?” He asked quietly, smiling.

“Nothing,” you mumble, closing your eyes. “I’m going to sleep, goodnight.”

He stayed in his position for a little, staring. You suddenly felt his lips pressed against your forehead.


You opened your eyes and looked at him as he got comfortable in his spot, as if what he just did was normal.

“What was that?” You asked, completely shocked.

“What?” He asked innocently.

“You kissed me.”

“No I didn’t. I kissed your forehead.”

“Yeah, same thing. Oh my God, did Jimin tell you? Jimin better not have opened his mouth.”

"What?” he asked, genuinely confused. “What are you talking about?”


“No what? What did you tell Jimin?” He asked, slightly annoyed.

“Nothing,” you whined.

He reached over and snatched your phone.

“So it’s okay if I text him pretending to be you and ask?”

You gulp and nod. Oh no.


You looked over his shoulder, watching what he typed.

-Hi Jiminie! Remember what I told you the other day?“- 11:43

Jimin replied almost within seconds.

-yeah about Jin hyung?- 11:43

-yeah! What did I tell you again?- 11:44

-…you don’t remember what you said? You told me you liked hyung…are you okay? What’s up?- 11:44

Jin locked your phone, and you just stared, sitting next to him.

"You like me?” He asked, barely audible.

You nodded, looking down.

“I was the guy you were talking about earlier? You thought I didn’t like you?” He continued, leaning closer to you.

“No…” You mumble.

“How clueless are you?” He asked, closing the rest of the distance and kissing your lips gently.

“Pretty clueless,” you whisper against his lips.

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it's been roughly 100 years since Sarge and Dr grey got married, they still act like newlyweds though, never fighting, but getting into debates and learning from one another, Sarge can't help but wonder why it all happened though, and why Jenna wasn't spared, but at the same time, he's glad, because without her, he may of not been able to see and do everything he has, and Sometimes, at night, he can hear her voice whisper to him "she's the one, i promise she's your soulmate, I love you Sarge"

Getting caught hadn’t been his fault, actually, getting into the situation at all hadn’t been fault either. At the time all they’d been doing was study, him helping her like she’d asked, but it hadn’t taken long for that to turn into the two of them making out at the back of the mostly empty library. He hadn’t been complaining at the time, considering she was pretty damn attractive and popular, kinda that girl that everyone wanted but was too scared to approach. But she was also very much taken. Which led to where he was now, feeling like he was running for his life from the boyfriend of the girl that had just so happened to appear.. Somehow, after about ten minutes of sprinting, he ended up in a random park that he wasn’t sure he’d even been to but oh well. Throwing himself onto the nearest free bench, collapsing against, he tried to regain his breath; all the while hoping the other guy hadn’t been able to follow him.

Spaces Chapter 8

It’s been a few days since you’ve been able to talk to Harry. You were busy with traveling,shows, interviews, and the premiere of your band’s new music video. You would send a text every so often, to let him know that you were still  thinking about him and would hope to talk to him soon. “Hey, Y/N.” Kyle smiles as you were walking to the elevator after arriving back at the hotel after spending all day in interviews. “Hey, Kyle. How was your day off?” You ask. “It was fun. We went sightseeing. It helped that we weren’t with you guys and everyone knew that you girls were in interviews.” He laughs. “Well, glad our miserable time helped you guys out.” You giggle. The elevator dings signaling it was about to open before Kyle could respond. “But anyway, do you have any plans tonight?” He asks. “Not really no. I mean I was thinking about hanging in the room for the night and attempt on getting some sleep.” You say. “Well, would you want to go out with us? Alex and Kinsey are already coming out with us.” He says. “I don’t know.” You say. “When you all go out, you get completely shit faced.” You laugh. “This is true, but come on, it’s been a while since we’ve all went out as a group and had fun.” He says. “Yeah, it has been a while.” You say nodding. “So, does this mean that you’ll come out with us?” He asks. “What time?” You ask. “We’ll we were going out to the club, so probably around 9 for some dinner and then we’ll head over to the club after.” He says. “Sure. I’ll just meet you all in the hallway?” You ask. “Yeah, we’ll meet by the elevator.” He smiles. You smile nodding before getting off the elevator and heading to your room. You were able to get some sleep for a few hours, this constant traveling and time differences were starting to get to you. Just when you were getting use to a time, it seemed like it was time to fly off again. After your nap, you took a shower to wake yourself up a bit more, before you started to get ready. You look at your phone occasionally to see if Harry had texted you back or called, and there was nothing. You sigh grabbing your phone charger to plug your phone up, while you finish getting ready. 

