Wear the impressively deep void like a hat.

Magical cold devices don’t make good headwear. It could be the lack of air. It could be that it’s easy to get stuck in them. It could be the horrible freezing temperature. Or maybe just the vengeful spirit of what enchants it.

Whatever the case you certainly are dead. Or some sort of ten minute frozen cavehorse.

But probably dead.

(Comic #99’s alternate panel)


Try putting the short one in the cooler.

You’re quite tempted to cram the little so and so into the chilly box, but it is currently… in use, for lack of a better word.

Instead you check out the loot you were originally poking around for.

How do you pony from here?

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So many things to blow up and so few bombs… I suppose the responsible thing to do would be to clear the rubble blocking the path.

You make to do the responsible thing and clear up the roadblock only to run into the typical thing you find these days. A roadblock.

The impromptu teamwork you and Cloud Cover put in play however doesn’t work out so well.

How do you pony?

(Alternate Panel for Thursday’s comic here!)