as kids Makoto hit his growth spurt first and for a short while he was taller than Sousuke so when they meet again for the first time as third years he takes one look at Sousuke and is like "hot damn boy puberty sure did you good" because he finds he really loves the idea of being with someone physically bigger than him

headcanon that sasuke took his stuffed dino with him when he left the village and at first all of the sound four made fun of him, but then they all admitted that they too have stuffed animals and they all had a tea party with their stuffed animals.
and orochimaru’s like “WHATS TAKING YOU ALL SO LONG” and they tell him they’re having a tea party with their stuffed animals and then ten minutes later orochimaru shows up with his arms full of stuffed animals ready to (tea) party

tonystarks said:

clint sitting on on steve's shoulders to grab a cat out of a tree only to find out there are like five cats in the tree and they all like clint and suddenly steve is trying to balance clint who's being mobbed by cats he has no idea how he's supposed to hold

clint tries to hand off some of the cats to steve so he can grab the others still in the tree but every time he hands one to steve the cat instantly tries to crawl up steve’s body to get back to clint but their claws get stuck in his shirt so steve’s got like three cats hanging off his pecs and there is literally this huge crowd of people around them but everyone is too busy laughing at the entire situation to help

anonymous said:

ok so I need help. Idk if you're still into the marauders but thought I should ask. I really want to know more about them, I never payed attention to them in the books or movie and I really want to know who they are and about their friendship and stuff could you help me?

uhhm sure! but that is sorta big question, anon! what do you need to know?? also i am ALWAYS into the marauders in fact i need to follow more marauders blogs

here are?? what i think the basics are as follows but it’s??? 75% my headcanons i admit

moony / remus lupin: fights in both first wizarding war and second. his lycanthropy is what makes the marauders decide to be the marauders in order to support remus. the pranks they pull are all fun and good, but the decision to become unregistered animagi for him (break the law for him!!!) is what makes the marauders. they are  his first friends ever anywhere (at least consistently) bc he moved around as a kit and never expected to have a normal life. my headcanons traits: bookish, kind, self deprecating, sarcastic as fuck, tolerant

wormtail / peter pettigrew : his animagus is a rat, thus the unfortunate nickname. similar to remus, he wasn’t really expecting to make friends at hogwarts and certainly not with boys like james and sirius. felt like the odd one out bc they didn’t exactly break the law for him, did they? how does he know he really belongs? ends up betraying james and lily in the first war out of fear and possibly/likely under the threat of bodily harm. headcanon traits: nervous, quiet, eager for approval, determined, very empathetic and tries to use how in tune he is w others to cheer them up, etc

padfoot / sirius black : i expect you know more about him considering his presence in the novels. soo let’s talk about young sirius and the marauders. sirius comes from a pureblood family that is Noble and Ancient but never fits in, the sorting had confirms this by sorting him into gryffindor when the rest of his family is slytherins (the ones who got disowned like andromeda). so he makes a new family, a better family that treats him like no one in his own family ever has - with kindness, respect, and forgiveness. so of course he breaks the law the keep that family going. of course he does. headcanon traits: mercurial, impulsive, uses jokes as a defense mechanism, emotionally driven, sees the world w black and white morals, excrutiatingly dramatic

prongs / james potter : stag animagus (thus the stag patronus too, which his son inherits). prankster, leader, wild but less of a loose canon that sirius and more of a showman than anything. he’s dedicated to his beliefs and actually i think in a lot of ways while james might have had some growing up to do in hogwarts, by the time the pressure of war was really at the brink, he was well more mature than the rest of the marauders besides perhaps remus (who was never allowed a childhood). i also headcanon james w the only truly healthy family relationship outside of the marauders, so his experiences serve as the model for good friendships etc. headcanon traits: actually quite clever, kind of a dork, overly excitable, makes an ass of himself when he’s trying to be impressive, he is always trying to be impressive, loving, loud

oh, also, they’re all super queer and poc.