Once you were ready, you went out to wait for the group in the hallway near the elevator before you all headed down to the lobby and to the cars that were taking you to the restaurant and then the club. You arrive at the club with some paps outside taking pictures. Kyle places his hand on your back as he helps you in next to your bodyguard as you walk inside. When you do, you all go to a private area for the time being. “That was crazy.” Kinsey groans. “You would think we could get use to the blinding flashes, but nope.” She groans. “I need a drink, pronto.” She says. “Come on.” she smirks pulling you with her. You laugh shaking your head her. “You could have at least asked nicely.” You say dramatically. “Yeah, well you should thank me.” She says. “For?” You ask. “In case you haven’t noticed, Kyle has been all over you tonight.” She says once you get to the bar. “He has not.” You say shaking your head. “Besides we’re all friends, like family.” You say. “Well, except for Alex and Max because that would be weird since they’re together.” You say. “But other than that little odd relationship, we’re just friends.” You say before ordering your drink. “Maybe you should tell him that.” She says. “Look it’s obvious that he likes you and he’s even mentioned it to Harry, who then mentioned it to you.” She says. “So, you’re going to have to put him his place and let him know that you two are just friends and that you don’t feel the same way about it.” She says. You sigh. “How do I do that without it making everything awkward or coming off as a bitch?” You ask. “I don’t know, but you not telling him and then him trying a move on you, would make it even more awkward especially after Harry kicks his ass.” She smirks taking her drink. “Harry wouldn’t do that.” You say. “Sure, it would be pissed and might want to exchange some words with him, but he wouldn’t like result to violence.” you say. “Hmm.” She says. “Don’t hmm, me.” You say before walking back up to everyone else. The only available place to sit was near Kyle, so you walk over and sit down. “Hey.” Kyle smiles. “Hi.” You smile. “So, we get to go on a break in a few weeks, are you looking forward to it?” He asks. “Yeah. It will be nice to sort of just chill out for a bit.” You say. He nods. “Do you have any plans for it?” He asks. “Well, I’m thinking about going to visit Harry for a bit and then maybe go see my family.” You say. “Oh, so you and Harry are still a thing?” He asks. “Yeah, we are.” You smile. “He’s really great.” You say. “I’m happy.” You add. He nods. “Well, that’s good.” He says. “You deserve to be happy.” He smiles. “Thanks. You do too.” You smile. “Do you have a girlfriend?” You ask. “Well, sort of, I mean I have a girl back home that I talk to, but we’re nothing serious.” He says. You nod. There’s a bit of an awkward silence throughout the rest of the night, so you both, well all of you, are pretty much downing drinks and shots one after the other before you all head back to the hotel. 

Harry sighs waking up as the sunlight shines through the window. He yawns getting out of the bed and heading into the bathroom. He sighs as splashes his face with water and brushes his teeth quickly. The last few nights he’s been at the studio extremely late with his writing sessions. He grabs his phone noticing all of your texts and missed calls, he felt bad because he really did want to talk to you, but he was super busy at the studio and he knew that you were busy as well. He was about to text you back, when he noticed that he kept getting twitter notifications. He thought he turned those off, but somehow they always were getting sent to his phone. He clicks on one of the notifications and it takes him to a link of an article, which has pictures of you and Kyle out at the club and looking quite drunk leaving it and arriving back at the hotel. “Y/N was seen out partying with the girls crew aka their band last night and appeared to be extremely drunk as she walked out with the band’s guitarist. A source says that the two were a bit flirty and couldn’t keep their hands off each other while in the club. Once the two arrived back at their hotel, Y/N apparently leans in towards her guitarist and whispers something in his ear. Could she have invited him to her room? I guess we won’t ever know because the entire floor that the girl’s stay on is completely blocked off from the public. But anyway, what about Harry Styles or the Burberry model/ love interest in music video, that she was seen with a few weeks ago. Seems like Y/N doesn’t know what she wants and is just living the single life for now. We totally get that and don’t mind her doing her, but we do mind if sweet Harry is getting played on. It’s okay Harry, we still love you!” He reads. Harry not only looked over the article about three times, but he also couldn’t take his eyes off the dozens of pictures of you and Kyle. You reassured him that it was just a friendly dinner with Marcus, when he asked, but this, this seemed something entirely different. You were completely shit faced and he knew that Kyle had some sort of feelings for you. Harry knew at this point all he could do was call you and have you explain things. Sure, pictures could easily be misleading especially when taken at certain angles. He wasn’t freaking out, yet, but he was just so over all of this type of shit with you. He quickly clicked on your contact from his phone and waited for you to answer, however, it wasn’t you. “Hello?” A groggy male voice answers. “Uh,” Harry says holding his phone out to make sure he did accidentally click on the wrong one, but sure it enough it was your name and photo. “Um, this is Harry, I’m looking for Y/N.” He says. “Oh, um, this is Kyle, Y/N is actually in the shower right now, but I’ll let her know that you called.” Kyle says. “Don’t worry about it.” Harry says angrily before hanging up the phone and throwing it across the room. 

