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“It’s Showtime!

Their are people who are not convinced the Jesus is who he says he is.

If they are not convinced that Jesus was who who said he was…are they convinced that you are who you say you are?

How to convince them that YOU are a believer and a Christian!
- Show compassion, show care, and show grace on a daily basis to ALL(including our enemies and doubters)! LEAD WHILE YOU BLEED! - Stay committed to your convictions, because the pain is worth the purpose. Don’t let what people do to you break you because they have not done anything for you!
There is power in your commitment! STAY COMMITTED!!!!!! - SHOW THEM THE WAY YOU HANDLE YOUR PROBLEMS!!!!! Keep calm in the midst of your crucifixion! Prove you are a child of God, not by what you go through…but how you go through!

When you know how the story ends…and in the end…you win…you can display confidence through the toughest of situations!

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