I Tried to Watch 40 Hours of ‘Game of Thrones’ in One Sitting

Winter was coming when I moved from Miami to New York in mid-November, so I ended up doing what a lot of people do in the Northeast when it gets cold and dark and miserable for months: I stayed inside and watched TV. I watched all the TV. All the TV except for Game of Thrones.

When I told people this was because I didn’t like “fantasy,” everyone, without exception, replied, “But that’s only, like 5 percent of it!” That would actually go a long way in explaining why it’s HBO’s most popular show ever. After all, there’s no way that all 18.4 million people who tune in to Game of Thrones on the regular are the kind of people who read Wheel of Time books. Correctly or not though, I had the idea in my head that the show was merely dwarves fucking princesses with some dragon cameos, and as such, it didn’t have much to offer a person like me.

But season five has started, and that means everyone is talking about it again, and I decided, after a period of peer pressure that bordered on bullying, that it was my duty as a screen-watching citizen of the world to catch up on it, or at least try to, and this morphed into the idea that I should watch every episode —a.k.a. 41 hours—of Game of Thrones and film myself doing this. I would be like David Blaine; David Blaine in a Dungeons & Dragons version of Videodrome.


Takeaways from this week's GoT

- Daenerys’ story just got interesting for the first time in forever
- BRONN IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!
- SO IS JAQEN H'GAR!!!!!!!!
- Jon Snow’s got one hell of a campaign team
- “You sleep with one wildling girl and everyone acts like that’s all you’re into Jesus!” - Jon Snow’s inner thoughts probably
- Tyrion just can’t seem to stay out of boxes
- Horses are intimidated by Podrick on account of him having a bigger dick most likely
- Daenerys’ dragons are full blown teenagers
- 5 seasons in and Ned Stark’s honor is still being mentioned.


Southland alumna Regina King has joined the upcoming second season of HBOdrama series The Leftovers as a new regular opposite Justin Theroux and Amy Brenneman. She will play one of the major new roles on the spiritual post-Rapture drama, which is undergoing a creative revamp heading into Season 2, moving the setting from Mapleton, New York to a Texas town. King will play Erika Murphy, a doctor who runs the local urgent care in the town. She is married with two kids. [X]


Game of Thrones Season 5 Ep. 2 meme recap


Lord Varys: You have a choice, my friend. You can stay here at Illyrio’s palace and drink yourself to death or you can ride with me to Meereen, meet Daenerys Targaryen and decide if the world is worth fighting for.
Tyrion Lannister: Can I drink myself to death on the road to Meereen?


Because Stark is too mainstream……

Source: zor-el.tumblr.com and gameofthronesinwsudsud

Zaron Burnett III:

HBO’s slogan for years was: “It’s not TV, it’s HBO.” The sense that HBO is special has long been part of its marketing. Its static intro makes that statement elegantly. More than just taking us somewhere special, into a uniquely HBO place, static (ironically) breaks up our mundane moments and creates a place for us to escape.

Catherine Johnson:

As a representation of a television switching on at the beginning of the programme and off at the end, the HBO logo evokes the impression of an appointment to view with each programme, creating a separate and special place in which its programmes are encountered.

Burnett III:

It’s more than just branding. HBO’s Static Intro is an incantation for our emotions. It signals us to get ready to feel.

The intro remains one of the most vivid memories I have from watching television as a kid. When that logo appeared, I knew something I was about to watch, be it a movie or a show, would be special. It was not just TV, anyone could watch TV, it was HBO.