Hey girl :) would you do one where you are rians sister and you love singing, so rian asks alex to help you in taking lessons. So you two practise a few times a week and start getting really close. Then one time you sing “therapy” and alex watches you the entire song and then he kisses you :)

AN So this is going to ignore all the shit that happened earlier with regards to Alex because we’re having fun with imagines and even though it’s good to be cultured about current events, I like to keep my opinions out of here on things like this account. So if you’re really curious, you can check out my personal account. Otherwise, enjoy my second Alex imagine :]

Your POV

So I was in my room, singing along to my favorite bands, one of my favorite things to do. I am just in love with lyrics and hitting the note just right. But Rian was having the guys over today, and I didn’t really know what to do. I never sang in front of anyone, only my brother.

Rian told me that my voice was really pretty and I should consider taking lessons. I didn’t really want to, I liked to sing how I wanted to sing. Thank god the guys weren’t over yet, or I would have stopped by now.

I was living with Rian for the time being, my parents wanted to sort out their stuff, so I’ve been hanging out with him and his friends. It was weird being alone in my house a lot when Rian went off on tour, but I had some other friends to keep me company.

I was cleaning my room, because I’m always productive when music is playing, when I heard a knock at my door. “What?” I called through the loud music.

“The guys just arrived, just thought I’d let you know.”

“Thanks, Ri.”

Rian walked away, or I assumed so because he wasn’t talking to me outside my room  anymore, and I went to turn off my music. The guys come over quite often so I don’t get a lot of time to sing by myself.

After a while of sitting in my room and doing the most random shit I could find, I decided that I should go downstairs and get some food. I never really liked to intrude on their hangouts, they probably didn’t like me hanging around them. I mean, I am Rian’s little sister. How annoying is that?

It looked like they had ordered pizza, and I went to grab myself a slice. As I was grabbing my essentials, Rian looks over at me. His eyebrows raise as if he remembers something, and leans over to talk to Alex. I was still concentrated on my pizza when he came towards me.

“Y/N,” he poked me in the side. I yelped in surprise.

“What, Rian?”

“I wanted to know something.”

“That’s wonderful, I’m so glad you’re able to share this personal information.”

“You know what I mean,” he whined at me. He started shuffling his feet staring at the ground.

“For God’s sake, Rian, spit it out.”

“I kind of told Alex that you wanted him to teach you to sing..” he trailed off at the end.

“You did what?! Rian! I’m not singing for him! I didn’t even tell you I wanted a teacher!”

“But I know you’d really like it, and he’s really good, I promise, I just wanted you to get to sing more, and I knew that having him teach you would be really good.”

“But now he thinks I wanted that to happen! I don’t!”

“That was the only way he’d do it,” Rian stuck his lower lip out to plead with me. He was lucky he had big puppy brown eyes, or I wouldn’t have agreed. I knew he was just trying to help, but he made it seem like I was desperate.

“Fine, if you want me to, I will. But you have to make all the arrangements. I’ve never even spoken to Alex!”

“Good, it’ll give you a chance to bond.” Rian smiled, happy that I gave in.

He walked out and I groaned to myself. How am I supposed to sing in front of someone I barely even know when I can’t even sing when people are in the house? Especially when that person is Alex.

Now, don’t get me wrong, Alex is attractive and all, but I feel like he’s judging me all the time, criticizing my every move. What was I supposed to do? The only thing I can do is just go along with it. And that was exactly what I did.

