Even though our #28DayofDance celebration has ended for 2015, we are very excited to announce that the exhibition will remain online and that later this year we will begin accepting submissions for a new school to highlight for next year! You can view the current exhibition and later apply for the 2016 year at www.28daysofdance.com. A special thanks goes out to all of the wonderful students, faculty/staff, and alumni who helped make this project possible! Through the images we hope that we’ve highlighted Howard U’s Dance Arts Program in a way that increases attention, participation, and keeps in line with our goal of celebrating diversity! Thank you HU! #hbcu #bhm #bfm #blackhistorymonth #HU #HowardUniversity #28daysofdance #browngirlsdoballet

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South Carolina is Considering Drastic Action to Cut College Funding

Another day, another story about a state de-funding higher education. This time it’s South Carolina — where the South Carolina House of Representatives has recommended that South Carolina State — the state’s only historically black college — close for two years in order to get its financial house in order.

Saying the college needs a “clean slate,” legislators recommend firing the college’s employees, board of trustees, and administrators and reopening in 2017. Students who maintain a 2.5 GPA would be eligible for state-funded scholarships to go to other public colleges or other historically black schools.

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