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Iwatobi and Samezuka boys seeing their newborn baby for the first time. Love the blog! <3

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Haruka:  He held the baby naturally, if a bit awkwardly at first, but he couldn’t take his eyes off his son.  Haru felt intimately connected to the child from the first moment he held him, and pulled him into a tighter, protective cradle.  A smile grew slowly on his face, inch by inch with every minute his eyes lingered, until he turned to his partner- beaming with teary eyes. “He’s here!”

Makoto:  Tears and laughter spilled out of the red-faced new father as he smiled radiantly at his daughter, bundled in a blanket held to his chest.  ”I can’t believe it!” and “She’s amazing!” were two of his many breathless exclamations, and he kept looking up from her to the other people in the room.  Makoto kept rubbing his face on his shoulder, trying to brush his tears away without jostling the baby.

Nagisa:  Love was always easy for him, he gave it away and wanted everyone he cared about to feel it.  But holding his newborn son, admiring the matted hair and chubby cheeks, made Nagisa consider his love on an entirely different level.  The father was unusually quiet, but when he turned his head away from the child to his partner, his wet, shining eyes and smile glowed with the awakening of a new side to him.

Rei:  The stress of the whole ordeal had him rattled, but he knew he needed to remain calm and supportive for his partner.  Only when their daughter was safely in his arms did Rei involuntarily drop his guard, his analytical side gone.  Quiet moments passed, as with gaping eyes he began to believe he really was a father now, and tears began to fall without his notice.  Nothing in the world was more beautiful than this child, he decided, and the sobs spilled out of his mouth- taught, wide, but undoubtedly a smile.

Rin:  The waterworks had began earlier in the day, flowing out slowly, without his consent, through gritted teeth and a deeply furrowed brow as the intensity of the situation escalated.  Rin’s focus shifted entirely when his son was passed to him, and the new father’s face relaxed, transfixed.  He ran a thumb lightly over his son’s hands, over his cheeks, cupping the child’s head in one hand.  Tears reemerged, falling faster and harder, but Rin couldn’t bring himself to care this time.

Sousuke:  If he wanted to, Sousuke could have held his newborn in one hand.  The doctors passed his daughter over after cleanup, and the mesmerized new father got his first real look at her   A still, open-mouth smile pulled his bewildered face up, and heavily lidded eyes observed every miniature feature.  Using only his gentlest, carefullest touch, he cradled the tiny child to his chest.  Parenthood became reality for him in this moment, emotionally overwhelmed him, and he silently promised the child everything he could ever hope to offer them.

Aiichiro:  His support was invaluable throughout the day, keeping a strong facade up over his terrified heart.  Holding the baby was what shook Ai, made him drop the guard he worked so hard to maintain for his partner.  His face softened, damp eyes cast down.  One or two stray tears were all that fell as he held his son close, closing his eyes and taking in the baby’s presence.  Ai had already handed his entire heart over to the child long before he was born, but in this moment where the reality was right before him, staring him in the face, he found even more to give.

Seijurro:  The new father couldn’t take his eyes off his daughter as she passed from doctors and nurses to him at last.  With a hand gently on the back of her head, Seijurro held his newborn daughter to his shoulder, leaning his head into her.  His brow furrowed around shut eyes, the tight corners of his mouth turning up and down.  When his eyes opened, a decisive broad smile appeared, and he looked to his partner, whispering, “I love her so much already.”

Momotarou:  Holding his newborn son for the first time had utterly silenced him.  Momo held a tiny hand poking out of the bundle of blankets, and his jaw relaxed, leaving his lips parted and ajar.  The baby would suddenly fuss and start to cry in his arms, and he would gently rock and hum to calm him down, startled every time.  The realities of parenthood intimidated Momo deep down, and despite how incredibly happy he was, these fears only became more real as he held the baby.  Holding him close, Momo’s eyes watered as he vowed to do his best for his son.

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In The City That We Loved

Prompt: Day Five; Dark AU; Dystopia

Author: theglintofmoonlightonbrokenglass

Rating: M

Warnings: Graphic descriptions of violence

Summary: After a week in Australia, Rin returns to find Iwatobi a mere shell of what it was before: desolate and overrun by the undead. In the months that follow, Rin learns that dreams are invaluable in the uncertain promise of tomorrow, and love can both heal and destroy a group of friends that risk everything to keep one another alive. (Zombie Apocalypse AU)

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Kiss me!
  • Kiss me!
  • Ryugazaki Rei(CV. Hirakawa Daisuke), Hazuki Nagisa(CV. Yonaga Tsubasa), Matsuoka Rin(CV. Miyano Mamoru)
  • Free! Eps 7
Nagisa kun, can you translate "kiss me" into Japanese?
isn't it just "boku ni kisu shite"?
that's  what i thought.
I overheard Makoto senpai saying "kiss me" just now.
huh?! who did mako chan say "kiss me" to?
both of you, your pronunciation is horrible! it's "kiss me."
Next episode, "The Locomotive of a Twist!"
Kiss me. (x11)
Perfect Body.
Perfect Body.