I made another spray, I quite like this one. This is a artistic take of Minecraft’s lava and water. The two mix to form obisidan. If you like it, go ahead and download it. Click on the picture to go to the GameBanana submission page.

[Rant] Why your depressing Facebook statues annoy me.

I felt like talking about stuff because my Facebook “friends” really bother me and I have started to really hate people today.

I have a few friends on Facebook that really irritate me … from the “gotta-update-every-5-minutes” kind of person to the “I-am-sad” person. But out of those … the people who talk about how they are “so depressed” and how “life sucks” and how “that girl gave me the cold shoulder” really annoy me. I understand that you may have not had the best day but I don’t like it …

First of all, if you have the courage to talk about how sad you are to everyone, be willing to describe it. I had a friend who said “dunno y she is giving me the cold shoulder, tfff.” Naturally, I asked him “What’s wrong?” and he responded with “You wouldn’t understand.” … he was right, because he is too cowardly to describe his feelings or just feels the need to get all of this false “it’s gonna get better” and “aww”s that he wants.

Secondly, does your life suck THAT much? Look at what you are doing … YOU ARE ON THE INTERNET. That thing that you just said … about how much your life sucks … just traveled THROUGH THE AIR to get to your friends. If that isn’t enough, do you have clean clothes? Do you have a drink? Do you have food? Do you have food? If you answered yes to any, your life doesn’t suck as much as you make it seem, does it? I don’t mean to bring up this stereotype, but look at these kids in Africa that don’t have food, wouldn’t you think they are having a hard time?

Thirdly, do you think I really care? I’m not here to be your therapist, please find one if you are having such a HARD TIME. Or maybe … if “this girl” is giving you so much trouble … talk to her? I know it’s hard, but try?