Rian told me that our first lesson was on a Thursday evening. Ugh, why can’t Thursday last forever so I could postpone this whole singing thing. It wasn’t an option, and the evening came a lot sooner than expected.

A knock on the door came, and Rian answered it. I heard a few exchanged hellos and then Alex came into the room when the door shut. Meaning Rian left.

“Wait, where’s Rian?” I asked Alex.

“He said he was going out. Something about not wanting to make you anxious,” he stated bluntly.

“Oh.” I turned my attention back to the TV, not really knowing where to take the conversation or what even to do.

Alex came by and sat on the couch. After about fifteen minutes, he took the remote from me and turned it off.

“Hey, I was watching that.”

“Not anymore, I’m supposed to help you. Now come on.” Alex grabbed my hand and pulled me up to my room. It was strange to me that he knew where my room was, but even stranger was the feeling that came when he held my hand. I wanted to pull it away, but his grip was too strong.

We got to my room, and Alex looked over at me. I glanced back at him, and when he didn’t look away, I made a small smile. “What?”

“Nothing.” He coughed rather unconvincingly and sat on my bed. “So, what can you do?”

“What do you mean?” My heart rate started beating faster as I tried to analyze what exactly he meant by that.

“Like, can you sing high, low, midrange, do you know your theory, et cetera et cetera.”

“Oh. Yeah.”

“Yeah what?” Shit. he just asked me a multiple answer question and I just replied with yeah. I’m such an idiot sometimes.

“Um,” I chewed my lip nervously. I was still standing, and he motioned for me to sit down next to him. I had just realized he smelled really good. “I can sing pretty low and on good days I can go a little high. Not Kellin Quinn high, but you get me?”

He laughed and patted my arm. “There. That’s a start.” He started fiddling around with my CDs ‘til he found one to put on. When he did, he looked straight back at me. “You ready?”

“Yeah.” No. I suck, I can’t do this, he’s gonna laugh at me, I know it.

“Good. Now to get you loosened up being around me, I’ll sing with you, and once I feel you’re comfortable around me, I’ll stop. Sound good?”

I nodded and he put on the song 21 Guns by Green Day. It went high enough and low enough that he could adequately see where I was at. From this standard anyway.

When the song started, he swayed with the music and shot me a little grin. I smiled back, and he turned to focus on the ground until the words came:

Do you know what’s worth fighting for? When it’s not worth dying for? Does it take your breath away, and you feel yourself suffocating. Does the pain weigh out the pride? When you look for a place to hide? Did someone break your heart inside? You’re in ruins.

At this point, Alex stopped singing and gave me a reassuring nod. I came in to the chorus by myself.

One, twenty one guns. Lay down your arms, give up the fight. One, twenty one guns. Throw up your arms into the sky. You and I.

We went back in forth between him singing with me and me singing by myself until the song was over. He turned off the stereo and gave me a wide grin. “I don’t know why you were so nervous, you sound great, Y/N.” I couldn’t help but smile at his words. I thought he’d judge me, but all he’s done is be supportive. Maybe this can work out.

After weeks of Alex helping me sing better, we had built up a pretty strong bond. He had been showing me his songs, and I’d occasionally catch him looking at me. Rian was happy that Alex and I had gotten along, and sometimes when the guys were over, Alex would come up to my room to either talk to me about more music or just hang out. It made me happy knowing that we were friends.

Sometimes I’d wish we were more. Because having to see his face next to you lying in a bed, or having his face so close to mine as if we’re about to kiss occupy my thoughts a lot more often than I would like. All Alex was was a singing tutor and my friend. Nothing more. Nothing less.

I didn’t want to want more and I constantly tried to suppress it. Never really worked, and it didn’t help the situation at all when I’d catch him looking at me with an unreadable expression. I’d shrug it off and continue with what we’re doing.

The doorbell rang, and I ran down to answer it. I was expecting Alex to show up any minute. Before answering the door, I quickly fixed my hair. I opened it, and Alex was smiling down at me. He walked in and gave me a nice quick hug. He had an acoustic guitar on his back and just walked upstairs without a word. I followed him.

“What’s with the guitar?” I asked him.

“You’ll see.” We got to my room, and he sat down at the foot, and I sat up where my pillows were. “You want to sing that song I showed you last week?”

