You are past the point of being a versatile actor, and has taken up different type of roles, including Elf King, Thranduil and also Alien Warlord, Ronan The Accuser, out of the many diverse roles, is there a particular character that you can relate to or one that has been special to you?

Soldier’s Girl will always have a very special place in my heart. I did a lot of research for the character, observations, and reinvented myself so much to fit the role. Here i was 6 feet 4, with prosthetic fitting, and couldn’t help but think what i was doing with my life. I was unsure how i will make it happen until a point where i started seeing so much of me in that character, so it will always be close to my heart.

Joe Macmillan is another role that i feel connected to on a very personal level. I am experiencing new and different things with this character, where Joe has unlocked a lot of personal things about me, things i didn’t even know was there. I think i know him, i feel connected to him, but in the next moment, i barely recognised the character, it’s things that i am unable to explain. But i intend to savour the role, make the most out of it. I don’t want it to end like what happened before but there’s always a possibility of it happening again, so i want to make sure that i enjoy every moment of Halt and Catch Fire - LP

Getting an emergency #paleo #snack of #beef jerky and some raw almonds at this convenience store, I noticed there were 9 different flavors of #hot #chocolate. Yes, freaks…..9. Looking at the listed #nutrition information, each 8 oz cup has more grams of #sugar than a #softdrink. Ugh! #Eatingclean means being careful of drinking too many wasted #calories. #Eat #food that’s #yum. Dont drink them; that can be #dumb. #sweet #HCFS #fat #obese #diabetes #insulin #healthy #health #fit

Obesity Problem?

Portion Sizes

Low Physical Activity

High Fructose Corn Syrup

Quitting Smoking

Eating Disorders

Lack of Sleep

Calorie Dense Foods

School Lunches


genetic factors

fast food

metabolic syndrome


vending machines

unregulated marketing

sedentary lifestyles

food additives

lack of open spaces



No wonder we have a problem in America!