He's Done it Again || Beau & Micah || SWP

Micah had come out to Brailston to celebrate the return of the King with the rest of Athoria. He was less interested in the returning royalty than he was the festivities around the town. Micah loved a lively atmosphere, and there were so many new things around that he’d never seen in The Slums or Chile. He wondered why he hadn’t spent more time in Brailston, outside of the jails. It had something to do with the fact that he didn’t think he belonged there. The city seemed just to fancy for his dirt covered form, just like when he went in to Monir. But Micah had just enough coins in his bag to b able to not have to steal everything, and it made the trip that much more fun. 

He smiled, chewing on a sweet cake he’d purchased from a vendor. It was so much more satisfying knowing he’d acually purchased, whether the money came from a honest place or not. In order to escape the crowd for a moment, Micah wandered slightly outside the center of the city, sitting in an alley between two buildings to enjoy his treat. The moon had just risen up into the night sky, illuminating the city. Micah smiled, contented with his position. He leaned against the wall, closing his eyes.

He didn’t hear the tall slender man approach, unaware of his presence until his spindly fingers gripped Micah’s throat pulling him to a standing position. The vampire smirked to taunt the boy as Micah struggled to pull out his weapon, stabbing the vampire’s wrist to break himself free. Fear coursed through his veins as he held up the weapon in front of him, screaming, knowing he couldn’t run. Could he make it to a more public place without the vampire catching him first? Probably not, so he decided to try to fight it. Micah watched as the vampire moved closer to him slowly, like a lion stalking its helpless prey. 

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