“Yeah, sure,” I smiled. I loved it when he showed me his songs.

“I got the guitar, you got the vocals.” I nodded and he started strumming. I waited to come in for the first verse.

My ship went down in a sea of sound, when I woke up alone, I had everything. A handful of moments I wished I could change. And a tongue like a nightmare that cut like a blade. In a city of fools I was careful and cool, but they tore me apart like a hurricane. A handful of moments I wished I could change, but I was carried away.

I looked over at Alex, and he had been staring at me. I guess he had memorized the chords or something. When I got to the chorus, he still didn’t stop looking at me. I couldn’t handle his immense stare and looked down in the middle of the room.

At the bridge I finally looked up. I loved the lyrics he wrote for this part, and he smiled when my gaze met his. I couldn’t help but smile back.

When I finished, I let my gaze wander back to Alex again. He was still staring, and I don’t think he had ever taken his eyes off me. Not the whole time I was singing. I was just about to ask him a question when he quickly jumped across my bed to where I was, and held me at his lips. I froze for a second, but eventually I kissed back

Is this what I imagined it to be? Was this what I wanted? Was it weird? I don’t know, but it sure as hell felt right. He added his tongue in and I instantly made up my mind that this was right. I wasn’t crazy.

When he pulled away, he stayed close to my face, and touched my forehead with his. “Fucking hell, Y/N,” he breathed.

“I know.” I closed my eyes, and took a deep breath.

“You sing beautifully you know,” he said after a while of silence.

“Thank you,” I smiled, too nervous to look him up in the eyes.

There was a long silence until he said my name. “Y/N.” My eyes gazed up at him, playing with my hair.


“I want to do that again, I’ve wanted to do that for such a long time.”

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i always have garrett befriend merrill and help her n i see her as like a little sister to him (if i play as marian sometimes i romance her c:) but i realized that makes me sad bc i always play mage as garrett so he loses bethany every time so like him taking in merrill as a surrogate sister is like 10x more heartbreaking now

Bethany deserved better. I always play as mage too and miss her sass all the time.

So I can see my Hawke acting like family to Merrill too (specially when he finds out Carver has a crush on her). He visits her often and after he moves to Hightown he helps Varric paying for her safety too. 

Some nobles coming up to him to complain about she wandering in the gardens and Garrett rolling his eyes and saying “You prefer bandits instead?” then he starts share some nasty stories. He’s always covered in blood so the nobles avoid him.

Hawke making sure that, when he’s around, Fenris and Merrill are treated equally or even better than him. Of course people are vile and they will talk shit behind his back. He knows every noble that treat elves bad and he doesn’t favor them, actually he ignores.

If someone dare to offend Fenris/Merrill and Hawke is around, they are met with a punch in the face. 


veronica mars + weevil

“You know, I always knew you had a thing for me but I never thought you wanted me for my brain.”

Why isn’t Castiel treated better? 

Why don’t Sam and Dean call him? Why don’t they ask him how he’s doing? Why don’t they invite him over for movie night or poker night? Why don’t they let him live in the bunker? Why don’t they tell him thank you? Why does Cas have to be pushed aside in favor of the Winchesters all of the time? Why don’t Sam and Dean help him? 

He’s done so much for them. 

He’s died for them. He’s blown himself up for them. He’s give up everything for them. Everything. Everyfuckingthing. 

But they won’t help him. 

It took two seasons to finally get Castiel’s Grace back, but Sam and Dean never helped him. There was never real concern with Castiel’s dying vessel. It’s like that didn’t even matter and was simply an afterthought. 

When Charlie smiled at Cas and Cas smiled back, it was just so heartbreaking. When does he ever get a smile from someone so happy to see him? When does he ever get a hug just because that person really wanted to give him one? The answer is never. Cas just… all he gets is pain and it isn’t fair. 

For someone that is meant to be a part of the Winchester family, and supposed matter to them, and supposedly Dean needs him… he’s treated awfully like a stranger and I’m just so worried that he’s turned into a plot device and for someone who really loves Castiel, who looks up to him, and he’s their favorite character… it just really hurts to see him treated so badly. And to have your favorite character made into seemingly a fucking convenient plot device, after so much development in the past, it feels like crap. It feels like Castiel fans don’t matter to the writers or to the fandom at all. As if simply by loving Castiel we are inferior and that isn’t fair. 

