Teen Wolf shooting secrets

  • When creating the kanima character, Jeff was inspired by a picture of a monster from a movie he had watched when he had been young
  • In episode 2 of season 4 one of the producers, Christian Taylor, was the one to play the role of the principal
  • Jeff Davis executed one of Dylan O’Brien’s stunts in episode 5 of season 2 and one of Colton Haynes’ in episodes 7 and 8 of season 2
  • Danny’s ex-boyfriend is played by Jeff’s assistant, Damon Jackson
  • Dylan O’Brien came up with the idea of a “handle that I could break off with supernatural strength” in episode 6 of season 2
  • The myth about kanima is a mix of south-american and greek myths which, according to Jeff, are very important
  • A scene from episode 7 of season 2 is a homage to ‘Shining One’, Jeff Davis’s favorite movie
  • Jeff didn’t allow Colton and Holland to live together in Atlanta because he was afraid they would strangle each other
  • According to Jeff Davis, the budget of The Avengers could pay the realization of 10 entire seasons of Teen Wolf
  • Sticking the kanima’s tail costs 1000 dollars
  • The director hates shooting kissing scenes so Jeff Davis shot the love scene between Allison and Scott in episode 6 of season 2
  • Dylan O’biren hadn’t known how to drive a jeep before he started acting in the show. Damon Jackson, Jeff Davis’ assistant, taught him
  • The biology teacher in season 2 is a father of Laura Webb who is in charge of music for the show
  • The double row of kanima’s teeth was inspired by sharks
  • Isaac’s ears were too big so they had to be reduced with the help of computer graphics
  • Colton Haynes can cry when just yawning
  • When Dylan O’Brien goes too far in his acting, everyone screams “Less Scooby Doo!”
  • Even MTV producers hadn’t known who the kanima had been until they received the script
  • When Jackson was hit by Allison in the throat in the episode ‘Restraint’, it’s actually Jeff Davis being hit by Holland Roden’s hand
  • When Isaac sticks the syringe in Jackson’s neck in episode 8 of season 2 it’s actually Jeff Davis instead of Colton Haynes because Colton is afraid of needles
  • In Teen Wolf world, they are still in 2011
  • The Porsche that Jackson drives belongs to one of the show producers
  • The wolf claws need to be glued on the actors’ nails
  • The kanima skin covers half of Colton Haynes’ face because he is allergic to makeup
  • The end of episode 9 of season 2 surprised the whole cast
  • In episode 1 of season 2, the water Colton Haynes was in had been warmed up
  • Jeff Davis asked Dylan O’Brien to let his hair grow for season 2 but Dylan refused because it helps him playing Stiles’ character
  • Most of the wolfs’ growls were made by gorillas
  • Tyler Posey is not allowed to skateboard on set because he can hurt himself
  • Stephen Lunsford had no idea he was the kanima master and thought he’d be killed
  • Stiles’ “don’t be such a sour wolf” was Dylan O’Brien’s improvisation
  • Derek Hale is not as young as we may think
  • There was an alternative ending written, in which Jackson really dies

+ Thank you to Alina for her help