wincestwithpie-deactivated20150 asked:

Ahh I'm getting so many people telling me that jensen didn't say jared on that post about provenance! Jensen literally confirmed it at Houston con today and I'm so glad someone else can hear it besides me!

were you or the people saying opposite at the con? i saw another post earlier saying Jen said the same thing today, but there was no mention of an episode name. that’s why i was excited when i saw your post, because that’s the only one i could think of where he said it. someone must have filmed him saying which ep it was, i’ll keep a look out for the Con videos. but yeah i watched that Provenance scene so many times i can hear him mumbling Jared’s name in my head XD

anonymous asked:

I think J2 wore the same shirt because although they have a few matching clothes, what are the chances that they both wore the same exact one, especially if Jensen didn't even wear it at the convention. We only know he wore that shirt because 1 fan posted it at some hotel the day before. Either way, buying the same exact clothes together is just as adorable as sharing. :)

i think j2 wore separate shirts because Jensen has said that they buy the same clothes, sometimes at the same time, and that he also said he thinks he and Jared sharing clothes would be weird.

so one of three things happened yesterday; they bought the same shirt together (but i feel like i’ve seen Jensen wear it before? idk), they bought the same shirt a while back, both brought it, and thought ‘eh why not?’ and wore their shirts back to back (remember they usually accidentally meet up in similar outfits and matching clothes anyway, the nerds), or yes, Jared did in fact borrow Jensen’s shirt the next day.

i just tend to lean toward the first two choices because they’ve been stated as fact and something that happens quite often, while the latter is something Jen has said they don’t do (though he said these things 2 years ago). but yes, it would be so cute if they borrowed clothes. i’d have a cute fit if we found out that that’s what went down.