It’s not fair to us. 

It’s not fair to Misha. 

He puts so much work into Cas and to have him being more or less phased away is just the rotted cherry on top of a pile of shit. 

Why can’t Castiel be treated with the respect and love he deserves? 

Dating Liam would involve

way too many video games

him being really shy around at first

a sweet first kiss

Liam teaching you lacrosse cause he’s got skills

the pack calling you “Young and In Love.”

him planning the perfect date

 guaranteed prom king and queen

calling you names like “babe,” 

blasting music just about everywhere

dance battles

him taking you to the beach at night 

Liam always saving you no matter what

owning matching bracelets 

never taking yourselves to seriously

eating ice cream at midnight

Liam getting first date advice from Scott because you were special

being his cheerleader at lacrosse games

him comforting you about your insecurities

sticking up for Liam when his old school causes him trouble

helping Scott and Derek to control Liam’s abilities

Liam asking you to prom in a unique way

having to be accepted by Mason

fooling around at the mall and getting yelled at the workers

hosting legendary parties 

opening doors and pulling out your chair for you

laying your head in his lap

Liam playing with your hands way too often

your parents LOVING him

staying up all night face timing or texting

Liam walking you home 

worrying about him when he’s off fighting

being competitive with each other

long hugs with your arms wrapped around his neck and his around your waist

watching chick flicks and horror movies together because you take turns

Liam getting jealous easily

wanting to travel new places together

him asking you to be his anchor

texting each other adorable things

volunteering at places together

getting showered with compliments every day

going to the gym with him while he shows off to you

him being a little awkward with kids

going to concerts and music festivals

having your contact name be “Cutie” on his phone

Liam helping you in your hardest subject

being comfortable crying in front of him

staring into his gorgeous blue eyes for hours

being happy

You know how they say little kids sometimes remember their past lives and then forget them as they get older?

Steven doesn’t remember being Rose now, but what if when Steven was little little he still remembered being Rose in that same way?

Little toddler Steven telling Garnet “you both look so sad today”

Knowing all the words to his dad’s songs, even though he’d never heard a lot of them before.

Telling Pearl secrets because “I always told you special things”

Playing dress-up in a long white “dress” he fashioned by wrapping himself in bedsheets

Finding an injured bird, crying on it, and becoming frustrated when it doesn’t help, asking “But I used to do that all the time!”

And forgetting all about being Rose as he gets older like most children forget their past lives, and the Gems being unsure if they’re happy he’s growing up and becoming even more of his own person, or sad that he doesn’t remember his mother anymore

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OK but imagine Derek finds a sick kitten in his house when he comes back, and he slowly nurses it back to health, and just kind of carries it everywhere on his shoulder. The cat is named Peter, despite being a girl. He regrets the name. But Derek+cat


I love Derek and cat feels. Would he name it Peter because at first he’s trying to convince everyone (he convinces no one) that the cat is just lurking around and annoying him?

But of course every time it pads over and starts mewling at him (it’s still so tiny, and too sick to make big jumps onto the couch on its own) he gives this longsuffering sigh (which does not fool the cat) and picks it up and pets it.

And he probably goes to Deaton with his shoulders all hunched and eyes averted and asks him about the best kind of foods and formulas to help sick kittens get better. He figures if he goes to Deaton instead of Scott the pack won’t have to find out, but somehow they all know at the next pack meeting anyway.

They all show up with treats and toys, and there’s even the startings of a designer fashion kitty wardrobe – from Lydia, of course. Some of the clothes are slightly oversized and smell like dog, and when pressed she’ll admit they’re hand me downs from Prada, because her dog isn’t going to be wearing last seasons’ colors, but it’s not like Derek will notice the difference. (She’s wrong, he notices. He just doesn’t care.)

…They’re soft, though, and end up making a very workable kitten bed.

And then little-girl-cat Peter starts slowly getting better and of course she’s adventurous, wobbling along the backs of couches (as cats tend to do) on her not-quite-steady legs, and Derek hovers around her like a frantic first time parent, like he’s ready to dive under her and act as a giant werewolf cushion if she ever falls.

And she’s got this adorable little scratchy mewl she makes when she pulls off a big jump to the floor or successfully catches one of Stiles’ socks in her little claws (even if it’s still on his foot, which she does way too often. Derek had warned him not to teach her the sock was a toy; now he just raises his eyebrows and smirks when it happens).

