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A cross-blog warning: updates may be sporadic for a while

College has started for me again, and this means that, yes, I might not even have posts queued up at times. That won’t change the fact that this has been quite a blast!

HBL has been, at least. I started The Acme Factory out of a desire not to clutter up HBL with other cartoon stuff, but I worry that that blog feels too phoned-in or unfocused. If either blog has brought you joy, though, then I don’t regret it.

Ng first day hanggang ngayong 3rd week wala padin akong nakikitang gwapo. Siguro meron akong nakikita kaso ewan parang wala lang sila. Parang nawala na yung pagkakagusto ko sa mga lalaki na gwapo. Yung tipong wala na lang sila sakin. Sabagay, may gusto na kasi akong iba kaya siguro walang effect.