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Do you think Mycroft knows (and knew when he told John) that Irene Adler is alive and that Sherlock saved her?

wowowowo these are my favorite kinds of questions because i’m hella opinionated. Yes, I do think that Mycroft knew and I think if anything he might have kept his men from interfering .Let’s review the details, shall we? We’re talking about a man who runs the bloody government and is known as the human super computer. Putting that aside let’s first point out, Sherlock is not his equal in any way, shape, or form. If anything he is a dog in a world of goldfish. An unloyal pet for Mycroft to watch after and care for and love.

to think that sherlock could possibly keep a truth from mycroft is preposterous but to believe that he could fool mycroft is unbelivable. sherlock says several times in all adapations that mycroft is better than him like 1000x. so why on earth would mycroft fall for something so cliche and ridiculous.

other things to think about, sherlock would have had to travel to where irene was. genius or not, cash or credit, he’s being tracked, camera’s, airplanes, security, mycroft’s eyes and ears every where. you think mycroft isn’t keeping an eye on both the group after irene and his brother? his brother is his life, the one thing he keeps track of most ridiculously. to think sherlock could go out of country, into a terrorist group, fight them all apparently with his coolio sword techniques, save irene, get her out of the country and hidden in america, pffttttt. i call bull shit.

let me tell you what i think happened. i think he saw an opportunity to put these things at rest.  irene in mycroft’s eyes is a liability to his brother and therefore a liabilty to himself. in my opinion, mycroft is a true neutral, honestly, i fear he wouldn’t have given a shit if she was murdered or not. in his eyes, killing her took care of his problems, as did her escape to the united states which I think sherlock intending upon the entire time. he’s clever enough to realize his weakness around her and the problems that she caused his brother, the one person i think he has some kind of close ties with.

not only that but she ‘insulted’ his intelligence in front of mycroft. the older brother, the smarter brother, the brother that sherlock tries with all his might to be equal or better than. so in my opinion, ( IF MYCROFT DIDN’T ACTUALLY HELP SHERLOCK DO THIS,  and i think it’s highly plausible he assisted sherlock in some ways - i mean he had what he wanted /needed so he was pretty much like whatevs ) he obviously knew what had occurred.

i think he lies to john telling him that irene is dead, even though he and sherlock both know she is not, is simply so that the matter may die. out of sight, out of mind, i believe is his thoughts on the matter. if john believed she was dead then he wouldn’t bring her up out of respect for sherlock’s grieving / mourning period. that isn’t john’s style to badger someone. emotions are not his forte. if she had been pronounced alive to john then he would have a ) been angry, b ) questioned sherlock mercilessly, c ) likely reawakened thoughts for her.

but i dk, that’s just my inner head canon on the whole thing. AS A mycroft lover and such in all adaptations, i find it incredibly shitty writing if they say mycroft didn’t know, just as the return of james moriarty ( if true in s4 ) will not only undermine the amazing and perfect arc of jim but the intelligence and omniscience of mycroft that makes him so alien and lovable.

tonystarks said:

someone asks steve how he'd describe his boyfriend in one word and clint just walks over and says "dumb" while steve just nods slowly

literally though 

steve and clint dont use “typical” pet names when referring to each other like once steve was watching a movie and the character did something stupid and so steve yells “fuckiNG IDIOT” and clint just pokes his head through the doorway and says, “yeah?”

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"Yeah, there’s not a single straight person at camp. According to Grover, I mean. Everyone is usually really open once they get talked to by the Aphrodite kids too. Apparently they can even help you ‘find yourself.’ Considering who their mom is, I wouldn’t doubt it.”


"Also I hear that island is really nice, too. Like really nice.”

((I have the headcanon that, put into the right situation, Argon could actually potentially become an abusive partner. Not through any malicious intentions, but because he doesn’t deal well with anger. He pushes things away and ignores them until they become too much for him, and then he boils over and does things he immediately regrets. I feel like that could potentially become a vicious cycle of boiling over and apologizing, if someone ever let him fall into that.))


redemption. in my never ending battle w/ lc’s height, i finally put together the models of comstock, booker, liz, and lc to compare. while i originally had lady comstock at 5’3”, the length of her skirt on liz’s model compared to the skirt on lc’s model was drastically different from 5’3”. the result?

she’s 5’1” in heels. she’s 5’0” without heels. the prophet married a woman over a foot shorter than him.

bring out the holy kissing stool.

EDIT: i moved lc too far to the left. the skirt on liz, at it’s shortest point, cuts off mid shin.

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☾ headcanon no. one

To Ariadne, Mikael is a star hanging in the sky. Elegant, gorgeous, and always there. He twinkles just out of sight, offering a sense of familiarity and comfort. She deludes her need to touch him by out stretching her hand and covering the spot from her peripheral vision, ignoring the fact that he’s actually light years away and forever out of reach. Just thinking about it has her heart constricting. She just wants to join him up there, sparkling and content, to be able to actually hold his hand and wrap herself up in his warm embrace. But they are worlds, galaxies, apart and she’s forever chained to the Earth, forced to watch him shine from afar and see him continue on glowing for someone else. Because ultimately Ariadne is swallowed in darkness and he will forever emanate a light she yearns for.