She gives Derek daily mini-heart attacks because she’s so tiny and vulnerable and utterly fearless… but he can’t stay annoyed at her at all, usually ends up sitting her on the counter, feeding her bits of turkey cold cuts and calling her his “little jungle cat.”

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Why do you hate Cam so much? Lmao, no hate, just curiosity. I love the guy but can't help laughing at all your posts hahahahahha.

because he’s so problematic??? like???

1.) he wears shoes indoors

2.) he can’t dance for shit and yet the fuckin’ nerd dances all the time??? someone take him back to his mother PLEASE

3.) have you seen his arms lmao

4.) he bragged about his dick size lol bYE

5.) says he “can’t sing” and yet sings for twenty minutes completely out of tune like wow why am i not surprised

6.) he’s a true leo why can’t y'all see (refer to 4 & 5 thx)

7.) have you seen his butt lmao

8.) he called kendrick lamar’s new album “funky” ??? okay cam

9.) he’s only 21 and yet he always refers to himself as “so old” and he says shit like “back in my day” all the time ???? like cam please sit your infant ass down

10.) he literally looks like a ray of sunshine i’m so mad

11.) his jawline can literally cut glass like that’s such a safety hazard??? 

12.) he doesn’t know one direction

13.) he has very long fingers (he’s most likely an alien like i wouldn’t be surprised because he’s out of this world though like tbh)

14.) when asked If there was anyone that he’d like to meet at one of those oscar events, he answered “cameron monaghan” (like a tru leo i’m tellin ya)

15.) he’s rich af and financially independent i’m so!!!!

there’s more reasons but i don’t have enough time in this planet to tell you all of them ur welcome

The Weather Wizard

Chapter Five

If you asked me what I expected to be doing last night I would not tell you I would be at a cemetery. Nope. Maybe I’d watch Bob’s Burgers. Maybe I’d whip Dante and Caitlin at Settlers of Catan again. Oh, one time I didn’t speak with Caitlin for a day because she was hoarding sheep. Who hoards sheep?! But instead of a possibility for any funness at all, I dodged gravestones on my way to a dead felon meta-human’s grave.

So when Mark Mardon aka the Weather Wizard asked me for a favor, I knew it was gonna be bad. I tried to shrug him off and distract him with his pad thai but he just asked me again louder. “Hey, little one,” he said. Mhmm, yeah I’m listening, please insult me then ask me for help. Works every time. “I need you to leave something on my brother’s grave.“

Hell no. Even if I wanted to help WW, cemeteries are terrifying and there are board games that need my attention. But when WW gave me his sob story about it being his younger brother’s birthday and how he needed to honor him, I immediately thought of Dante and how I would feel if he died. WW could tell I was cracking so then he hit me with the knockout punch. "You do this for me and I’ll let you watch whatever nerd movie you want next movie night.” That was it - storm maker had me. There would be so many choices! All the possibilities!

The plan was simple. Buy a bottle of nice bourbon, drink half, and then leave the other half on Clyde Mardon’s grave. Steps one and two worked out fine. I bought a bottle of Rebel Yell- seemed appropriately named - and chugged. AND chugged. Real burn your throat, mute your worries, and leave you dancing in the buff type of stuff. Next thing I know, I’m more than a bit tipsy and stumbling through the cemetery with a baseball bat ready for zombies or ghouls. Then the freaking rain starts. It was a sign! Lil WW was controlling the weather from the other side. I swear I even heard my name on the wind "CISCO… Your days are over.” I swung the bat like Babe Ruth! In retrospect what was a bat going to do against a disembodied weather ghost? The storm picked up, the rain was freezing and lashing against me. I could barely see my hand in front of my face.

By sheer luck, I found Clyde’s tombstone. I yelled “Yo Clyde, ease up, your brother sent me.” Nothing. “Even though you were evil and had a wicked God complex - your brother wanted you to have a drink on your birthday!” There was a long pause - I was half expecting Clyde to rise from the dead. And then the storm died down. I shit you not. Maybe Mom is right to believe in spirits and all that scary stuff but I didn’t wait to find out. No sir, I left the bourbon and hoofed it out of there. Only one thought on my mind - WW freaking owes me.

Till next time, don’t go walking in a graveyard where meta-humans are buried. 

Cisco, out (Almost for good that time)!